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Adorable o”fish”ally Free Printable Valentines

I am sharing this adorable free fish printable for Valentine’s Day!

It’s not that Valentine’s Day has anything to do with fish.

Like, the connection between fish and love? It might seem a little tenuous.

But the way we celebrate Valentine’s Day around here, it actually makes sense. I mean, Valentine’s Day in our house is pretty focused on the kids. My husband and I don’t even exchange gifts, but I usually get my boys a little something and I most definitely make something for my students as well as the boys’ classmates.

Last year I came up with 10 different non-candy Valentine ideas and shared free printable Valentines to go with them. This year we decided to share an edible treat, but since our school has a big focus on being a “healthy school”, I figured that Goldfish would be a better option then chocolates or candy. {And then I figured I’d sneak in some Swedish fish candies for our non-school friends and cousins!}

So now do you see the connection between fish and Valentines?

Still a little tenuous? Okay, well, they’re cute, right?

The printable beside a bag of Goldfish.

I made up this cute little o”fish”ally Valentine printable – you can download your own to print out a little further on in this post.

The fish graphic.

Doesn’t it look perfect on these multi coloured  snack sized bags of Rainbow Goldfish? I picked mine up in 6-packs at Walmart, but I’ve seen them in bigger boxes as Costco as well. Doesn’t seem to matter how old my boys get; they still love their Goldfish!

The red, white and green Goldfish on the table beside the printable.

The Fish Ally printable.

But if you’re looking to share something a little sweeter, then these yummy Swedish fish candies would be perfect! I picked up some clear treat bags at the dollar store, and then attached the same free printable Valentine tag to the top of the bag after stuffing it full of fish.

Yellow, orange and green Swedish fish.


The Swedish Fish printable.

Which one would you rather receive? I have to admit; I love those Swedish fish!

As I mentioned, both the boys and I are all handing these out this year for Valentine’s at school, and luckily they were super quick and easy to make. I had wondered what I’d gotten myself into, but once I gave the glue gun a try, I was pleasantly surprised with how quickly they came together!

You can download the printables yourself by clicking here or the button below to subscribe.



When you print it, make sure that it is formatted correctly on your printer in landscape mode and scaled to fill the whole page.  I printed mine on 8.5×11 white cardstock.

I simply cut them into four using first my scissors and then my small paper cutter to get nice clean lines. Next I attached them to the Goldfish bags and plastic bags using a few dabs of hot glue. Originally, I thought I would need to staple them on but I was pleasantly surprised by how effective the hot glue was. I just ran some hot glue along both inner sides of the Valentine card and pressed it onto the bags. Voila!

And today I’m really excited to have joined up with a group of some of my favourite blogging pals to share our Valentine’s Day ideas with you!


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  1. This post made me laugh when I saw it. They fish pun is so cute! I think kids would actually like the fish cracker treats, they are different and new. Congrats on thinking this up. Pinning.

  2. Valentines with puns (and yummy snacks!) are my favorite! These are too cute! Thanks for linking up with Merry Monday – I’ll be featuring your Valentines idea at our upcoming party. I hope you’ll stop by and link up again. (ps – I LOVE your new logo, it’s beautiful!)

  3. These are the cutest, Krista! This is such a great idea for school. You are the best at coming up with this stuff, your kids and students must love you.
    Hugs, Jamie

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