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A DIY Fail? {One Room Challenge Week 4}

I might call this a DIY Fail.

Or perhaps not a DIY fail, but a deadline fail.

But it has been a busy week.

So busy, in fact, that I accidentally sent my son to school with a DISHWASHER TAB in his lunch kit.

Thankfully, he did not eat it, the astute 7 year old that he is.

If you’ve been following the last few weeks as I shared my progress on my craft room, then you know that I am taking part in the One Room Challenge – a six week challenge to attempt to get one room in my house completely made over.

So far I have shared my DIY Gift Wrapping Station and a project to make over and old dresser and turn it into some amazing Craft Room Storage.

Our host, Linda, from Calling it Home, warned that week 4 was the most difficult. I didn’t believe her. Until now.

I am so far behind!

It took me all week to get my Craft Room repainted… White paint – it took three full coats! Ugh.

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen this…

photoScary?!? I know!!

And this is pretty much what it still looks like right about now:

craft room ORC week 4-1

craft room ORC week 4-2

craft room ORC week 4-3

Needless to say, it was a little tight for painting in there… just barely enough room to skim the edges of the wall and get it all covered. Do you think I might have too much stuff?

Obviously I have a long way to go. It is hard to imagine that in exactly two weeks I will be showing you this space completely finished and made over.

Okay, I need to go have a little panic attack right now.

Kidding. One day at a time:)

I’m hoping to put most things back in place tomorrow and then I have a great DIY project to share with you… maybe even on Friday?!

Let’s hope that next week is more productive!

And, I do have a somewhat good excuse- we have been making some awesome progress on finishing off our kitchen at the same time. So I will have more of that to share with you next week as well!!

And the craft room?

Well, I still have my fingers crossed that I ‘make’ it:)  Wish me luck!

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  1. I think we are all feeling the time crunch now. I’m still painting my office furniture, and can only hope that I get it all done before the big reveal. We can do it though! Good luck with all your progress this week! 🙂

    1. Thanks- I am really feeling the crunch too! It doesn’t help that I have to go out of town for two days this weekend!! Ahhh… Fingers crossed that we all “make it” without losing our minds! Good luck with your progress as well!

    1. It is nice to know that so many others are in the same boat- and amazing to realize how hard it is to get a space made over in six weeks. It sounds easier then it is, am I right? Hope you have been having a productive week as well!!

    1. Haha! So true – we don’t have a spare room, though I do have several purged items in the garage now… and the attached hallway was pretty fall while I was painting as well. Oh well, temporary chaos, right?! Good luck with your project!

  2. You will do it, girl!!! My ORC post last week was soo depressing, I’m sure it looked like we did nothing but move a couple things around! Those big windows would be awesome in a craft room! Good luck this coming week, friend!!!

    1. Thanks Kendra! I think I need the luck!! The window is nice – but with the room being north facing it often feels dark in there. I need to come up with some better lighting!! Hope you are making some good progress this week:)

    1. So true – taking the time to repaint the room was well worth it- I love it so much more in white. And, you are right, the decorating part is the fun stuff!!

    1. Hello Linda! So true- I know I am lucky to have a craft room. It was a big decision to create one for myself- it used to be a bedroom for one of my sons, though it really is more of a den as it sits right off our entry hall. So I moved my boys together to share a bedroom, which has been an awesome solution. I have a space to make messes, and they have become closer to each other then ever before. Their room was a fun space to a makeover – though I wish I had done that as part of the six-week challenge so that it wouldn’t have taken so long to get it finished! {Boys’ Room Reveal} Thank you for coming by! I truly appreciate you hosting this fun challenge!!

  3. BELIEVE! It will all come together at the end!! Love that your son was clever enough to NOT eat the dishwasher tablet! Put him to work…he sounds like a sensible young man, surely capable of some minor child labour! LOL! Good luck!

    1. Hello June! Bwahaha, I know- what a crazy story. In a way it was a “good thing” that happened – sometimes you just need a good belly laugh to relax all the stress and regain some perspective:)

    1. Thank you! The most chaotic part is definitely over, and have made a lot more progress this week!! Yay!

  4. Oh Krista, I’m right there with ya girl! We got pretty much nothing done AGAIN this week! With two weeks left, I’m definitely freaking out! Here’s hoping we can pump out a ton of projects this week!

    1. Hi Kristi! I hope you have had a productive week- I definitely have, though I still have a long list. Somehow it keeps getting long… how about yours??

    1. Thanks Cassie! It was probably a little crazy to take on this challenge when we are still working on finishing off the kitchen…but I am nothing if not crazy:) I appreciate your faith!

  5. Hi Krista – You are at the hardest part in your craft room makeover. Once the paint is dry the fun part begins. I bet you find new energy as you start putting furniture in place and start to organize it all. It is going to be worth all the time and work you put into it. XO

    1. Hi Diane! So true- I can’t wait to get home from work today and put everything back in place… Now that you say that, this is when the fun begins, right? And despite it taking me a week to get it done, I am seriously in love with how fresh and bright the white paint feels. I even told my husband I think we should paint the whole house white! I don’t know that he took me seriously…

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