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DIY Envelope Style Lumbar Pillow Tutorial

I am sharing my tutorial for an envelope style lumbar pillow.

Hello everyone! If you have been following along for a while you have seen several projects now for our boys’ shared bedroom– we have a few left to go, but today I am sharing a quick and easy tutorial for making DIY Envelope Style Lumbar Pillows. These cute pillows are perfect for either a bed (like this twin bed in our sons’ room)…

DIY Envelope Lumbar Pillow how to by The Happy Housie

Or as a feature pillow on your sofa or loveseat…

DIY Envelope Lumbar Pillow spring pillows on a couch in the living room.

I am so excited to be over at U Create Crafts today sharing the full tutorial for these Envelope Style Lumbar Pillows!

I would love for you to visit me there!

I also have a couple of other Envelope Pillow tutorials that are quick and easy to follow…

Or if you have missed a few of the projects we have been working on lately for our boys’ bedroom revamp, here is what we have been up to:


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  1. The links to the lumbar pillow tutorial just go to the u-create.com homepage, not to your tutorial. Do you have a direct link? Thanks!

  2. I do love fabric you used for your incredible pillows.I am loving the prints and colors, especially the blue/green trellis print and bird print. Really great tutorial also. Bit much for my budget but they have similar in cotton duck fabric choices at Hobby Lobby. I’ll be using my coupon there for some of their fabric. The cotton duck is a nice sturdy fabric to work with.
    Using the envelope style is my favorite to make pillow covers, quick, easy and look great. I didn’t notice, what do you use for backs of your pillow covers? Always enjoy seeing what you’ve made, look forward to your posts.
    I was offline due to sick computer for almost 2 full months. So much to get caught up on. Got lots done in way of spring cleaning, purging. Now that I’m back on I have hard time staying off. Happy Spring days

    1. Hi Jane Ellen- sorry to hear that you had a sick computer, but glad you got it fixed. Amazing how much we can accomplish when we don’t have technology to steal our time, isnt’ it?? Most of the fabric I buy is only in the 7-12 dollar per yard range- and often a strong weight cotton. We don’t have a hobby store nearby so I usually order mine online. I have started making one-piece envelope covers because they are so easy and quick and the fabric I buy is inexpensive so I don’t mind using it for both sides. Glad you came by!!

    1. Thanks Wendi! I am going to whip up some more today for our ‘spring’ living room!! Thanks so much for coming by!

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