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DIY Faux Clay Pumpkins with Textured Terra Cotta Paint

These easy DIY faux clay pumpkins made with textured terra cotta craft paint are a warm and rustic addition to your fall decorating!

I’m sort of on a textured paint train these days… ever since tackling my DIY textured vases with leftover household paint, I’ve been eyeing up other things around that house that might benefit from a little bit of my special paint and baking soda mix. So far I’ve textured painted an old, faded demi-john and have it displayed in the corner of our kitchen. And this week I tried a little variation on my paint recipe, using craft paint and extra baking soda. The resulting project is these cute little faux clay pumpkins that now no longer resemble their shiny, dollar store roots…

How To Give Dollar Store Mini Pumpkins A Rustic Earthy Textured Finish poster.

Today I’m joining some friends who are also sharing their DIY pumpkin ideas, and I’ve linked to them at the bottom of today’s post! I am a huge fan of pumpkin crafts in the fall, and have shared quite a few ideas over the years; I’ve gathered all my ideas for you further down this post, as well.

Thirteen Pumpkin Crafts poster.

I love how much warmth and rustic character a little textured paint finish adds to things; and these cute little pumpkins are no exception. I feel like they look like something you’d pick up at a higher end home decor store, like Pottery Barn. What do you think?

Faux pumpkins with pine cones.

To make these I used some little dollar store pumpkins, a custom mixed terra cotta coloured craft paint (only because I couldn’t find any actual terra cotta coloured craft paint locally), as well as some baking soda.

Up close shot of the textured pumpkins.

I used a lot more baking soda in this paint recipe than I did in my textured vase recipe. It was a lot thicker, so I didn’t have to do multiple coats to get that thick, textured look to these pumpkins. I just did two coats to create this finish.

Baking soda in a bowl.

The baking soda mixed with paint.

Mix a few spoonfuls of baking soda into your paint until you get a nice, thick, paint texture – basically until it’s the thickness of pudding. Make sure to cover your paint and brush with plastic between coats or it will dry out quickly. I also added in a bit of warm water after the paint had sat for a little while to get it smoothed out and flowing again.

Pumpkins and pine cones.

Aerial view of the textured pumpkins on leaves.

I’ve got these displayed in my old wooden bowl on our kitchen counter for the time being. A few maple leaves that are turning colour add to the cozy, rustic feel of this craft.

Brown rust coloured pumpkins.

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Leaves and pumpkins.

As I mentioned, today I’ve been joined by some of my blogging friends who are also sharing their DIY pumpkin ideas with you! I hope you find some more ideas to try this fall season…

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Here are some of my other pumpkin DIYS…


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