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Decked Out for Summer: Thrifty Ideas for Decking Out Your Deck

There is just something about June.

Those last few weeks before summer begins.

School is winding down to a close.

The days are getting warmer and longer.

We start spending all kinds of time outside… playing, dining, relaxing.

And one of our favourite places to spend time outside is on our lake view deck.

All Decked Out for Summer Our Summer Deck at The Happy Housie whole deck


Come on….let’s take the full tour! Click here to see the rest….

click here for the full tour

Thrifty Ideas to Deck out Your Deck decorate your deck without breaking the bank at The Happy Housie

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  1. I love your deck and looking for some inspiration and by golly, I found it. I was wondering what stain you used to paint your chairs and benches and where you found it? I found some benches and chairs that I would like to stain and love the color of your chairs.

    Thanks for your consideration,

  2. Again….just beautiful! I would spend all my time outside if that was my home. Glad you linked up to our Motivational Monday party. Definitely going to go stalk your blog for awhile now and see what other awesome things you’ve done (in the least creepiest way possible…)! 🙂

  3. Love this!
    One question. How did you attach string lights? They almost look ‘built in’?

  4. I love your colors and the inviting atmosphere you have created. Great job! One question…. your X and Y attached to the wall…how was this done as the siding appears to be vinyl. I have a wall similar on my deck I would like to add something to but I am not allowed to put holes in the vinyl siding.

    1. Thanks for your kind comments Sharon! Ya, the whole vinyl siding debate… I know it well! Every house we have owned has been vinyl and, you are right, it is not at all recommended to drill into your vinyl siding. But since our vinyl is under a good overhang (without risk of water getting in) and also mainly because we are planning to replace our vinyl with hardi-plank within the next year, my husband was agreeable for that reason only:) I think that you could try using the really strong command adhesive strips outside – as long as it was undercover they should last for the season at least. The X and Y are hollow so are actually really lightweight. Now you have me wondering whether I will be allowed to drill things into the hardi-plank once it is up? Good luck with your quest!!

  5. Your deck looks beautiful! I’m in the process of having a deck built & I’ve been surfing the web looking for ideas. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. My favorite is the table you added. $10 at a garage sale? Unbelievable. I guess I need a little more patience to score sweet finds like that.

  7. What lake do you live on Krista, so beautiful? Do you find lots of awesome shells?
    Your deck is to literally die for. How about I come up and we go down to beach, later I’ll make us some supper and we’ll have fire on beach later, toast marshmallows. What does your family like to eat? I’d be happy to cook for a chance to enjoy your gorgeous, comfy looking wonderful deck. Had no idea you lived on a lake. Hey I’d do dishes too.
    When I was a kid (still living in Cleveland, OH where I was born) we went up to Lake Superior (not too sure but think that was lake) on Canadian side to a cabin owned by a man my dad worked with. That’s where I learned how to swim, love the water, always been a water nut. The cabin was up higher in woods so we’d walk down to pier jutting out into lake. What a vacation we’d have every year for two weeks until we left in 1950 to move to Tucson for my brother’s health. He had asthma so bad we had to move to keep him alive. I still love to look at photos parents took of us, wonderful memories. When you get to be my age the memories are sharper than the now, lol. Might not have been too easy for my Mother as there was no running water then, had to use oil lamps for light, think we took our baths in lake.
    Enjoy your wonderful home and deck. Don’t know about rest of your readers but I’m about as envious as anybody could be. Happy summer days to enjoy.
    If you reply please do so to: email address.

  8. I love absolutely everything about your deck!!! It’s so cute! Backyard gatherings must be so frequent at your house. I would love it if you linked this up to my Motivate Me Monday linky party!

  9. Oh wow, I love your deck and all the fabulous color, but that view is totally amazing. Gorgeous. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me.

  10. Your deck is awesome, not to mention the view!!! I love your dining space, your rug, and your sweet beverage area! So, so good!

  11. I would be spending all my evenings on this deck! I LOVE the pillows, patterns and colors–so bright and cheery! I also love the lake view you have–what a wonderful space to enjoy! Sharing this on my FB page today!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind comments and sharing it Carrie- yay!! I appreciate that so much!

  12. Im loving the bright colours you used, thats all it takes is a coushin here and lantern there and wow you have a gorgeous sunny outdoor space!
    Im about to start landscaping and decorating a courtyard at the front of my house that we have just finished building. I would love to use an outdoor rug under the seating but because its out in the open I dont know how it will weather. I love rugs outside though I think they make it feel really homely 🙂

  13. Such a beautiful, colorful space. You are so lucky to have the water-view! I recently updated my deck with shades of turquoise, too. It’s all over my home as it’s such a happy color and your pink pillows look great. We have the same views on recycling pieces and looking for deals. So happy to follow you.

  14. I am in LOVE with all that colour! I am so afraid to add bright colours, and end up sticking within my grey comfort zone. I really need to take your inspiration and add more colour into my life!

  15. Oh my word, Krista! Definitely the most beautiful deck I’ve seen. I would out there ALL summer long! I love your mix of colors and patterns and just how welcoming and cozy it feels. Thanks so much for sharing and being a part of our summer celebration!!

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