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Easy DIY Fall Front Porch Decor

Fall is almost here, and today I am sharing my fall front porch ideas to get you in the mood for this cozy warm season!

Fall fall fall.

I always look forward to spring, but I often forget how amazing fall can be.

Those crisp, clear sunny days.

Pumpkin spice. Apple pie.

That cozy feeling of watching the fog and rain from your favourite chair near the fire.

And fall has to be my favourite season for decorating the front porch.

Lots of fun, simple, and cheery welcoming elements. Planters. Pumpkins. And Mums…

So when my friend recently asked me to help her create a cozy and welcoming fall front porch decor at their brand new home, I was thrilled to be involved!

Plus, I’m used to our tiny little entry porch, so it was super fun to tackle such a grand space. We focused on adding ambient interest through some beautiful DIY fall planters; as well as creating a stunning cascading pumpkin basket as a cute whimsical touch…

A wooden frame and door surrounding brick with the porch decorated for fall.

If you think the porch is amazing, you should see the inside! It’s absolutely spectacular, and much of this house was built and finished by the homeowner himself. The backyard and pool area looks like a  first class resort!

The lovely WELCOME sign was a gift to the homeowners when they first moved into their new home. We added the new planters and filled them with lush fall favourites…

Floral planters and a basket filled with fall decor on the porch.

A welcome sign on wood leaning against the side of the house on the porch.

Large planters filled with red and purple flowers, and kale, with pumpkins in front of them.

Up close of the red pepper plant, kale and red flowers in the planter.

There is a small pumpkin in the middle of the planter.

For these fall planters I used:

Branches – red dogwood and twisted branches

Faux orange berry branches

Winter Kale

Mini Pepper Plants

Burgundy Chrysanthemums

Purple Fountain Grass

Mini Pumpkins

We started by filling the new matte black pots with potting soil. Then we then added a purple fountain grass at the back of the pot, followed by the chrysanthemum on one side and the winter kale on the other side. The red mini pepper plants went in the front, sort of cascading down and out of the pot. We finished them off by adding the red dogwood and twisty branches in the middle of the pot and plopped a sweet little mini pumpkin in front of the branches. I shared a DIY tutorial for filling a fall planter here if you want to see step by step photos of assembling one!

Want to make your own? Pin this to remember it!

Stunning DIY Fall Planters with plant list graphic.

The other awesome element that we added to this gorgeous fall front porch is the cascading pumpkin basket.

How cute is this unique idea??

A small basket filled with fall leaves, pumpkins and gourds.

My friend bought this beautiful huge basket at our local HomeSense store and found some faux white pumpkins to stuff inside it at Michaels. We also added a combination of leaves from the dollar store to place under and around the pumpkins. Then we also added some squash and mini pumpkins from our local farmers market to add extra bold colour and texture.

White pumpkins are in the basket surrounded by leaves and berries.

The basket is on its side with leaves and pumpkins spilling out onto the porch.

The wicker basket is beside the welcome sign.

Want to make your own? Pin this to remember it!

DIY Cascading Pumpkin Fall Porch Display poster.

So fun, easy, and cute, right?  I love the welcoming vibe this fall decor creates!

I wonder if I’ll be invited back to help decorate it for Christmas?!

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  1. Will have to pin the big basket full of pumpkins and goodies for next Fall. Think have enuf decorations for this year. Every time I see something different I keep thinking I need to make it right away but I have enuf for this Fall. Will be good to have some new ideas waiting to make then. I try not to get over zealous but always end up with too many decorations around our small house. Then I try to weed some out but get too many again.
    Enjoy decorating for Fall so much as love the season.
    We had a very long super hot Summer so is a relief finally to have cooler days and cold nights.
    Have wonderful week

    1. Hi JaneEllen,
      I know what you mean! There are so many beautiful ideas, it’s hard to stop. Plus I think once fall hits we often crave some coziness and want to “decorate” for it! I’m glad to hear you are enjoying some relief in the cooler days. Ours are getting quite cold, and rather wet… Have a great week, as well!

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