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Our Gold Schlage Door Hardware in Satin Brass

 Why we chose gold hardware for our interior doors and how we installed our new Schlage Satin Brass interior door handles.

I can still remember back to my teen and young adult years and the aversion I had towards all things gold and brass. My engagement and wedding rings are even platinum as I didn’t want to wear gold jewelry! At the time, gold and brass finishes seemed old fashioned. I thought of them as stuffy and overly traditional. Gold and Brass was what our parents and, especially, our grandparents used in their homes. I never dreamed I would be using it throughout my home, as I have in our new build.

Coming Full Circle with Satin Brass and Gold Finishes

While satin or brushed nickel, pewter, and matte black metal are still popular in home decor hardware and lighting, there has been a huge resurgence in the popularity of gold and brass finishes. You see gold everywhere these days. Brushed gold and satin brass finishes are popping up in door hardware, lighting, mirrors, coffee tables, art, furnishings, and more. Gold and brass finishes definitely add a sense of warmth to a space that other metal finishes lack. Brushed gold finishes are back in a big way. I love the character that using this metal has added to our new build home.

gold schlage satin brass door hardware on two doors in a home

Is Gold Hardware a Trend?

Brushed gold, satin brass, and all kinds in between. The new gold finishes are completely updated with a modern twist. We are no long stuck with just polished and shiny brass and brassy gold finishes. One of the top trends in luxury kitchens, bathrooms, and homes; gold is everywhere. And this warm metal finish has a lot to offer to those seeking to update, renovate, or build a new home from scratch.

Why choose Satin Brass Hardware?

Satin brass finishes are perfect if you love the warmth of gold tones but don’t want something overly shiny (or overly dull and aged looking). It looks beautiful on dark colors, but is equally at home on a classic white painted door. Available in all kinds of styles and trims, Schlage Satin Brass finishes are sure to be available in a style you love.

Gold Schlage Latitude lever set with Collins Trim in Satin Brass Finish on two doors in a home

I shared a full tour of our main floor with details about our Schlage Satin Brass hardware on Instagram a few months back that was fun! Head over here to watch it.

Satin Brass Hardware in our New Build Home:

When we renovated our Forest House I began to introduce more and more gold and brass finishes. I used these tones when selecting door hardware, lighting, and even our plumbing fixtures. After completing that renovation, we began construction on our new build home just up the road from it. Part of the fun (and stress) of building a home from scratch is getting to choose everything. I selected Gold Schlage door levers in brushed satin throughout our interior and am completely thrilled with my decision.

As I’ve mentioned before, we took on a fair bit of finishing work in our new build home. We undertook most of the painting, installing the trim, and the flooring. My husband also installed all of the interior door hardware himself and found it extremely quick and easy to do!

Schlage gold hardware lever set in the original box

To install new interior hardware yourself, you need to remove your previous handles first. Our door guy had already drilled the appropriate sized holes in our doors before hanging them.

a new door prepared with hole drilled out for handle

To install our satin brass lever sets, we removed the satin brass plate that came with our levers. That part had not been drilled out on our doors so we didn’t need that piece. If you are replacing old hardware, you may need to install it to cover where your previous plate was located on the door frame.

how to install your own interior door hardware removing the plate

After removing the plate he was left with the following piece, which slid directly into our predrilled hole on the door itself.

a piece of an interior door hardware set during installation

Like this…

installing your own interior door hardware

Lastly he just added the lever and trim pieces to either side of the door. They simply attach together using a pin system that slides together, and then used a screwdriver to secure the levers in place.

a screwdriver tightening on a new interior door lever set by Schlage in a satin brass finish


After being without handles for several weeks while we finished painting our doors and trim, it was a true joy to come home and see these beauties in place on all of our doors!

two Schlage Latitude Lever sets in satin brass shown on interior doors

The specific lever set that I selected for our new home is called the Latitude Lever with Collins Trim. We used hall and closet sets (that don’t lock) on all of our closets and the locking bed/bath sets on our bedrooms and bathrooms.

They’re available at Home Depot (Hall and Closet, Bed and Bath) in both Canada and the US as well as through Amazon…

I love how it came out and am glad I took the risk and went with something a little more on-trend in this house. It just ‘feels right’. It also works perfectly with our other gold and satin brass finishes in our lighting and our kitchen and bath faucets and hardware.

an office and closet door both with Schlage satin brass interior lever sets

Schlage Latitude lever with Collins trim hall and closet interior hardware set on a closet door

Schlage Latitude Lever with Collins Trim for bed and bath shown on an office door

In addition to gold, I peppered in some black finishes in our hardware, plumbing, and lighting. Specifically, I chose black hardware for our front door. You can read the details on that in the article below:

I shared all the details on our exterior door hardware in this article…

Schlage matte black exterior hardware set on a front door

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  1. This new look appeals to me. These Gold Schlage door handles make your door complements the rest of your home’s decor. Thank you for providing this information. After reading this article, I’m thinking about replacing my door handles.

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