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Coral Pink Nighstand with Sweeping Stenciled Flowers

This adorable coral pink nightstand with stenciled flowers is easy to make with my step by step tutorial!

Today I can’t wait to share my makeover of a now-pretty little Coral Pink Nightstand with white Sweeping Stenciled Flowers.

I helped my good friend Sam create this for her little girl’s Little-Turning-Big girl room…

A coral pink nightstand with white flowers and a teddy bear and books in it.

 You might remember the inspiration board I posted for her bedroom a couple of months ago?

If not…here is our lovely inspiration for the whole space…

A little girls mood board for her bedroom.

Ooooh…. so pretty. Anyhow this week I helped Sam pull together a few projects… including this sweet nightstand revamp based on our pinterest-inspiration:

The nightstand inspiration with two drawers and white stenciled flowers.


Such a cute piece!

Here is how Nevaeh’s nightstand started out (please excuse the iphone pic). If you couldn’t tell, this puppy was freebee as it was Sam’s nightstand when she was a little girl.

The before picture of the stand that is natural wood.

Sam started out by priming it, followed by a few coats of bold pink latex. When I saw the painted nightstand it was looking as streaky as my mascara after a swim in the lake.

Streaky pink nighstand.

I suggested that we fix it right up with a little pink spray paint lovin’…

A can of krylon watermelon pink on top of the nightstand.

Ah, much better. Loving the coral/pink tone and the glossy finish!

Now time to add a little white floral stencil sweep… I gathered together some craft paint, a stencil brush, cup for the paint, a stencil, and some paper towel to keep the stencil clean between the lovely flowers.

A stencil, paint on top of the nightstand.

The brush turned out to be a bit of a disaster and after one smudgy-ugly flower we quickly switched our tool of choice. We instead used the end of a tiny foam roller. TIP: keep the roller fairly dry by wiping most of the paint off on the edge of the paint cup before gently dabbing-squishing (technical term) the craft paint through the stencil.

Using the foam roller to stencil the flowers.


We did a sweep of stenciled flowers across the top of the nighstand…

A sweep of the white flowers on the coral nightstand.

And down both sides of the coral pink nightstand…

The flowers going down the side of the nightstand.


Now to protect that craft paint, I sprayed the whole piece thoroughly with a few coats of a clear spray sealer.

A can of clear sealer.

And to dress up the hardware, I found some pretty vintage-y handles on an old drawer I have been hoarding in the garage.

Vintage looking handles for the nightstand.

I cleaned them thoroughly with dish soap and a magic eraser.

Once dry I treated them to a little spray paint love with some Krylon dual white. I think the bright white glossy finish complements the white stenciled flowers perfectly.

I’m so thrilled about how well this little gal turned out.

Pink flowers in a vase on top of the little stand.

A little white bird beside the flowers on the nightstand.

Stenciled coral pink stand with a teddy bear and books in it.


I think it will be a fab little feature in Nevaeh’s newly revamped room and can’t wait to see it in place!

Have you ever stenciled a piece of furniture? What method did you use? How did it turn out?


Thanks for reading. And remember my housie friends, HOME isn’t built in a day. Enjoy the journey!



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    1. Thanks Kristin- it does look really cute in my friend’s daughters bedroom- the white hardware is the perfect punch. Thanks so much for coming by!

  1. Well I am SO glad you listened to Cindy’s comment and came to our Best Of The Weekend party last Friday because I am in LOVE with this and I am featuring it tonight at 8PM EST (15 minutes!!) when the party goes live! Yay!! Be sure to come over and grab your “featured” button off my sidebar.
    Congrats and looking forward to see you again at the party!!

  2. Ok… THIS is soooo adorable. I LOVE how it turned out. What a transformation!
    On behalf of Lisa, Cindy & myself, thanks so much for sharing this and your other links at our “Best Of The Weekend party”! I am pinning all to our party board and pinning this another big board too.
    We hope to see you again when the party kicks off again Friday eve at 8PM EST.
    Have a great week!

    1. Thank you Selene! I think the crisp white of the flowers helps tone down the bright coral and make it perfect for a little girl:) Thank you so much for your kind comments!

    1. Hi Kelly! I bet foam stencil brushes would work very well- I will have to try that next time. I suppose we sort of made our own version and it worked fairly well but a flat head might have been even better. Good tip!

