Boho Farmhouse Living Room Source Guide

Today I’m sharing the exact and some similar sources for the boho farmhouse style furniture and decor that we’ve used in our new living room decor.

Hello all! I’ve been meaning to get this post out to you for a while now, as I’ve had several emails and messages on Instagram and Facebook asking about the sources for various items that we’ve used to decorate the living room/family room area of our new home. While we had a few of the furnishings and accessories in our previous home, most of the things we had there were sold to the new owner, so we started off pretty much at square one.

Before putting anything in the room, we freshened it up with white paint on all the walls and trim, as well as a dark grey accent colour on the fireplace brick as well as on the feature wall behind the sofa in our TV area.

We have used General Paint for every room that we’ve painted so far in this house and we love it! The quality is great; it goes on smoothly, and it covers really well. The exact colours that we used in our living room/TV area are “White Design” (WHO1) which is a very crisp, true white, and “Grey Midnight” (411G)

Probably the most frequent question that I’ve gotten so far is where we got our big sectional from, and the answer may surprise you.


It’s the Ikea Farlov line and, yes, we do really like it.

I’ve already washed the white cushion covers several times between the puppy and wine-drinking house guests, and they come out SO WELL! We already had the chairs in our previous home (see my review of them here), so we ordered the sectional…

As well as sofa that you see in our family TV area, below…

We’ve had the chairs since our previous house, and they are quite oversized (read my review of them here). They are definitely my favourite place to sit in our house, though! So comfy!

Another really common question has been about our rugs! In the living room I’ve layered a jute rug with a Kilim rug on top, and in the family/TV area we went with a super comfy patterned shag rug. I’ve collected similar ones for you below:

Tables! Another key piece in these rooms.

I love the rustic tables in the family/TV room area, and the light and open style of our new rectangular coffee table in the living room…

Now… time for all the other bits and pieces. I’ve gathered the same or similar sources for you, below.

Blinds and Curtains…

Etagere Shelf and Lamps…

Pillows and throws…

Baskets and decor…

Faux Greenery and Plants…

I hope that helps answer any and all of the source questions that you have about this space! In the case where the things I’ve used are not available online, I’ve tried to source similar items that would give you the same look. Feel free to email me at if you have other source guide questions.

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  1. Hi there. I love your living room. You have great taste with colors as well. It looks very welcoming and cozy. The furniture are nice and elegant. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Super groovy family room. The painted fireplace is a real show stopper great color choice.
    Happy spring, Kippi #kippiathome

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