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Five Easy Ways to Warm Up Your Space for Winter

Take your decor to the next level with these easy tips to warm up your space for winter!

Cold days abound. And around here, that means a lot of fog and cloud.

But instead of fighting against the winter and trying to make our living room cheery and bright this year; I have taken a different approach and gone for a calmer more neutral space.   A cozy and warm timeless space.

Surprisingly, I love it.

Though I think the fact that our walls our now a beautiful fresh aqua-blue-grey tone means that I crave less colour in my accessories then I did when everything (including the walls) felt a little boring with beige…

I am loving our warm and cozy winter feeling space, and want to share some easy tips for warming up your space for winter this frosty season.

Five Easy Ways to Warm Up Your Winter Decor poster.

1) Nothing quite adds to the warm and cozy vibe as much as adding a little faux fur can. Soft fur throws, pillows, or even sheepskin rugs create a beautiful cozy wintery feel to any space.

A sisal basket filled with faux fur pillows.

There is a plaid pillow and faux blanket on the couch.

White faux fur is on a window seat.

2) Add some metallics; they always give your space a warm and cozy feel. And the extra light they add is wonderful during the long winter evenings.

White decorative deers on the mantle.

A white horse head is on a gold tray beside a potted plant.

A white couch with white and gold pillow.

3) Bring in natural elements: I love bringing in natural elements that are earthy inspired in the winter.  Maybe it is just so nice to be reminded of the beauty of the outdoors during a season when you have to spend much of your time indoors due to the freezing weather.

A tray is filled with pine cones and candles on the the table.

Candlesticks are on the mantel.

There is a lamp on the mantel with a landscape picture behind it.

4) Decorate with Vintage Finds: There is something about adding old pieces with character that instantly warms up a space, no matter the season.

A wooden console table with a picture, binoculars, and lanterns on it.

A wooden bench sits behind the table just off the living room.

There are pillows on the wooden bench in neutral colours.

5) Add white: Decorating with white is perfect in any season, but in the winter white seems to speak to cold frosty days and snow… which may sound cold, but there is nothing quite so cozy feeling as imaging a warm day indoors by a fire while the world is blanked outdoors in a beautiful coat of fresh white snow.

White porcelain figurines on the table.

There is a paddles on the wall above the wooden bench.

Winter Decorating how to decorate in winter.


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Five Easy Ways to Warm Up Your Winter decorating at The Happy Housie graphic.A couple of my best blogging buddies are sharing their beautiful winter décor ideas and winter home today, as well…

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What do you do to warm up your space for winter?


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  1. Great idea, Krista! I love, love those lanterns from Ikea!! I remember first spotting them in your Christmas home tour a year ago! Love the fur! Stay warm, friend!

  2. Very cozy indeed! I love the fur to warm up a space. I had a set of flokati pillows on my sofa last winter, but sold them at a yard sale this summer. Wish I had them back. Your spaces look lovely and inviting as always. 🙂

    1. Ooooh, don’t you hate that, Christy?! You finally do a purge and then have seller’s remorse! I wish I could come by your yard sales, though. I bet there are a ton of great finds!!

    1. I love the sweater pillows too… I bought those- I tried to DIY one last year and that was a major fail! Oh well, I guess you can’t DIY everything;) Thanks for your super kind comments Michelle!

    1. Thanks April- the fluffy makes me feel like it is all cozy winter around here (truth be told it has been warm and wet and mild, but when we do get those crisp, cold, clear sunny days I am in heaven!). Hope you are keeping warm:-)

  3. Thank you!
    Your decor is such an inspiration! I’m so ready for some knitting and fur pillows.
    And those pine cones! Love everything, actualy!

    1. Thank you Aliera! I love how cozy it feels… with a neutral backdrop it is easy to transition your home from season to season by just switching out a few accessories! The pine cones are great… and we can usually find them free on our family walks!

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