  3. I actually love your version better!!!!!! The simplicity of the stencils you chose was just perfect and the handles go with the overall cuteness! Great job as excpected Krista! Your friend is very lucky to have you help out and I’m sure her daughter is equally thankful!

    1. Thank you Vel – it was fun to help decorate for a little girl since we have two boys! I am pretty excited about helping her put it all together later this week – more to come:)

  4. so pretty! what a nice transformation Krista and love how you stenciled those flowers; it’s a nice touch, you did a great job it does look a lot like the #6 from your board! 🙂 that little girl must love it so much! I would loved having this when I was little, hey I want one like that even now! ha!ha! 🙂
    hope you are having a beautiful weekend Krista! 🙂

    1. Thank you Ingrid! She loves it and I can’t wait to see it when we put her room together – later this week. More to come! Hope you had a great weekend!

    1. Thank you T’onna! I am pretty thrilled I found those handles, they made a huge difference. Thanks so much for your visit and kind comments!!

  5. I Love this!!! It is absolutely perfect in every way!!! I have been thinking of doing a bright piece for my girls room!!!! And how funny I was admiring your space several weeks ago on House of Turquoise…I think that is where I saw you :))) well anyway you have a magnificent eye and style! I’m a new follower here!!! Nicole

    1. Hi Nicole! So thrilled to hear that… thank you so much for your visit and kind comments. I think one fresh bright piece is great in a kids room (or in most rooms:)!

  6. Oh it looks so much better. I remember stencilling walls back in the late 80’s with my mum – we used special stencil crayons bought from a craft shop and they worked brilliantly. 😀

    1. Wow Petra – I have never seen those before. I wonder if they still make them? I remember that stenciling was huge for a while – the early days of Debbie Travis’ work…

    1. Thank you Heidi! It was definitely a good transformation- I am so pleased about how it turned out. And so fun to do something girly for a change!

  7. This coral/pink nightstand is too cute! Good call using the spray paint…it’s a lifesaver sometimes. Love the white flower stencil you used. Thanks for sharing!

    Katie @thecasualcraftlete.com

    1. Thank you Katie! I think the spray paint really saved the day – it was looking pretty sad before, with the colour being so streaky and washed out. Hard to tell by the pictures but the spray paint was a big improvement! Thank you so much for your visit and comments:)

  8. It is adorable, love the color so much that I’ve been all over the internet looking for coral shower curtain! Those little stenciled flowers are so cute. Great job!

    1. Hi Rondell! It turned out even better then I had hoped for…. though getting a clean line with the stenciling was the trickiest part… that colour is fabulous. It is called Watermelon.

    1. Thank you Annie – it certainly does look different, thankfully! So glad I found the little handles in my hoarder pile in the garage… I think they make a big difference to the overall look:)

    1. Thank you Tricia! I think it is one of my favourite painted pieces so far…. maybe because I don’t usually get to paint thinks pink and flowery with two sons!

    1. Hi Ashley! We were just shopping last night for some more crafty pieces and some other last minutes touches. It has been so fun to help decorate a girl’s room since I have two boys. I can’t wait to help her pull it all together too!!

  9. Love that shade of coral. I never thought of using a foam roller to stencil – worked out perfctly, didn’t it? Are we going to see the rest of this room soon?

    1. I know, the foam roller was a fabulous little surprise. Worked so well! The flowers aren’t perfect but they still look great overall. Not sure how you would make them perfect:) Maybe spray adhesive on your stencil, but since my stencil was borrowed from a friend I didn’t want to gum it up.

  10. Krista, this looks absolutely gorgeous!!! I love the pink color (of course!) and the choice of the flower stencil and the sweep is just perfect! As usual, your tips for the project are fantastic and it just turned out beautifully! I have a little chest that has definitely seen better days that I was thinking of giving a little makeover and I just might try a stencil on it! Please come share this beautiful project tonight at Best of the Weekend! Have a fabulous Friday! 🙂 (Oh and pinned, of course!)

    1. Thank you Cindy! I love how it turned out too… am really excited to help Sam pull her daughter’s bedroom together. Thanks so much for your super kind comments – I will definitely be back at your party with this!

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