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DIY: A No-Sew Curtain in the Laundry Room

Hello! I hope everyone had a fabulous Easter weekend… we had absolutely amazing summer-like weather here – so nice in fact that my son went swimming in the lake (in March!!). That is usually unheard of!

I am back today with another post in the laundry room series. Remember the stunning oversized Suzani print that I featured in the Laundry Room inspiration board?

varennayellowrollPretty much complete fabric love. I  was ecstatic when my package of 3 yards of this beautiful print arrived in the mail. (My two favourite online fabric sources are Tonic Living and Fabric.com).

The purpose of this fabric was to create a curtain to cover the washer/dryer units when they are not in use. Really I just have a major fabric addiction and wanted to find somewhere to use fabric in the room. And since we have no windows (it leads from the garage to our interior hallway) a curtain for the washer/dryer (reminiscent of farmhouse kitchens) seemed like the perfect excuse!

I wanted to use this print to create two curtain panels to cover the washer/dryer. I used a simple no-so method. It is the same method that I used in our previous house to create no-sew dining room drapes. In that case I just created simple curtain panels with four hemmed edges that hung on clips. In this case I used the hem tape to create a rod pocket at the top of the panel. Either way, this method is easy, fast, and very satisfying. I highly recommend it.

DIY No-Sew Curtain for the Laundry Room at thehappyhousie

DIY No-Sew Curtain Panel Instructions and Tips:

Materials needed for a No-Sew curtain panel


– No-sew Iron on hemming

– Iron and ironing board

– fabric scissors

– measuring tape

– a straight edge of some kind might be helpful for cutting

No-Sew Iron on Hemming Tape


Begin by measuring/deciding upon the size you need your curtain panel to be and use this to figure out what size you need your fabric to be. Factor in an additional 3/4 inch per edge as the “hem” you are going to press (or 1/2 inch depending on the width of your hemming tape).

Also allow additional fabric for the top of the curtain panel if you plan to press hem a pocket for your curtain rod. For example, if your rod is 1″ in diameter then need to add 3.5 inches of length to your fabric to accommodate the rod pocket (2.5 inches for the pocket fold plus the 3/4 inch for the hem tape).

P1080531I recommend that you draw a diagram of your curtain panel with the measurements included in order to help you figure out what size fabric to cut. It is important to be clear about what you are doing at this point to avoid making costly fabric cutting mistakes.

Once you figure out the size of fabric you need, measure carefully and cut it to size. You may wish to use a straight edge and draw a faint pencil line on the outer edge of your cutting line to help keep your cut straight.


Tips for No-Sew Hemming your Curtain Panel:

Heat your iron. Press a half inch fold onto the side and bottom edges of your fabric.

Iron a .5 inch hem along each of three sides

Read the directions on your No-Sew Hemming Tape for specific instructions.

Open up the folded edge of the fabric and place the peeled edge of the hemming tape inside of it.

open the hem and place the hemming tape inside it

Gently press your fabric over the hemmed edge following the directions on the hemming tape package.

press the hemming tape with the iron following package directions

Repeat this process to hem the two sides and the bottom of your curtain panel. At the corners you may wish to add a little extra hemming tape or you may need to press it slightly longer to ensure it hems properly with the extra layers of fabric.

at the corners you may need additional hem tape or to press it slightly longer

Tips for Adding a Rod Pocket:

For the top, place your rod on the fabric to determine the size you need the pocket to be. Draw a pencil line where the rod pocket should end and place the hemming tape along the bottom of the line. Remember to account for the thickness of the hemming tape (1/2 – 3/4 inch) and also think about how much space you need for the rod to move freely. You don’t want a pocket so tight that your curtain won’t move freely on the rod. Fold the top of the fabric over to the line you drew and press down where you placed the hemming tape (following package directions).

After you have hemmed the two sides and bottom of your panel and added a hemmed pocket for your rod, you are ready to hang your curtain.

Tips for Hanging a Curtain In Front of Your Washer/Dryer:

We used cup hooks screwed into the bottom of our counter top so that they are hidden by the countertop lip.

attach hooks below the countertop


tape the rod together so that it doesn't change sizes


We had an old black rod from our previous house that we taped at the seam to hold it in one solid piece. It would also work very well to use a simple wooden dowel from the hardware store as your rod since it is concealed by the curtain pocket.



