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High End Gallery Wall Framing on a Budget {& $250 Minted GIVEAWAY!}


They can be a bit of an issue in design.

In the living room. Above the fireplace? In the bedroom. On the dresser?

I’m not a big fan, if I am honest. I’d be happy to ban them from most rooms in our home aside from the basement family room. But the reality is that keeping the TV in our room was the one request that my husband had.

And, I mean, he was being such a good sport setting up all those Ikea Pax units with an Allen Wrench smaller then his pinky finger…. so I couldn’t take away the TV too, now could I?

Plus, watching the 1o o’clock news is such a relaxing way to finish off your day (yes, that is sarcasm).

So although I would have happily thrown the TV into the lake, it seemed important to him, and designing a bedroom should definitely take into account the wishes of both parties, right?

The perfect way to help blend in a TV?? With a gallery wall! And not just any gallery wall… I created this gallery wall featuring beautiful prints from Minted on a REALLY GREAT budget – by doing the framing myself.

And after getting several emails about how I ordered and framed all the prints; I figured I would just share a post with you about how you can create that extra wide matted look in your own home.


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I ordered 8 of the 16×20 RIBBA Frames from Ikea (in Canada 0r in the US)


I also ordered 10 extra wide mats – they fit a 16×20 frame but are matted to an 8×10 picture opening. These mats are sold as being perfect for guest books at events etc; but they are also perfect for using in regular old frames to highlight beautiful prints, as well (they do not come with writing on them!)


I also ordered these prints in an 8×10 size from Minted:

I love the feel of the extra wide mats – I think it takes regular and affordable 8×10 prints and turns them into high end style pieces of framed art.

What do you think??





We added two prints on either side of our glass doors as well; and the prints above the nightstand (framed) are also from Minted!

I LOVE me some Minted…

In fact, I love it so much that I am sharing a GIVEAWAY with you for $250 in free art from MINTED!

Yay!! If you do what I did, that is worth the cost of 10 beautiful 8×10 prints! You could create an amazing gallery wall with that:)

Good luck!

Just HOP OVER HERE to enter!



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