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DIY Faux Metal Letters

I love this DIY project for faux rustic metal letters that you can hang on your wall.

You guys!!

I have such a fun DIY lettering project to share with you today!

Have you noticed all of the different types of metal letters (real and faux) that are popping up in rooms and stores lately?

Well, how amazing would it be to be able to create your own saying/poem/name/lyrics out of DIY faux metal letters without breaking the bank?

Now you can!! Today I am going to show you how I used Modern Masters Metal Effects Paint and 11″ tall MDF letters from Craft Cuts to create some fabulous faux metal letters.

DIY faux metal letters poster.

They spell out the title of a song that never fails to put a smile on my face…

Do you know it?

And who doesn’t love Whoopi? Am I right?!

To make these I used:

Modern Masters Metal Effects Paint – I used the Metal Effects Primer, followed by the reactive paints in each colour (copper, bronze, and iron) and then followed by the Patina Aging Solutions in both a soft blue and green as well as the rust activator (on the iron paint). I only had the smallest sizes in each (except for the primer) and I have a ton left over. {I can’t wait to try it on some other projects soon!}.

Modern Masters Metal Effects Paint used to create faux Metal Letters using Craft Cuts MDF letters laid out on the table.

I also used 11″ MDF letters from Craft Cuts. Have you been over to visit them? You can choose whatever size and font that you like and create your own cool custom sayings.

Letters created to be cut out.

Before I committed to painting my letters I decided to test out all the different metal effects colours. So I started out by priming a plain piece of pine that I had hanging around in the garage with the special Metal Effects primer that comes with the kit.

Painting primer on a piece of wood.

I followed the instructions and brushed on two coats of primer, allowing for drying time in between. Then I taped off my board using some Frog Tape to keep my test areas separate…

Using Frog Tape to tape up the board.

I painted two of the sections with copper paint, two with bronze paint, and the final with iron paint. I did two of each the copper and bronze because you can ‘finish’ these with either a blue or green patina and I wanted to see which I preferred for my letters.

Painting copper and bronze paint on the wooden board.

The copper is on the top, the bronze on the bottom, and the iron on the side. After following the directions and doing two coats, allowing for dry time in between, I used the spritzers in the blue and green patina to finish off my test piece.

It turned out like this….

Testing out the rust activator on the wooden painted board.

Woot woot! I loved it!

I carried this test board around the house for days, coming up with more and more places that I could use this Metal Effects paint…

And I couldn’t wait to get going on my lettering – I decided to go with the combinations of copper/green patina, bronze/blue patina and iron/rust (the only option for the iron finish). I knew that the green/blue/orange metallic lettering would look great with the colour scheme I was creating for the craft room (as seen in the fabrics above).

Next thing, I painted my MDF Craft Cuts letters with two coats of the special primer…

Using the special paint on the cut out letters.

Followed by the metallic paint. I sketched it out and planned ahead of time which letters in “oh happy day” would receive which metal effects treatment. Then I painted three letters with copper, three with bronze, and four with iron.

Doing a second coat of paint on the letters.

I spritzed the letters according to the instructions on the bottle – and watched as they transformed right before my eyes!! Such a FUN DIY!!

Spritzing the letters with a special formula to make it look like metal.

The letter P with the special effect.

Once they were done, I gave the iron/rust letters a clear top coat to ensure that the rust didn’t continue…

Using a clear coat on top of the letters.

To hang these awesome faux metal letters I used Command Strips – perfect for keeping my freshly painted walls intact.

Putting sticky tape on the back of the letters.

Done!! Aren’t they fabulous!?! I love them!  It totally transformed my room.

The letters hanging on the wall above the tv.

The letters spelling out oh happy day.

Up close of the O and the H.

Up close of the word happy.

Oh happy day on the wall above the tv.

So you can see, after yesterday’s post about HOW FAR BEHIND I am on the craft room makeover, that I did finally get the craft room put back together… or at least, sort of.

I love the way these faux rustic metal letters look against the fresh white walls.

They make me smile and bring a nostalgic song into my head every time I look at them.

And music is always the perfect thing to stimulate creativity, right?

Pin it to remember it graphic.

DIY Faux Metal Letters with Modern Masters Metal Effects Paint & Craft Cuts Lettering poster.

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  1. These letters are great! Can you tell me what font you used for these letters. We’re trying to find fonts for my new grandbabies’ names. Thanks

    1. Hi Connie,
      I ordered my letters from Craft Cuts and the font I chose is called Alegreya Black. I hope that helps! Good luck with your project!

    1. Thank you Alexis! They are amazing paints- I can’t wait to try them on something else!

    1. Thank you Rachel! I absolutely love that song… I like to belt it out while driving and my boys think I am a southern gospel singer:)

    1. It really does Jenna- and I guess that, in a way, it is metal. The primer seals your surface and then the paint itself has metal in it so the metal effect is authentic. Pretty fun to work with – I can’t wait to try it on something else!

    1. They are super cool- and fun to use! I have a ton leftover too so I know I will use them on several more projects!

    1. Hi Tasha! I think the bronze/blue would suit your scheme really well. I liked getting to try out the mix for this project, but think I will do some individual projects with only one colour soon. The paint was awesome to work with!

    1. These would be perfect in a little boy’s room Marie!! They would go perfectly with that industrial/rustic look that is so popular right now!

    1. Hi Lydia! They would look great spelling out a child’s name in their room, I think! Thanks for the visit!

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