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Finn’s Room Makeover Project: The Before & Plans

I am sharing all the plans for Finn’s bedroom makeover.

Our boys have been sharing a bedroom for many years now. In fact we put them together back when my youngest, Finn, we just moving out of his crib and he is now seven.

They loved sharing rooms… and we created a really fun, bedroom space for them that worked for years. But as time marched on, their shared bedroom space was starting to get more and more cramped feeling as they grew bigger and bigger and began to accumulate more things. We are lucky enough to have a playroom, so they don’t keep a lot of toys in their rooms, but even just their smaller toys and clothes and books and stuffies multiplied by 2 all wedged into an 11’x9” bedroom had become more then a little overcrowded. So decisions had to be made.

The Bedrooms In Our House

We have three bedrooms on our main floor, but I had turned one into my office/craft room. Oh, my glorious craft room. But since I usually end up doing a lot of my work right at my dining room table or kitchen island, I decided it was time to suck it up, move the craft room downstairs and release the third bedroom to it’s original use. As a bedroom. So, after New Year’s this year we had an extra week off school which made for the perfect time for a little musical room swap. Because why ruin a perfectly good holiday season by taking time off and relaxing, am I right?

All of this musical rooms has led to the opportunity for a new room makeover, which I can’t say I’m sad about! In fact, I’m super excited to be joining up as a guest participant in the One Room Challenge this spring, and am looking forward to tackling this space in the next six weeks.

ORC challenge poster.

Have you heard of the One Room Challenge before? It is a blogger challenge hosted twice a year by Linda from Calling it Home…. Bloggers try to makeover a room in their home over six short weeks!

And really, it’s four weeks, because the first week is where we share our plan and the last week is our reveal.

Now let’s take a look at what I’m dealing with! You might remember this functional room in it’s previous incarnation as my craft room / office. In fact, I gave it a makeover during the One Room Challenge Spring 2015! Three years is a pretty good shelf life for a room around here.

The craft room with a turquoise dresser in it.

A sewing machine, ironing board and craft supplies.

And now that we’ve moved my craft room belonging to the basement and moved Finn’s bedroom into here, this is how it’s looking…

A child's bedroom with a white arrow on the wall.

My Dad built this twin bed for us a few years back when we originally moved the boys together and we had intended to have two of these beds in their room… but once we got it into the house we realized how MASSIVE it is, and that we couldn’t possibly fit two in one room. Instead, we used it in one of the basement spare bedrooms for the past few years. I’ll be painting it to suit the new room scheme as part of the plan.

A throw pillow in all shades of blue on the bed.

We brought along Finn’s DIY book display shelf from his old bedroom, but I don’t think it will end up over the bed again. I’m looking for a new home for it. We’ll also need bookshelf of some kind; this little table is not going to cut it!

A small sideboard table is beside the bed.

The pegboard from my gift wrapping station is still in the corner (there is an old glass block window hidden behind it). All of that will be going….

There is a pegboard on the wall.

The room is currently a hodgepodge of furniture. He will need a bookcase and a desk, but probably won’t need a dresser because we’ve got a serious closet unit planned! We are following along with the same system as we used in our closet, here. For now, we’ve got TWO dressers in here – the old DIY aqua linen-texture one I used in the craft room…

An aqua dresser has a round gold mirror on it and a small soccer trophy.

As well as the DIY white nautical style one from the boys’ shared room. You’ll notice my DIY pegboard wall is still there!

Another white dresser is in the room with toys on top of it.

As I mentioned, the closet is going to get some work. It was setup with open shelves for craft storage, so it needs to be turned back into a proper bedroom closet…

The cupboard door is opened revealing toys on the shelves.

Now that you’ve seen the messy, disorganized, hodgepodge BEFORE… let’s talk about the plan for the room!

Finn is a huge fan of the beach! He loves the lake and swimming, as well, but is definitely beyond happy whenever we are on some kind of beach holiday. Here are a few pics from our trip to Hawaii last December…

A little boy is playing in the sand at the beach.

A boy building a sand castle.

Since he’s loved the ocean ever since he was a toddler, a surf/beach theme was a clear choice for his first “own” bedroom design. Did I mention he is also a shark enthusiast? He loves reading books about sharks, and wants to incorporate some sharks into his bedroom. He is super excited about the whole renovation project! In fact, we had to talk him out of having a “sand floor”. Like, real sand.

My Plans:

Large Surf/Wave Mural behind his bed
Metrie Complete Pre-painted Shiplap  on the rest of the walls
Paint his bed and possibly his nightstand
Create a gallery wall in the style of surf art, but with a personal twist
Install an efficient and organized closet system
Keep the current drapery (it’s blackout lined!)
Incorporate plaid bedding with shark sheets in tones of various tones of blue and pops of yellow
Source a bookcase, desk, and chair
Create a bulletin board area above his desk
Source fun finds for accessories, art, and storage solutions

Here’s is a little sample of my inspiration for this space…

Surf style inspiration board.

Similar bed painted grey // Faux Shark Taxidermy in Silver  // Surf Gallery Art // Wave Mural // Bean Bag Chair // White Desk // White Bookcase // Metal Desk Chair //Shark Sheets  // Madras Plaid Quilt //Corn Yellow Tear Drop Curtains // Yellow Chevron Pillow Cover // Paint swatches all by Benjamin Moore, from top to bottom the colour names are Indigo, Yellow Rain Coat, Admiral Blue

Well, we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us! First, it’s time to tackle the clothes storage and closet issues. I’ll be back next week to share my plans for that, and *hopefully* even a DIY project!








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  1. I can’t wait to see it come together! I’ve been trying to do something like this in my sons room and it never gets done. You have re-inspired me!
    Although, my son doesn’t want his room done but it’s a mash up of stuff that drives me bonkers.
    I’m sure he will love it whenever I get it done.

    1. Thanks Sherry! I can’t wait to see it “come together” either – it’s such a disaster right now! I’m really wrestling with the furniture arrangement and storage ideas – kids just have so much junk! I totally know what you mean about a mash up… lol. I bet he will love it – when you get it done!

  2. Oh Krista! This is going to be so fun!! We are doing our teen boy’s room for the ORC – glad to follow along with you to make over our boys’ spaces! Can’t wait to see how it all turns out!

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