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Coral, Turquoise, Mint & Grey Master Bedroom Inspiration

Coral Turqouise Mint and Grey Master Bedroom Inspiration

Today I want to share my coral, turquoise, mint and grey Master Bedroom inspiration with you for a little revamp project that we have just started.

Because we didn’t have enough projects on the go already. We really needed one more.

If you are a regular reader, you know that we are working on finishing up our boy’s bedroom (97% done now…). We also have been putting together a “Command Central” Office-Closet. And we are working on landscaping and on getting the deck ready for summer.

Hmm. I guess that didn’t seem like enough. Better start working on revamping our Master bedroom too. Ya. Sometimes I wonder about myself. I am very thankful for my tolerant husband.

Anyhoo… there it is. We are knee-deep in a little (sort-of) Master Bedroom Revamp. If you follow me on Instagram you may have gotten a hint at this project the other day. And all because I fell in love with some bedding, fabric, art, and a new colour scheme. I’ve been pinning ideas like crazy and finally it was time to act. Here is a little sampling of what I am thinking.

Starting with the pastel inspired color scheme that I am dreaming of….



Or this… I like how the ‘mint’ seems more blue then green



I love these colors together in these pieces of art by Michelle Armas. I dream of having a print by her somewhere in the room.



And we have already started a project to create a feature wall much like this….



This fabric is the key for me… love the colors and fresh, bright, cottagey-vintage feel


I want to paint our nightstands something along this line. Don’t tell my husband. He will love it once it is done…



And we have a new IKEA dresser that I want to give a totally different look to… thinking of this as inspiration, but in a different color paint and with gold/brass detailing.


I desperately want to make some black0ut lined curtains in a beautiful grey graphic print like this…



And the piece de resistance will be this gorgeous new bedding from Crane and Canopy… I’ve already ordered it and can’t wait to see it in real life!



After six years with the same fabric headboard and bed skirt, I can’t wait to get our bedroom freshened up. Like I said, we have already started some of the big projects, so I hope to have some progress to report to you really soon!

Do you often take on several projects at once? Or are you much better organized then me and stick with one thing until it is fully complete? (If so, I admire you! Tell me your secrets!).




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  1. Love, love, love, love this colour scheme!! I just redesigned my blog using mint, coral and grey because it is my absolute favourite colour scheme this year!! I can’t wait to see how your room comes out 😀

  2. It’s a gorgeous and modern palette Krista, can’t wait to see ir come together. Of course we work on everything at once too. We have a joke that we’re never “finished”, we just “stop” at some point!

    1. Thank you Tia- I love those prints, I really hope to order one. I think they would draw the whole room together:) Thanks for coming by!

  3. I love that combination!! My son just made me a rainbow loom bracelet with those colours (he picked out the colours too!) and they go so well together that I’m thinking about doing my Master in them too!! Thanks for the lovely inspiration!!

    1. Aw, cute – I noticed my coworker was wearing a chevron dress in these same colours the other day too. I told her I loved my dress and that she was wearing my new bedroom scheme – lol. I can’t wait for the refresh of our bedroom!!

  4. Love the color scheme you’re going for, Krista!i can’t wait to see what you do… Know it’ll be fabulous!! And no, I can’t share any secrets— I start a million projects at once! Lol glad to know I’m not the only one! Good luck, friend!

    1. Haha – I think there may be no cure for types like us:) Oh well… lists are the way to manage it all!! I love making lists!

  5. I love that combination, that just gave me so many ideas for my beach bedroom..I got a new teal quilted comforter and needed some help on other colors, now I have it, thanks to you…just need more ideas on curtains or blinds…I can’t see, lol…..

    1. Thanks Andrea! I think I am going to do some blackout drapes in the large grey printed fabric (Emily, by Premier Prints). I can’t wait to see those up – we haven’t had drapes in our bedroom yet, only blinds… and I love drapes. Thanks for coming by!! Good luck with your decisions:)

  6. I love the color scheme Krista. I think the Pantone mint is a better choice for you than the first one…just thinking about the scorn you heaped on my peach and green passion way back when. Funny how tastes change isn’t it. Seriously I love the fabric, the bedding and the dresser ideas. But are you sure about your husband’s reaction to the dresser color?????

    1. Haha it is funny, isn’t it?!? I even like gold now! I think the little nightstands in coral will be perfect- he will love them:)

  7. It is going to be amazing! I have been working on a million things too. Last month I decided to sell our bedroom set. So now I am dying to get our room done. I have been asking my husband to do the board and batten wall behind our bed for a year now! Maybe once he sees yours he will do it 😉

    1. Hi Sherry! I am SO glad that I finally talked my husband into going through with the wall- I absolutely love how it turned out. It completely changed the look of the room. I think I will share it tomorrow!! Thanks for coming by!

    1. Aren’t those prints beautiful? I have been stalking them for a while… hope to order one for above our dresser. So thrilled you popped by Julia!

    1. Thanks Kelly! I can’t wait to see it come together too- it has been a long time with that same headboard fabric in our room and I am definitely ready for a change!!

  8. Love where you are heading! And I totally have 18 projects going on at all times. I should be better about finishing one… but you’ve got to move to the next one while the other dries!

    1. I totally agree Amy – when you are in project mode you don’t want to waste any time on waiting for things to dry:) I don’t think I will be solving my ‘too many projects on the go’ issue any time soon!

    1. Thanks Sarah! I have been stalking those Michelle Armas prints and saw you have one in your laundry room. Aren’t they beautiful?!?

    1. Thanks Sherri! I love the bedding too- so crisp and pretty. I can’t wait to see it finished as well!!

  9. I usually have lots of projects going on at once. I have to force myself to concentrate on one at a time. I love all the color you are planning to use in your master bedroom. Looking forward to following along! Courtney

    1. Thanks so much Courtney! It is hard to focus on one thing with so many ideas floating around in my head all the time… I think it might be decorating ADD?!

  10. I love all those fresh pretty colors. Love the floral fabric. My favorites paint colors are the pantone. So fresh!

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