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8 Ways to Style a Big Vase with Faux Spring Florals

Today I’m sharing ideas for styling a large white vase or large round vase with different branches and florals perfect for spring.

Nothing can beat a fresh bouquet or flowers, right? But, as much as I love the real thing, I use a LOT of faux florals in my seasonal decor.  In fact, I have a tote full of different options based on the season, and there are severals reasons to consider going faux this spring season.

First of all, they last. Like, pretty much, forever.  No wilting leaves and flowers dropping.  No stinky water.  No weekly expense.  Second, variety.  You can get beautiful faux florals at your local craft store in types and varieties that you would never find in a local flower shop or grocery store.  This is especially true for branches.  Try finding pretty cherry blossoms, magnolia, dogwood, or bold forsythia branches, not to mentions olive or lemon branches.

Today I’m sharing why and how I love to use faux florals to add a fresh, seasonal feel in our home as well as where I found my favourite new decor item (this big white vase) and some similar sources for you in case you want to get the look!

8 Ways To Style A Big Vase With Faux Florals graphic.

The key is to choose and buy good quality faux branches and florals that look as much like the real thing as possible.  They aren’t cheap.  My favourites are usually from Michaels, though I’ve also found some beautiful ones at Ikea, Pier One, HomeSense, Urban Barn, and even the dollar store at times.  Just make sure that they look pretty much real before plopping down your hard earned dollars.  Good quality branches will last for several seasons, and if you think of that cost versus the cost of new bouquets on a regular basis, there is really no comparison.  PLUS, if you watch for sales (especially at Michaels) they can come in at a fairly reasonable price for the amount of beauty they add to your home.

I’ve been using a couple of nice thick faux ferns the last couple of weeks (from the new “greenhouse” section at Michaels) and it was the perfect thing to fill my big white vase during that weird not-Christmas no-yet-spring time period.  I guess we’d call that winter, but I like to think of it as early-early spring.  I liked the simplicity of the pop of green after all the colour of the holidays…

A white vase with ferns in it and a picture behind it on the table.

I also purchased some lovely olive branches at Michaels recently and I am using them in a different vase in the kitchen, but wanted to test out how they would look in my big vase…

Olive branches in the white vase on the table.

The olive branches in the vase on the dining room table.

On the same trip to Michaels, I fell in love with these pretty lemon branches (they also have some peach branches that I can’t wait to use in the summer)…

Lemon/peach branches in the vase.

Forsythia blooms are one of my faves because I LOVE the bright and cheery yellow after months of gloom and fog.  It’s also one of the earliest shrubs to come out so it always makes me really excited that spring truly is right around the corner!

Yellow forsythia blooms in the white vase.

The bold yellow blooms in the white vase as a centerpiece on the table.

Of course, branches in general are a huge sign of spring and the perfect faux florals to add to a dramatic vase for the season.  I love all kinds; Dogwood, Magnolia, and especially Cherry Blossoms.  In fact, just playing around with these florals has me excited about adding back pink to our decor for the spring season!

Cherry blossoms on the table in the vase.

A large picture behind the cherry blossoms on the table.

Magnolia and Dogwood branches are both perfect if you want to stay more neutral and the white is fresh and crisp.  I also LOVE when the Dogwood trees and Magnolia shrubs bloom in real life around here; my Mom has the most glorious pink dogwood in her yard, and we had the hugest Magnolia in one of our previous home’s yards.  I get so excited about these signs of spring, and love that this feeling can last so much longer by using good quality faux blooms!

White blooms in the white vase.

Up close detail of the white flowers.

Large branches with the white blooms on it.

Up close picture of the white vase.

The wooden table and white vase with white flowers on it.

You don’t have to choose just one type of branch to make a beautiful spring display.  I love the way the Magnolia and Cherry Blossom look combined.  I used two Magnolia branches and three Cherry Blossom branches to create this gorgeous look…

There are blue plates and bowls on the table.

The white and pink flowers are in the vase on the table.

I also played around with a really lush and full spring arrangement.  I used all of my spring branches (aside from the forsythia, ferns, and olives), and then added in some greenery and eucalyptus stems (also faux, of course).

A large floral arrangement in the vase.

UP close picture of the greenery and pink flowers.

White, pink and green florals in the vase.

White vase with flowers on the table.

There is a large light fixture above the dining room table.

And, really, my big new round vase is the perfect thing to switch up my faux florals throughout the season. It’s the perfect way to change up our spring decor and keep things feeling fresh and cheerful. If you live in Canada, I picked my big white vase up at Urban Barn (when it was on sale, of course).  It’s called “Daleyza” and this is the smaller of the two sizes (shockingly!).  f you love the vase as much as I do but live in the US or elsewhere, then I’ve gathered some similar sources for you that are online.

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