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Beautiful DIY Spring Planters & Styling our Spring Porch

Today’s Post: how to make your own easy and beautiful DIY spring planters and how I styled our porch for spring.

This spring porch has been quite a long time in the making.

I have to confess that I was beginning to feel embarrassed that the Fed Ex guy was being greeted at the door by a porch full of Christmas greenery, cross country skis, and a sled from my winter decor. I don’t mind keeping the Christmas porch around until early February; but as soon as those primulas hit the grocery store each year it’s like a warning beacon that it’s time to switch over to spring.

Due to some extra snow and frost, things got a lot behind this year, but it’s done! And, really, it’s just in time as the days are growing longer and it’s finally starting to feel like spring around here!

Early spring, but spring-ish, none-the-less…

DIY Spring Planters poster.

And, this week, I’m really excited to be joining up with the Spring Styling Tour series, hosted by Jenn of Town and Country Living. Each day some amazing bloggers are sharing a room in their home all decorated for spring… but they are NOT just sharing the END result! We are all sharing the process we follow along the way! 27 posts packed full of the best insider tips and tricks and step-by-step ideas for how we decorate and style our homes for the season. Fun, right?!? At the bottom of the post you can check out all the tours from this week!

Our porch was previously looking more like this…

A front door decorated with winter items.

Definitely time to de-Christmas-ify!

For spring I wanted to keep things simple and clean. A few simple and cheery DIY spring planters was the answer. These were super fast and easy to pull together. First, I visited my favourite local nursery and picked out a variety of cheerful and colourful spring bulbs and plants.

I bought: Pretty hyacinths, ranunculus, irises, tulips, daffodils, a couple of varieties of primulas, pansies, and daisies.

A box full of spring flowers.

I had some red branches left over from my winter/Christmas pots that I decided to reuse, as well as some faux pussy willow stems.

Pussy willow stems on the ground.

The willow laying out on the pavement.

I started by playing around with the floral arrangement of the plants in the different pots until I was happy with the design. I tried to place the larger plants toward the back of the plants, and smaller ones near the front. After the main, foundational plants were in place I added some of the smaller primulas and pansies in the front.

A planter filled with spring flowers.

Organizing the floral containers in the planter.

Bright yellow flowers in the container on the porch.

Then, I just went ahead and planted them! Once they were in place, I tucked the branches and pussy willows into the center/back of the pots to add some extra height and interest.

Easy! Done!

The branches in the floral pot.

A large planter and a smaller planter both in blue.

Purple, yellow and white flowers.

All the flowers arranged in the gardening pot.

I also added my simple DIY spring wreath to our front door, and brought out our coir doormat from last spring/summer. It was still in good shape and I love the colours, so why not reuse it, right?

Lastly, I cleaned the porch and touched up the chipped paint to give it a fresh and springy feel. We are actually planning to redo the surface with the same material that we used on to redo our lower patio last summer, as I know it will hold up much better than the concrete paint does.

The blue front door ajar.

Up close picture of the front door with a wreath on it.

A spring wreath on the front door in tones of white and green.

The blue planters at the front door that is ajar.

Two blue planters by the front door.

Close up picture of the purple flowers.

Spring flowers in a container.

I am so thrilled to have our porch in fresh, springy shape and looking welcoming and cheery again!

And, as I mentioned, this week I’ve hopped on board with the Spring Styling Series hosted by my sweet friend Jennifer at Town and Country Living. I just know you’ll love all the tips, ideas, and springy inspiration that my fellow blogging friends are sharing this week as well…

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What stunning ideas, right?!?! I can’t wait to take it all in!

Spring Styling Tour Ideas And Inspiration.

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  1. I love ~ love~ love your porch. The colors, the flowers~ WOW! One of the prettiest, calmest I have ever seen. Do you have any information on where I can find similar pots? I know it’s a long shot.

    Thank you.

  2. Your spring porch decor is adorable and perfect to feature in my 7 Ideas to Beautify Your Outdoor Spaces next week at the Merry Monday Link Party on Sunday 6 pm pst. Hope to see you then!

  3. I love the combination of brightly colored primroses, tulips, hyacinths, mums and ranunculus you chose for your front door planters. It’s like a bouquet of happiness for your guests. Thanks for sharing the beauty on Share Your Style!

    1. Hi Laurie!
      Those are left overs from my Christmas planters! But they look perfect in spring, too, I think… and fall. Just about all year round! Thanks so much:)

  4. Hi..like everything about your porch ..
    Very springy !! The pots look great ..
    Looking for red twigs like that for my pots ..what kind of bush or tree are they from? my friend & I saw them used in a planter here in PA ..& looked around the area …but could not find any with such straight branches …thanks!!

    1. Thank you Sandra,
      I picked mine up at a local garden center, but have also seen them around the holidays at places like Home Depot. They are really pretty to add! I wonder if you check in nurseries or garden centres or florist shops, if they might have some? The pussy willow branches are pretty for spring, as well, and I got mine at the dollar store. Also, Michaels has them in their floral sections -they might have some twirly branches as well? Good luck on your hunt!

  5. Love the door mat. We are expecting snow on Sunday so I will have to be patient and Spring up the front porch next weekend! Love love love your color scheme.

    1. Thanks Rhonda! More snow?! We are lucky on the West coast that spring comes early, but it definitely comes with more than it’s share of rain!

    1. Thank you Rachel:) We are lucky to have so many beautiful spring blooms available even in February… it’s super mild here but VERY rainy!!

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