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Before & After Investment Property Makeover Tour

All the before and after pictures of our investment property.

Well, it’s finally here!

I’ve waited a few years to share this satisfying “before” and “after” tour of our first little investment property. When we first finished the renovations on this adorable home, I shared some pictures of it empty as we were in the process of getting it ready to rent. And now, after three years of being landlords, it was time to wean back the level of busy and responsibility in our lives and we have decided to put this beautiful little home back on the real estate market.

Rental House Renovation

So…. that means I finally got to stage it! Which for me is, obviously, the very best part. So I hope you enjoy this super satisfying before and after tour today of our little rental house all spruced up for sale!

Before & After Investment Property Makeover Tour poster.

There are few things I love as much as a good “before and after”, so I’ve included our original before pictures today to give you that extra bit of fun satisfaction. Hope you enjoy the tour!


The door ajar to the home.

And now…

The door ajar and the home painted with hooks on the wall for coats.

There is a small bag and a stool in the hallway.

Throughout this home, we stripped the old carpets back and redid all the hardwood (original fir flooring). We also painted all the trim work and walls and updated the lighting and window treatments to create a light and bright area. On a couple of the walls that were more damaged, we elected to add some paneling as we also felt it kept with the original character of the home.


An empty room with carpet.

And now…

The same room updated with wood floors and couches and pillows.

A small table in the room with baskets filled with throw pillows under it. There is a round mirror on the wall above the table.

A woven basket is beside the armchair with throw pillows in a basket.

The white chair by the window.

A blanket ladder is in the corner of the room.

There is a throw pillow on the white armchair.


A small room with carpeting.

And now…

The same room with a small sisel rug in it.

A grey wooden table is beside the blue and white curtains in the room.

There is a pouf in front of a tufted blue chair.

In the kitchen we painted all the cupboards inside and out, added new appliances, a new sink and faucet, a  countertop and paneling as a backsplash. We also made the stove area more functional by adding a kitchen cart and updated the flooring to a hard working vinyl (as we had the home rented for the past few years and wanted something that would hold up). All the walls and trim work and the brick chimney got several fresh coats of fresh paint as well.

A shot into the kitchen.


An outdated blue and white kitchen.

And now…

The kitchen painted bright white.

There is a blue and white dish cloth by the sink.

A box with pink flowers is on the counter.


A before shot of the old kitchen.

And now…

The same shot of the updated kitchen.


Wallpaper in the kitchen.

And now…

The wallpaper is gone and white paint is on the walls.

A white stove is in the corner of the kitchen.

A small cart is beside the stove.


A room with pink wallpaper.

And now…

The wallpaper is gone and there is a small table in the room.

In the bathroom we removed the clawfoot tub and painted the exterior in a charcoal grey. We installed a new charcoal vinyl floor, and painted all the walls and trim (after removing even more wallpaper). We also installed a new bathroom vanity, sink, mirror, and light fixture. We kept the over john but removed the legs and hung it on the wall above the toilet. So much fresher and more inviting!


A claw foot tub in the bathroom.

And now…

The clawfoot tub with  a shower curtain around it.


An 80's wooden bathroom cabinet.

And now…

There is now a white cabinet in the bathroom and a white mirror.


The 80's bathroom.

And now…

A brown cabinet with white towels and white flowers.

We updated the entire house by painting it all (walls, trim and ceiling), as well as redoing all the original fir flooring. For selling, we haven’t added any furniture to the two upstairs bedrooms but we did dress up the principal bedroom on the main floor.


There is carpeting on the stairs.

And now…

Wood floors and a turquoise dresser.


Old red carpets in the bedroom.

And now…

Updated wood flooring and a picture is above the bed.

There are throw pillows on the bed in floral and light yellow.


Wood paneling is in the bedroom.

And now…

A chair is in the corner of the room with a blanket on it.

A clock is on the bedside table.

That’s it!

