Beautiful Back Yard Swimming Pool Inspiration

Today I’m sharing a collection of some beautiful and inspiring back yard swimming pools and beautifully landscaped back yards.

When we first looked at our new home, one of the things that attracted us most was it’s location and backyard (I shared all the details in this post).  We love having a protected forest area full of walking trails right behind us, and the added bonus of a swimming pool made leaving the lake that much easier (read why we left here).  The kids were definitely sold on that option, though the hubs was a bit less sure about what it would involve in maintenance.  I think we are beginning to get the hang of it!

The pool is a fairly standard, traditional rectangular shaped in-ground pool and thankfully it had been well maintained and was in good shape.  The fence, on the other hand, was falling down in several spots and needed to be replaced.  It also wasn’t tall enough to fit with the city by-laws for fences around a pool.  Additionally, there was some basic landscaping but we hoped to increase it over time and finish off the yard much like we did to our previous front and side yards (see that before and after here).  And, finally, the concrete area around the pool had been painted with a terracotta colour which lends it a tropical feel, but I’m not sure if that’s the look we want to stay with.  I’m thinking more of a calm, green oasis with black see-through fencing.  Perhaps a grey finish? I’m considering using this RustOLeum product to redo this area.

Here is how the backyard and pool area looked when we viewed the house…

So as we move onto working on updating the exterior of our home, both front and back, I’m gathering ideas for how I’d love our backyard to look.  And in my search I’ve come across some really beautiful in ground pools (as well as some amazing above ground pool makeovers) that are help inspire our project.  Now if we can just get manage to get this project tackled before fall arrives, it will be somewhat of a miracle.

Rectangular In-ground Swimming Pools…

This one is probably my favourite and the most inspiring image I came across.  The block patio around the pool is lovely and the lush green landscaping feels so cozy in this twilight shot…

Via Mom’s Design Build

This is a much simpler design, but I like the mix of square patio stones with grass around them.  (Obviously the house is a stunner, so that helps!).

Via Get Beautified

This bricked patio area is really pretty contrasted with the blue of the pool and hot tub (which we won’t have).  I love the sprays going into the pool but that’s also an additional feature we don’t have, though I’m thinking we can get our grass to green up this nicely…

Via Morehead Pools

Another great inspiration picture with nice landscaping around the edges, a simple patio stone pool surround, and, of course, a gorgeous pergola with an outdoor living room.  That huge tree is certainly a gorgeous feature in this yard…


Much more of a tropical feel than we can achieve on the west coast of Canada, but I love the lighting at night!

Via DIY Network

I love how this rectangular in ground pool looks like it was designed to fit perfectly within the natural landscape of the yard…

Via Home My Design

And here is a much smaller rectangular in-ground pool surrounded by nice patio stones – a perfect solution for a small yard.

Via Backyard Vacation Oasis

I love the way the landscaping softens the edges of this small backyard making it look like a desert oasis.  I also like the style of the grey patio stones between the pool and the house…

Via Gardenista

This pool has an angled shape which gives it a bit more of a natural feel, and of course the large patio around it is lovely (and a terracotta colour!).

Via Don Pedro Home Design

I also like how the edges of this pool are softened with the rounded stairs going in, and the terracotta colour of the brick patio is a pretty contrast against the green backdrop and looks lovely with the the light blue pool water….

Via Country Living

I’d love to try to include a fire pit area somewhere down in the yard near the pool, as in this yard…

Via Medallion Energy

Organic Shaped In-ground Pools…

Of course, organic shaped in-ground pools offer the best of both worlds – they fit more seamlessly into the landscape design and often feel like a natural pond in your yard.

Via Country Living

Via Home Design Lover


Via So Creative Ideas

Via DIY Network

Via Home and Garden Design Ideas

Via Southern Living

Above Ground Pools…

Even above ground pools can be made to look like part of your landscaping with a few tweaks!

Via The Daily Attack

Via The Daily Attack

One day we will have whipped our back yard into beautiful shape…until then, the pool is still a lot of fun, even if the yard is not as picture perfect as the ones I shared.  Just ask my boys!


What did you think?  Did you find some inspiration?  

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  1. I like your suggestion to soften the edges of the pool by including rounded stairs for entry. My husband and I like the idea of having a large inground pool installed in our backyard for us and our two kids to enjoy this summer. Thanks for giving me these ideas we can discuss to make sure our pool ends up stylish and unique!

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