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DIY Dollar Store Faux Cane Vase with Peonies

Do you love peonies in the spring? How about dollar store DIY projects? And cane decor? Well then today you are going to love this easy DIY dollar store faux cane vase stuffed with peonies!

Hello, friends! In the over 8 years that I’ve been writing this blog, the last two months have been the longest stretch of time that I’ve ever taken off. This year has been the first full year that I’ve worked teaching 100% and I must admit that in combination with finishing our house build, moving, and having some other family stuff happening that it all became a little bit too much.  Thankfully we’ve only got a few weeks left and next school year I will be back to a part time schedule and have a little bit more time to create and share, once again. I’ve missed this part of my life!

DIY Cane Vase

Now that we are finally settled in our new house, I can’t wait to start sharing all kinds of posts with you about it, and I’m also excited to get back to some of my fun, simple, create DIYs! I spent some time at the dollar store afterschool last Friday and came up with a few cute dollar store DIYs that I want to share just in time for summer.  Thrifty, cute dollar store projects just might be my favourite type of DIY, and I hope that you love how this DIY dollar store faux cane vase turned out just as much as I do.

DIY Dollar Store Faux Cane Vase poster.

May is the start of peony season and I think this cute little faux cane vase looks adorable with some faux pink peonies – also from my local dollar store! If I saw this for sale at a home decor shop like HomeSense, I’m convinced it would have a $29.99 price tag on it, so I’m thrilled that it cost me only about $6 to make!

A cane vase with pink peonies in it.

Today I’m also joining some of my talented blogging friends who are sharing their beautiful peony projects with you – be sure to check out all their ideas at the bottom of this post.

Ten peony projects graphic.

Are you in love with all the cane furniture and décor accessories that are popping up online? I adore the look but must admit that the price tag is constantly putting me off.  If you’ve been reading for a while then you know that I like to create the look for less, and I think this is the perfect example. The mesh that I used for the “faux cane” gives the same colour and feel as a tighter weaved caning but was super affordable! $2, and I have enough left over for another project or two!

There are wooden beads beside the peonies in a vase.

To make this, I used a $2 dollar store clear vase, along with a mesh produce bag (found in the kitchen area of the dollar store), some twine, and hot glue.

A mesh bag.

The mesh is beside the scissors and a glass.

I cut the mesh produce bag to the correct size so that it would fit cleanly around the vase, and then glued it into place.

Using the hot glue gun to glue the mesh onto the glass.

Up close shot of the mesh around the glass.

Next, I covered up the bottom and top edges with a wrap of twine – doing three wraps on the bottom and one on the top. I think you could get creative with this step and do a larger section of twine on the bottom to give it all extra weight and make the amount of faux “cane” a little bit smaller.

Holding a piece of twine.

Gluing the twine around the top and bottom of the glass.

I filled it with two peony stems from my local dollar tree, cut to the correct length and displayed it in our new living room. I love the pop of pink and can’t believe that these peonies are from the dollar tree now that they are tucked inside this cute dollar store DIY faux cane vase. I think it looks so much more expensive than the $6 it cost to make it!

The pink peonies in the vase.

The vase sitting on a turquoise book.

The vase displayed in the living room.

There are cane chairs in the living room.

I’ve also shared some other peony projects that you might just love!

Want to remember this?
Just pin it!

Dollar Store DIY Craft graphic.

As I mentioned, today some of my friends have joined me and are sharing their beautiful DIY peony projects and tips. I can’t wait to read their posts and know that you will love all of their ideas and inspiration!

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