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Get Organized for Christmas with Free Printable Holiday Planners

It’s officially November, friends!

Halloween is over and for my US friends, Thanksgiving is drawing near. We’ve already had our Thanksgiving in Canada, so I’m ready to launch myself fully into Christmas planning!

I’ve shared in my Friday posts recently how I want to get organized ahead of time this year so that I can really enjoy December and all it involves. We’ve also got a trip planned this December {partly in honour of a big birthday year around here}, so I’d like to be completely organized and ready for Christmas before our time away.

And what’s the best way to get yourself organized and ready? Planning, of course!

So today I’m sharing a free printable Christmas planner to help you stay focused and on-top of the holidays this year!

This planner consists of a few different pages that you can print according to your needs. I’ve made it in colour, but you could also print it in grayscale if you want to save on coloured ink. I just love colour around the holidays (or, all year round, for that matter).

I’m going to keep mine in a double pocket folder so that it’s easy to access and add-to as needed.

I started out with some calendar pages for this time of year. I like to jot out my events, to-do items, and schedule on a calendar to try to keep everything organized. This means I plan ahead for when I have time to shop, as well. I’m going to print two of each month; one for events and activities and one for jotting down to-do’s that I need to complete in a timely manner.

I also like to create a custom “To DO” list for all the things I have to think about, and then use this to fill in the spaces on my holiday calendar.

This includes things like:

  • Ordering, writing, and sending Christmas Cards
  • Shopping for Gifts and Special Gifts
  • Baking
  • Decorating: the tree, the mantel, the front porch, the house, outdoor lights etc.
  • Making homemade gifts (for co-workers, friends, neighbours etc.)
  • Mailing gifts early for people far away
  • Planning for Parties and Special Meals (shopping for groceries and decor)
  • Wrapping gifts and special gifts
  • Parties, Concerts, Plays, and special Church events
  • Elf on the Shelf!

And for most of us, gift giving is a big part of the Christmas season. Getting organized, planning ahead, deciding what you want to buy and not being tempted by random extras you see in the store are important when it comes to keeping on budget. Planning ahead and knowing what you are looking for also means you can take advantage of sales as they come up over the next several weeks!

I created two planning sheets for gift giving; one for your regular list and one for those “special gifts”… you know what I mean? You might need some help in the elf department with these types of gifts…

I hope these free printable Holiday Planning pages help you get and keep organized this holiday season!

You can download the printables yourself by clicking here or the button below to subscribe.


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  1. Krista, thank you for continuing to organize and inspire me! I get anxious about all that has to be done and then in pops your newsletter and I pour a tea and read through it (man, you know how to decorate!) and I am re-energized to take it on! THANK YOU.

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