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Are you new around here?

Well hello, then!

I’m Krista…

And I admit it. I’m a housie.

Think foodie but for houses.

Possibly certifiably OCD. ADD. DIY-it is. However you want to diagnose me.

But I’m not interested in a diagnosis.

Or medication.

I love houses. Projects. DIY. Decorating. Seasonally. Weekly, even.

Crafts. Getting organized. At least trying to.

Home Sense. Wayfair. Target.

Garage Sales and Thrift Stores.

Finding old junk. Giving it new life.

I love fabric way more then chocolate.

And maybe even more then Vampire Diaries. But that’s a tough call…

I think that repainting a room is more fun as a night out at the movies.

And there is nothing as satisfying as accessorizing a room.

I love shopping. Thrifting.

Bargain hunting. Browsing.

And I’m always thinking about how I can DIY whatever I see.

I take a ridiculous number of photos while shopping so that I can try to remember all my ideas.

If only I could add a couple more hours to the day…

Truth is…

I am a bit of a nut. But I don’t mind sharing it all.

This crazy, long winded journey to creating a home that we love.

Because after all,

I have been “this way” as long as I can remember…

When most girls were playing Barbies I was redecorating their dream house (and van)…

And when other girls were reading BOP and Sassy magazines I was pouring over the Ikea catalogue and my house plan books…

Creating to-scale drawings of my “dream” home on my big old pad of graph paper.

As an adult I realize that there is no such thing as a “dream” home  and that every home we have lived in (four in twelve years) becomes our “dream” home when we add our own imprint upon it.

Whether we are decorating (or re-decorating),

completing DIY projects,

crafting, organizing, or just having fun living –

there is always something new happening around here.

And this blog is all about enjoying that journey.

In my spare time from all our “housie” and blog related exploits I juggle…

being a Mom to two boys,

teaching Kindergarten,

 shuffling my boy’s to hockey and soccer,

making lunches and dinners, doing homework…

and trying to stay organized through all the daily life stuff.

I love relaxing with the hubs and getting caught up with the latest episodes of Vampire Diaries, Suits, or The Good Wife.

And I couldn’t be a housie without the support of my amazing crew:

If you are anything like me, you love snooping around other people’s houses…

So why don’t you come on in for our House Tour….


Or, check out our watery coastal paint colour palette

or see all our furniture and decor sources 

Either way, I’m thrilled you came by!

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