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DIY Chalkboard Pillow {Pottery Barn Christmas Knockoff}

Pillows, pillows, pillows… I just love ’em. They are one of my favourite ways to change up our décor seasonally. The whip together so quickly and when you make your own they can be so inexpensive. Take this little DIY Chalkboard Pillow for example- it is a Pottery Barn Knockoff. And I made it out of a piece of drop cloth and some DIY Chalkboard paint. It cost a couple of dollars, tops, as opposed to the nearly $30 price tag of the PB version. And I love it every bit as much.

DIY Pottery Barn Knockoff Chalkboard Pillow two at thehappyhousie

To make this you will need:

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I started out with a simple envelope cover that I had made out of a drop cloth. If you aren’t sure how to sew a simple envelope pillow cover I have a really simple tutorial for it .

Once I had sewn my pillow cover, I whipped up some DIY Chalkboard paint using Plaster of Paris, black craft paint, and water….

DIY Chalkboard Paint Recipe by thehappyhousie


I taped off a border on the pillow and used a foam brush to apply my chalkboard paint. If your pillow cover is not made of drop cloth material I would also advise you to put some plastic or cardboard between the layers of your pillow so that the paint doesn’t go straight through onto the back of the pillow as well.


Once it was dry I gave it a light sanding…


For writing on your pillow you will want to use a chalk paint pen. If you don`t mind your image being permanent you could also likely use a white paint pen though I didn’t try this.


Lastly, I took some inspiration for my pillow from this one at Pottery Barn…


I loved the wording from one of my favourite Christmas carols, and used a chalk pen to sketch my own version of it onto my pillow…

I think it brightens up this corner of our living room nicely.

DIY PB Knockoff Chalkboard Pillow by thehappyhousie

I shared this over at Uncommon Designs a few weeks ago – that time with more of a ‘fall’ look.

DIY Chalkboard Pillow by thehappyhousie for uncommondesigns

Since my paint pen didn’t wipe off very cleanly I just gave my pillow a new coat of my chalkboard paint (saved in a sealed plastic container) before refreshing it with it’s new Christmas look.

Not a bad budget breakdown, though it would have been more expensive if I didn’t have all the supplies on hand already…

Cost Breakdown:

– small portion of drop cloth $2-$3
– craft paint and plaster: I already had
– chalk pen already had (costs about $5-7 at craft stores)

DIY chalkboard pillow comparison

 It is one of a few changes that I have made lately in the living room…

DIY PB Knockoff Chalkboard Pillow

Pin it to remember itLearn how to make your own thrifty version of this Pottery Barn Chalkboard Pillow with full tutorial at The Happy Housie #PBKnockoff

Did you do some Christmas decorating this weekend? What is your favourite way to change up your seasonal décor?

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  1. Oh how fun and creative is this. I love it. Great tutorial too. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

    1. Lol Tasha! It isn’t too exciting in there… but I do love to pour over the PB site and dream of how to make things that I could never justify buying! I also recently made the PEACE sign from their Christmas décor and shared it over on Uncommon Designs. I hear ya- that list never ever seems to end around here:)

    1. Thank you Petra!! Just like my ‘baby, it’s cold outside’ sign… silent night plays through my head whenever I reread them. Kinda fun to have all these carols going through my head these days:) Hmm… sell them – maybe next year I should do some craft shows. (lol- I would have to start crafting in July I bet!!).

    1. Hi Alexis! The chalk pens are great for controlling your chalk work, but I find they do need a fair bit of scrubbing to get off. Well worth it though!!

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