Doesn’t it feel like such a cozy, welcoming home now? When we were over there getting it updated and staged and ready for the market, my oldest son said to me that it “felt” like home.

I think that’s the best compliment it could get from him, so I’m hopeful the viewers find it feels like home, as well.



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  1. Wow, those are great before and after shots. It really shows the big difference in what you’ve done. Especially that weird red carpet and panel wall room.

  2. Thanks for your answers. I have not heard of Country Chic Chalk Paint. (I have experimented with several other brands including Annie Sloan.
    Where do you find Country Chic and how do you like it compare to Annie Sloan and the other more expensive ones?
    Do you find it durable for furniture? I am on the fence, having now done several with either Fusion paint (Canadian product) or Chalk paint both spray kind and regular and I don’t find either to be very durable or easy to keep clean, unless you put varethane or something similar on top.
    Thanks so much!

  3. This is PERFECT…love it all…you did such a fine job decorating it…and I am always blown away what white paint can do.

    1. Right?! Fresh paint makes a huge difference -and white paint on old cabinetry and trim… I love the change, too!

  4. Love what you did to the rental house! It is definitely transformed from what it was! Can you let me know where you got the navy and white living room curtains?

  5. Krista, What a beautiful job you’ve done.. It looks fantastic! Any chance you’d want to sell that stool in your foyer (AND ship it to California?!) We had one like that when I was a girl growing up. I hope the home sells quickly for you!

    1. Hi Marilyn! Lol – it actually belongs to my Mom, isn’t it a sweet little stool? I’m hoping she might let me have it one day… Such lovely character. I hope the right buyers finds us soon, as well!

  6. I love the updates and the changes. Great job! I have to ask, do you rent it furnished? If not where do you store all the furniture?

    1. Hi Cathy,
      We used to rent it (unfurnished), but after three years of land lording two properties, we decided we need to reduce some of our work load in life, and so we’ve put it up for sale. I snagged furniture and accessories from our own house to stage it for sale:)

  7. Love the changes you made. So refreshing to see lots of colour – where I come from (New Zealand) everything is very neutral and I definitely prefer the colour.

    1. Hi Tracey! Thank you:) Lot’s of colour at our place, but definitely neutrals are quite popular here too. I used furniture and accessories from our house for staging, so it took on the same kind of colourful style as we have in our main home:)

    1. Hi Ann! I think it’s quite a Canadiana feeling find, right? We don’t usually find as many good antiques in BC, so I was thrilled to come upon it!

  8. You did an amazing job!!! The house is so bright & welcoming!!! I am sure it won’t be on the market long!! Where did you get the front room curtains? I think I need to change mine out. For a fresh new look

  9. Looks amazing. So inspiring! We are thinking of selling our little investment condo in Vancouver, What kind of paint did you use for the kitchen and bathroom cabinets? And what colour? Also what is the organe on the side table in the bedroom and the turquoise on the dresser? Both look gorgeous and I assume you painted them? I used Fusion and was disappointed with the results. Yours look great!

    1. Hi Penny,
      We used a semi-gloss finish for washability, and the colour is Simply White. The coral colour on the side tables is a combination of two colours of Country Chic Chalk Paint. I shared the tutorial here:

      And the dresser is also Country Chic Chalk Paint. I shared the tutorial for it here:

      Hope that helps! Good luck with your condo if you decide to sell it- such a hot market in Vancouver, I hear:)

  10. Oh WOW! Well done! The house is adorable and so colourful.
    I love that ” Currie and Hassett, Saskatoon” crate ( even though I’m from Ontario). Please share where you got it!

    1. Hi Heather!
      I bought it from a lady who had a vintage/antique shop and was selling some old cross country skis (1800’s Quebec) online on Facebook before Christmas -when I showed up she had a garage full of beauties and I started picking through it for other finds! This crate was one of them:) Interesting piece, right? I have a feeling you get way more of those kinds of interesting antiques in Ontario then we do in BC, so I was pretty thrilled.

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