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Easy Beautiful DIY Fall Planters

This easy tutorial will walk you through step by step on how to put together a beautiful fall planter!

Normally you have to drag me kicking and screaming into fall decor changes.

Most years, I’m just not quite ready to let go of summer and head back to school; but there is something a little bit different about this year.

I think it’s the fact that we spent the majority of the summer at home this summer. Since my husband’s holidays were cancelled this we didn’t venture very far at all. But I think after the past few busy summers in which we were out of our house for half the summer or more, it has been a welcome reprieve.

And it’s probably why I don’t feel quite so hesitant that fall is just around the corner. Especially since we are still having beautiful, warm weather despite the fact that the mornings and evenings are much cooler and the leaves on the maples are starting to turn colour and drop already. And come fall, I love beautiful fall planters just as much as summer planters; maybe even more because the texture and vibrancy of the mixture of plants that you use is so bold and pretty.

So today I’m sharing how you can make your own (very) easy and beautiful DIY Fall Planters! The colour and texture of these planters will keep you smiling even as the days grow shorter and cooler…

Make your own easy beautiful DIY fall planters poster.

So when my friend Taryn from tarynwhiteaker.com invited me to take part in a fall blog hop series, I was thrilled to jump on board. I knew just what I wanted to create as my fall DIY project!

I’m joined today by some of my talented blogging friends who are also sharing a fall DIY project; I’ve shared all the details at the bottom of this post!

To make my DIY Fall Planters I used:

Grasses – Purple Fountain Grass(1), Blue Fescue (2 plants), and a Feather Reed Grass

Flowers – 2 different Chrysanthemum varieties

Fillers – Winter Kale, Black Potato Vine

I also filled one of my big (Costco) planters with some fresh potting soil – but left it low enough that I didn’t have to dig while I planted (I’ve shared more detail about my method below).

Plants on the grass being prepped for planting in the large blue planter.

There are ornamental grasses, pink flowers, purple kale to be planted.

I always start my seasonal planters by placing the plants into the planter pot and playing around until I love the arrangement of them.

I placed the taller showy plants at the back (like the Purple Fountain Grass), and cascading plants (like the potato vine) at the front. I then played around with the flowers and the other grasses (the fillers), until I liked the way they were laid out.

The tall grass in the back of the planter and the smaller flowers up front.

I like to leave the soil in my planter or pot a little bit low, so that it is easy to plant.

Up close picture of the soil and a plant being placed into it.

Instead of digging down to plant each of the plants, I place them on top of the soil, and then fill in around them with additional potting soil.

Adding extra soil to the planter.

I press them into place to make sure they will take root in the pot, and press the additional soil firmly around them.


The large blue pot filled with fall flowers and plants.

I have four of these big pots and I’d love to make these beautiful fall planters in all of them…

Yellow and red flowers in front of the ornamental grass in the planter.

Which is your favourite type of plant?

The flowers?

The grasses?

Or the fillers?

Pink and red flowers in the blue pot.

I love the texture of the winter kale; but I think it’s the contrast of all the gorgeous plants that I love the most. Some of these are perennials while others some are annuals.

The great thing about mixing in some perennials is that they can go into the garden next spring!

Purple kale in the blue planter.

Up close picture of the grasses in the planter.

The large planter on the outdoor deck of the house.

As I mentioned, some of my talented blogging friends are sharing their own beautiful fall DIY projects today!

Hop over to see what they’ve created to share with you…

Fall blogger decor.

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  1. Congratulations, this post is my Feature pick for the new Merry Monday party! Pinned to our party board and I’ll be sharing on my Facebook page! I love that you told us which plants you used.

    1. Thank you so much Shirley!! That’s awesome! I know that I always go to the nursery and wander around looking at all the variety of plants and it’s hard to know which ones to choose, am I right??

  2. Beautiful! The fountain grass makes such a pretty background and your selections look great together. Fall is my favorite so I love any outdoor decor especially on the front porch. Thanks for sharing with us at Merry Monday!

    1. Thank you so much! I love all the fall plants – I think they are the best part of fall decor! Thanks for hosting:)

    1. Thank you April! It’s definitely hard to make the switch from summer to fall:) But at least a pretty entry way helps!

  3. Such an attractive fall planter. I’m looking forward to our fall flowers, pumpkins, and gourds being available in our area. I also buy dwarf grasses and the sweet potato vine, but in the spring for my spring/ summer containers, and then I add kale, chrysanthemums, and other fall elements. Some flowering plants such as petunias will have to be removed. These ( and some others) easily transition from summer to fall. I have to buy fewer plants when I do this.

    1. I love this idea! I was thinking of doing that with some of my summer planters that I used some ferns and perennials in – just take out the summer blooms and add in a few fall plants. Definitely a great way to save a little money, too!

  4. There’s no easier way to refresh an exterior than to make sure your planters are full of fresh and healthy plants. We fill around 30 pots for our two-level deck each spring, and everything just feels so much happier when it’s done.

    I love the winter kale in your planters. There’s just something so beautiful about that plant. And it screams fall, too. But, then again, I do love chrysanthemum in the fall, too.

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