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Easy DIY Acorn & Pinecone Garland

Today I’m sharing how to make a simple, thrifty, rustic fall acorn and pinecone garland to help you add a little hint of autumn to your decor.

I shared my fall mantel/vignette a few weeks back and promised to share how I made the sweet little acorn and pinecone garland that adorns our scroll mirror. Well… the weeks seem to have been blending into one another lately and I’m finally back and ready to share this quick and cute DIY project. But as I got to thinking about it, I realized that this would make a great nature inspired garland to use throughout out the holiday season. In fact, it would be a really pretty rustic garland to add to a Christmas tree! I’m imagining it with some flocking… you just may see this little guy make a reappearance for the holiday season!

Simple DIY Acorn & Pinecone Garland graphic.

You could make this with pinecones and acorns that you collect outdoors…. or you can cheat, like I did, and pick up a pack or two of these from the dollar store.

Acorns in a bag purchased from the store.

I also used some hemp twine that I bought at Walmart, as well as my handy hot glue gun. Plus I also used a pair of scissors to cut the twine to length and a measuring tape to help me with spacing. That was it for the garland materials!

Hemp twine in its package on the counter.

A blue and white hot glue gun.

I start by laying out my acorns and pinecones and separating them into like-groups.

Laying out the acorns and pinecones.

Next I laid them out in the order I wanted and measured my spacing using a measuring tape.

Measuring the acorns and pinecones so they are the same approximate size.

Then, I just went along the twine and glued each acorn and pinecone piece into place, making sure to press it down gently until the glue had a chance to set. Be careful, this is the part that can involve some serious glue gun burns! I pressed down with the back of my nail to attempt to avoid said-burns (with partial success).

Depending on the length of your garland this might be super quick or take a bit of time… I’d say it took me less then a half hour all-in.

The cons, pinecones glued onto the hemp string.

Maybe you remember this fall garland from the fall vignette in our dining room?

The acorn and pinecone garland strung up around the mirror in a fall vignette.

The strung up acorns and pinecones on the mirror.

Up close picture of the garland on the mirror.

I really love the fall rustic colours and texture it adds to the mirror – what a simple way to make things feel like “fall”!

But wouldn’t this pinecone garland be perfect for Christmas with a little bit of flocking? If I give it a try, I’ll make sure to share how it turns out!

Want to try this but need some supplies?


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  1. This is cute! A warning, however. My daughter made an acorn wreath with some from her yard. Soon afterward little worms emerged from almost every acorn! YIKES! I’m not sure how she old have better prepared the acorns.

    1. Eek! Yuck! Since my acorns came from a package, they would have already been treated so luckily there were no worms in the making of this garland. But I imagine you could pretreat them by baking in the oven, like people do with pine cones. Thanks for popping by!

  2. What a cute and simple idea! I love garland and it wouldn’t be a holiday in my house without one! I am going to try and make this little cutie and will tag you if I manage to find the time!

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