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Today I am taking a break from my “regularly scheduled programming” to share a fabulous blogging resource with you that has changed the way I organize myself, literally, overnight. I don’t often talk about blogging, or blogging resources, in my blog posts, but I felt this resource was valuable enough that I really wanted to share it with my fellow blogging readers. If you aren’t a blogger, then I promise I will be back tomorrow to share a great DIY project that I wrapped up this past weekend.



I have long struggled with staying organized in my blogging. I usually am finishing posts the night before they go live, and only know a day or two ahead what I am planning to post. I find it hard to remember all the social media shares that I should be doing, and after putting all kinds of time and energy into my projects and posts I don’t give it a fair shake in the promotion department. What’s the point of all that work if your followers don’t see you have a new, fabulous post to share with them?



Recently, I saw that my friend Corey from Tiny Sidekick produced a MID YEAR Blog Planner with E-guide and my curiosity was piqued. I remember her original planner going live a few months back, but at the time I thought I had a good enough “system” going with my little portable daybook and pencil. Truth be told, I was constantly erasing and changing around my calendar and barely operating a day ahead of what I was doing.

I have known Corey for a long time know; we began our blogs around the same time, and I have followed her since the beginning. I also had the chance to meet her at Haven and I interact with her fairly regularly on Facebook and through email.

So I know the girl is organized. She’s got it together. And she has applied this to her blog in full force.


Corey has an awesome SYSTEM in place for staying organized in every. single. aspect. of your blog and she has infused this system into her planner. She goes into some serious depth in her E-Guide about how to use the planner, and shares her system for keeping everything organized: from blog posts to social media shares, contacts, link parties…and everything else that we balance in this crazy world of blogging.

Behind the scenes, I have struggled over the past two and half years to find balance with my blog and my life. At times, the blog has taken over, and at other times it has sat neglected and unattended. I have just started using Corey’s planner and used her E-Guide to help me set up my own SYSTEM. No more struggling- I am on the road to balance, here, people!

blog planner

Head over HERE to read more about Corey’s system and printable Blog Planner and E-Guide. It just might change your life! I know that I am already feeling much more balanced and in control. I can’t wait to see where this new level of organization takes me!


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  1. Ha! I am right there with you on this one! I’m shaking my head yes as I read through your descritptions of last minute planning, switching posts and social media! I too struggle with posting good projects and then not amplifying them engough to maximize the reader return! What a crazy and fun world we live in! I’m checking out your link 🙂 xo – Wendi

  2. I saw your main graphic somewhere and thought, hey is that Corey’s planner? So fun. She’s so good, I’m glad she’s helping all of us to get more organized!!

  3. Hi Krista- I have struggled with keeping everything blog organized over the years. I did use one system for many years but I found it was not detailed enough to blogging. It was more for the executive. I finally made my own planner. I am always seeking better ways to keep it all together so I am headed over to Corey’s site now.

    XO Diane

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