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Sparking Joy – My Journey in “Tidying Up”

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I’m popping in this morning to fill you in on an exciting new project that I have brewing.

Well, maybe project is a bit of a strong word for it? Or perhaps it’s not…

It will definitely be a bit of a challenge. It will definitely be a lot of work and effort. And it will most definitely require some serious rethinking and decision making.

But I think it could lead to something huge. Something incredible. And something utterly life changing.

In it’s essence: it’s called Decluttering. Tidying Up. Doesn’t it sound so simple? Easy to do?

But then why do we do it again. And again. And then again and again and again.

Why is it so on-going and painful?

Well, I am hopeful, my friends, that this is all going to change for me. For my family. For our home.

I’m embarking a journey {along with some other fabulous blogging friends} to get myself/ourselves/our life completely organized once-and-for-all. Marie Kondo style.

The crew that I am joining on this life-changing #sparkingjoy journey are:

A Journey to Sparking Joy:

Anderson & Grant
Making it in the Mountains
DIY Passion
Dwelling in Happiness
Zevy Joy
Cupcakes & Crinoline
Lost in the Found
The Happy Housie

Sparking Joy My Journey in Tidying Up at thehappyhousie

Have you heard about this book?

I have to confess I am not completely finished it yet. But I get it. I’m lovin’ it. It’s hitting deep.

And I can’t wait to share the process with you.

So every Sunday for the next two months, my blogging friends and I are each planning to share where this journey is taking us. We are going to follow Marie’s methods. Her strategies. Her recommendations. And then we are going to report how we are actually putting them into real-life-not-just-in-a-book use.

I can’t wait!

So – next Sunday I should have a lot more to share with you. But for now, you can check out how my blogging friends are starting out on their journey.

A little more inspiration

To a decluttered, tidy, calm, organized home that sparks joy. Yes, that’s the whole idea: to #sparkjoy!


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    1. Thanks Marie- it is a great book. I picked mine up at Costco! I hope I can make it through the whole challenge – it can be hard to find the time. But I know it is worth it:)

    1. Thanks for letting me join in on the “fun”?! Maybe it will seem fun once it’s all over – it’s definitely a relief!

  1. I’ve posted about organizing before and thought I was doing a pretty good job. But then I read that book and it’s changed the way I look at the things in our home. I’ve given copies to my sister and a friend and both have said it is life changing. Can’t wait to follow along on your Kon Mari journey!

    1. Thanks Morgan – I am super excited to see where it goes as well!! It should help with what you do – living a more intentional life, right?!

  2. I haven’t read the book but hear a lot about it. Or read about it through blogs. Good luck! I’ve been working on decluttering and it’s definitely a process but it’ll be worth it in the end. Less junk is always nice.

    1. Hi Megan! I am still working my way through the book and definitely looking forward to sharing the process and the difference in makes in my/our lives. It can be so frustrating to be surrounded by things you know you really don’t need or even want – sometimes I literally feel these things “weighing me down”.

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