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Finishing Off Our Master Bedroom with a New Rug {& Tips for Choosing the Perfect Rug}

I recently finished our master bedroom and have some tips to share on how to choose the perfect rug!

If you are a regular reader then you may have seen the progressive changes in our master bedroom over the past few months.

We have reupholstered our headboard, added new bedding, paneled the back wall with DIY floor to ceiling board and batten, repainted the other bedroom walls in Benjamin Moore’s Sea Foam, and repainted the nightstands and dresser. We have also added a new little coral dresser with a faux linen paint finish that I will share the DIY on after the holidays.

But with all these changes, I just couldn’t decide on the perfect rug to tie it all together. For a while I had a grey rug, but I just wasn’t loving the combination of the grey with the teal and coral accents. So back to the drawing board.

I searched and searched and searched online, because I knew that I wanted something that had a pattern but with a primarily neutral background. When I came upon the Rugs USA website I was sold! I am thrilled to have collaborated with them on this post and am even more excited about sharing this great resource with all of you.

Finishing off your space with the perfect rug graphic.

I ordered this beautiful Prescott Trellis (in green) rug from Rugs USA to finish off our Master Bedroom, and I am being completely honest when I tell you that I absolutely love it. Because this gorgeous rug is such a reasonable price online I wasn’t sure how thick it would be or what the quality would feel like. I am completely impressed with the overall quality, thickness and comfort of it. It is the perfect thing to put my toes down on every morning when I hop out of bed ready to tackle the day.

Master Bedroom Rug from Rugs USA Trellis Green in the bedroom.

I feel like it helps reinforce the teal accents that we have throughout our bedroom and I love the way the pattern and color works with the fabric on our headboard. Isn’t it amazing how well our new envelope pillows on the bed tie the whole scheme teal and coral together absolutely perfectly. They are made with   Iman Ubud Sunstone fabric from Online Fabric Store.The green trellis rug in the bedroom beside a coral nightstand.

A large bed in the master bedroom beside the window with a white and orange bedspread.

A teal and peach bedroom.

Choosing a rug off a computer screen can be a really scary thing.

In order to try to determine whether the colour would work, I brought up images of both my headboard fabric and the rug and compared them on the same computer monitor at the same time. I knew they were in a close enough colour family that they were going to work together…though you never do quite know. I’m thankful that the match turned out as complimentary as it did.

If you are a bit nervous or wondering where to start when trying to choose a rug for your space (be it bedroom, living room, or dining room then here are my best tips:

Tips for Choosing the PERFECT rug for your space:

1) Budget:

You need to be realistic about what you can afford and what you are willing to spend. How long term of a commitment is your rug going to be? Are you the type to keep a rug for years and year? Then perhaps you invest in a piece that is more neutral, classic, and high quality. The extra expense will be balanced out by the long term use that you get out of your rug. Or are you the type who loves to change things up in your décor and keep up with current trends? Then probably a less expensive rug that you can sell or give away in a few years is better for you; so you may not wish to spend too much on it.

2) Size:

Decide on the size of the area rug that you need. Ideally a bedroom rug will extend past the edges of the bed creating a border all around your bed that will cozy up your toes as you walk around your room. You want it larger then your bed so that it helps your bed feel grounded in the room. If you want a living or family room rug, ideally you want it to fill in all the open space between the furniture – and if some of the chair legs sit on the rug, then ideally all of them will fit on it or snug up around it. Similarly, your dining room table and chairs should all fit comfortably on your a dining room rug.

3) Complexity of Design:

Decide how much drama you want to allow your rug to create in your space. If you love to have a lot of colorful pillows or strong art work, you may want to keep your rug more neutral so as not to overwhelm the whole space. I once had a green chevron rug in our living room and I loved the rug, but when put together will all my colorful pillows, art, and painted furniture, the overall look was too busy. Now that we have changed it to a more neutral sisal rug, the whole space feels calmer and the pillows and art can take center stage without feeling like there is too much going on in the room. If the rest of your room is fairy neutral then you may want your rug to be the star.

The KEY is always LOVE:

The key thing is that you should always LOVE what you are buying. Never buy something that you feel so-so about. You will live to regret it and want to replace it within a short time. Remember, HOME isn’t built in a day. It doesn’t all have to happen right now. You can gradually collect as you find what you love or as you can afford to buy what you love… in the end you will create a space you are proud of and want to spend time in.

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 How to choose the perfect rug to finish off your space at The Happy Housie poster.

If you are looking for a rug, then I highly recommend Rugs USA. They have so many, and I really do mean SO MANY, stunningly beautiful rugs to choose from. And the prices are super reasonable. In fact, at the time I chose this rug they were offering a 75% off sale on ALL rugs. Seriously. I am not lying to you. 75% off.

In fact they are offering a similar sale right now on many of their rugs, plus free shipping.

Who knows; you may even be able to open your Christmas presents this year on a brand new rug:)


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  1. I appreciate everything that you said here on helping me choose the perfect rug for my room. One thing that has stuck with me since reading this was that you should find something that accents the other colors of the room kind of like your rug with the teal designs in it. My girlfriend and I are planning on moving into a new home on the east coast when I graduate from school, and we think that a rug would really look nice in our room. Thanks again for the help, and we will look be realistic when we are discussing the budget.

  2. Love the way the rug pulls everything together. Peach/salmon and teal/green are absolutely my favorite color combination. Good choice Krista.

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