Now you are ready to hang your curtain!

laundry no-sew curtain before

No-Sew Curtain for the laundry room at thehappyhousie Slide your curtain panels onto the rod, place the rod inside the hooks, and you are done!

The curtain panels are very easy to work around, you can either pull the curtain panels to the side or just flip them up while you are doing your washing. Then down they go and all the appliances are concealed again!

DIY a No-Sew Curtain for the Laundry Room at thehappyhousie

Although curtains in the laundry room aren’t common, I think they fit perfectly with the lake cottage look that we are gradually adding throughout the house. And I love the cheery bright colour and pattern – it is the perfect welcome home everyday when we come in through the garage. (If you could see our garage right now you would understand why I need a little cheering:)

I’ll be back really soon to talk about ART in the laundry/mud room and I even have a free printable for you! The whole laundry room reveal will come later in the week as well. In the meantime I would love to hear what you have done to add some personality to your laundry room? Please share!!

Thanks for reading! And remember, my housie friends, HOME wasn’t built in a day. Enjoy the journey!







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  1. Thanks for beautiful Idea!! The curtain looking great…. Great pattern curtain too! GREAT IDEA Are you able to throw the curtains in the washer/dryer since you have used the heat bond. I imagine no on the dryer but what about the washer? I’ve never used heat bond before but would like to try. Thanks. BTW great pattern. Looks great!

  2. Your subscribe button goes to mail chimp……what’s that about? Will you subscribe me. I love your before and afters….thanks

  3. These look wonderful. I can’t do it with my type of appliances but I did do it anyway as a drape for my laundry tub. I just use a spring type rod and then made the panel. It covers up the mess and things stored under the wash tub. The spring rod attaches on the wall on one side and against the washer on the other. What a difference FABRIC can make.

    1. I wish I had a laundry tub to drape – that seems like the perfect spot to use a curtain like this! Spring rods are so handy! Fabric is my favourite way to ‘make a difference’… that, and paint!

    1. Hi Caroline! It is by Premier Prints and is called Twill Suzani Corn Yellow and I bought mine through Fabric.com. I have made some into pillows as well, I love the print and colour!

  4. Are you able to throw the curtains in the washer/dryer since you have used the heat bond. I imagine no on the dryer but what about the washer? I’ve never used heat bond before but would like to try. Thanks. BTW great pattern. Looks great!

    1. Thank you Jessica! I checked the instructions on the package and it says to machine wash gentle/delicate cycle and then hang to dry or else dryer on low heat setting. Check the package you buy (if you try it) because it may have different instructions. I bought the heavier weight heat bond so it might stand up a little more?? That was my thought anyhow… if you can use it to hem pants, it can’t be too delicate! But no hot dryer of course. Thanks for your visit!

  5. I love that pattern! So cheery.
    To make custom window treatments on a budget (without sewing), I usually get some ready made curtain panels and add stenciling or trim to them. It is amazing how much curtains can change the look of a room.

  6. You had me at “No-Sew”! 😉 Beautiful, beautiful fabric! It makes the space look so happy and inviting! (And I know I always need an invitation to do laundry, lol.) I popped over from That’s What Che Said– thanks for sharing!

    ~Abby =)

    1. I know… my husband usually ends up doing the laundry:) Not my favourite chore. But it is more fun now that I get to look at that beautiful fabric. I have been looking for somewhere to use it for months, glad I found a spot! Now to make cushions with the leftovers!
      Thanks for stopping by today!

  7. You make it look so easy. I will have to try this in the near future. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes having a laundry room is quite a luxury… ours doubles as our mud room and hallway to the garage – compact but very serviceable! I am thrilled you stopped by!!

    1. I love the print too Gloria… I have some more of this fabric and plan to make some new springy pillows for spring. I am so thrilled you came by!!

    1. Hi Kathy, a curtain can sure hide a multitude of sins! The countertop is sooooo handy too, not just for folding on, but because that is the main entrance I use everyday… Great to have somewhere to put things down as I ‘unload’ the car. I am so thrilled that you came by! Hope to see you again,

  8. Love how fun and bright that curtain made your room look! I only have a laundry closet on one side of the kitchen. Lightbulb moment – I could do curtains rather than bifold doors!! It might really make it more bright and fun.

    I’d be thrilled if you’d link up at this week’s Off the Hook!

    1. Thanks Lauren! Sounds like you might have a great idea there!! I will hop over to check out your linky party, so glad you stopped by! Thanks for your kind comments,

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