Surf Style Bedroom Inspiration

Today I’m sharing some surf style bedroom ideas, inspiration
and beach or ocean theme bedroom designs to inspire the room makeover
of our youngest son for the Spring One Room Challenge.

When you are creating a bedroom design for your child, tween, or teen it’s definitely important to consider first what decor they love. You may have a certain aesthetic or style that you love and want to infuse throughout your whole home, but that doesn’t mean your child’s room necessarily has to reflect that perfectly. I’m not suggesting that you let your child plaster paper posts all over the wall of their favourite sport or movie etc., but just that you work towards integrating the things they love and are interested with your own design aesthetic.

In the case of Finn’s room makeover, it’s a pretty easy collaboration between his love of the ocean/beach and our overall home design aesthetic as our house has an elevated coastal vibe throughout. But we’ve got quite a few traditional elements throughout our home, and I want Finn’s room to better reflect his young, vibrant, carefree personality and youthful energy. I want it to be more fresh and modern while still keeping in line with our traditional coastal home aesthetic.

So in order to achieve this balance, I took to some online research to see what kinds of beachy/surf rooms inspired me most, and how we could create that beach/surf vibe in his room in a youthful and modern way. Here’s what I found…

Surf Style Bedroom Inspiration poster.

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How fresh and modern is this combination of subtle wave wallpaper with the cute boho dresser and accessories? I definitely want to incorporate some framed beach photos from our previous trips…

A white and wood dresser with an owl on top and a rope nautical lamp.


Finn is in love with the idea of a huge wave mural, like in this space. I really love this appealing light fixture as well…

A surging picture behind a bed in a kid's room with a blue and white striped quilt.


I love the beachy paneling and the vibrant bedding in this surf style room designed for kids…

A transitional daybed with drawers and a surf board beside the bed.


How cute is this shark cutout sign? What a great way to create a focal point without a headboard! The painted striped walls are fun, too…

A blue, white and green room with a cut out picture of a shark over the bed.


My favourite thing about this slightly surf/beachy feeling tween or teen room is the storage! That’s definitely something we need to incorporate in Finn’s design…

A world globe beside a blue bed and a cork board in the shape of a surf board.


The gallery clipboard wall is a super fun touch in this kid’s surf/skate style bedroom. I know I want to incorporate some pictures of Finn and our holidays to personalize his space…

A boy is sitting on a bed playing guitar.


Slightly more sophisticated and very pretty, I love the natural wicker and wood finishes in this light and bright beachy feeling bedroom. I’m thinking about a nautical light fixture… and the wicker blinds are awesome!

A children's bedroom with blue and white nautical details.


There we go again with that beachy surf wall mural. I can’t wait to see how ours goes up – wish me luck!

Surfing wave wallpaper behind a white desk.


This is such a fun and cute shared kid’s space. See the flag on the left wall? My Finn is obsessed with flags these days; he draws his own and colours them all the time. I think it might be great to incorporate a flag design into his room somewhere. I love the mix of light and dark blue in this space, as well…Blue and white nautical themed room with bunk beds.


Definitely a more grown up vibe, I think this room is the ultimate combination of a surf/beach feel while still being youthful yet classic and put together. The giant letters are a pretty awesome addition to the space, and the bedding is perfect.

Surf spelled out in big letters on the wall of a bedroom and a wave picture behind a bed.


Simple, white, and crisp with a slightly modern boho vibe, this room would be great in your home if you love airy white and light and uncluttered design…

A picture that says pray for surf is on the wall with two single beds in the room.

Via (if you know the original source, please let me know)

And how fun is this kid’s room? It incorporates a few of the child’s interests and loves, from what I can tell – his name, the batman mask, the surfboard and skateboard… and such a fun and crisp mix of pattern!

A surf board on a white wall with black dots.


Lots of crisp white and blue with some fun surf/beach style accessories (like the ukulele and bongo drums). I also love the long narrow pictures above the bed and the rustic trunk at the end of it…

A rack in a kids bedroom with surf boards on it.


Perfectly calm and peaceful, I like the way that this coastal beachy room incorporates pops of rustic wood against light and white…

Rustic wood details in the mostly neutral bedroom.


So  many awesome surf style room ideas, right? And I’ve gathered together some of the bedding and accessories that I think would be a great fit for this style! Now it’s time to get working on actually pulling Finn’s bedroom makeover together – paint, wallpaper, woodwork, and shopping for all the things!

Thanks for reading graphic.


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  1. Hi Krista, love the looks you’ve developed! Was curious who you used or where you got the wave print in the room with the table that has a plant, typewriter, old telephone, and the letter T on it

  2. Thank you!! The free printables are fantastic. I was wondering where you got the beautiful beach wave picture above? I love your ideas!

    1. Hi Sandy,
      I’m not sure which beach wave picture you mean – which of the pictures in this post are you referring to?

  3. Such fresh & fun ideas! Quite inspiring! Very original yet simple. Love ❤️ this site!
    Thank you

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