How to Avoid Cold & Flu Season this Year

Here are some handy tips for the cold and flu season this year.

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Whew! This year is certainly off to a busy start, in part due to all of the goals and plans that I’ve set for myself. January was such a wet, dark, cold and dreary month around here and I’m glad it’s over! One thing I do love about the start of the year, despite the weather, is having new goals to focus on.

If you’ve been following along with my Friday’s Faves or read my plans and goals in this post, then you know that health and wellness is a big goal for me this year. The last few years of trying to balance my family, my teaching job, and this blog have taken a bit of a toll on me, health-wise. I’ve become much less active, gained weight, and find myself with much less energy than I’ve enjoyed in the past. And with the onset of 2018, it was time to mobilize and change all that.

Healthy Eating And Fresh Air

I’ve been following the healthy eating plan that I shared with you previously and am loving it! I’m focusing on eating a healthy diet full of dark green, yellow, and red vegetables and fruits and starting to incorporate green tea instead of drinking so much coffee. I’ve also started my run training, have signed up for a weekly yoga class, and I am trying to get outside for fresh air and exercise whenever possible.

Self Care

For the first time in my life, I’ve actually started to take self-care seriously. Now that I’m of a certain age, I’ve clued in to how important taking care of my health is. I’ve reconciled myself to our current busy schedule and lifestyle and am working on fitting “me time” in between my teaching, parenting, household duties. And by “me time” I mean finally making a priority out of taking care of “me”; eating healthy, getting more exercise, drinking lots of water, and getting better sleep.

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It also means taking time for self-care.

Anything you do that recharges and revives you is considered self-care, and it varies for everyone. It doesn’t have to mean extravagant days at the spa, though I’d welcome that, as well! It can mean reading a book, taking a bath, going to yoga, or spending time visiting friends or enjoying creative pursuits. I’m hoping that all these efforts to take better care of myself will mean that I can keep on top of cold and flu season this year. And I’ve turned to Jamieson all natural vitamins to help me with this goal of staying healthy.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure poster.

I’ve never been good about regularly taking vitamins. Even when I was pregnant (eek!)  I found the whole thing so confusing. Whenever I walk into the vitamin section of the drug store I feel blinded by the sheer volume of choices. But I’ve learned there are some basic ones to focus on for optimum health.

Choosing The Right Vitamins

Daily Vitamin C! It’s a powerful antioxidant that supports a healthy immune system. And lots of Vitamin D! Let me tell you, we certainly need extra of the “sunshine vitamin” around here since we get next-to-no actual sunshine during many months of the year. Vitamin D is said to be one of the most important vitamins in helping to support a strong immune system.

A bottle of vitamin C and D and a green apple on the counter.

In the past, I’ve relied mainly on hygiene (regular hand washing, etc.) to keep the colds and flus at bay. That, and trying to get enough sleep. But with our busy lives, and spending so much time in contact with children, I generally succumb to one or two colds per season. I’m hoping that my new focus on prevention will help this year, but if it doesn’t, I’m prepared!

I’ve picked up some all-natural Jamieson Cold Fighter to start taking at the first sign of a stuffy nose or scratchy throat. Only one per day! Even I can remember to do that. I’ve already tried this strategy twice over the past month when I felt something niggling at me and it worked! I have not yet succumb to the dreaded cold or flu.

Jamiesen cold fighter bottle beside a a tea pot.

They are available in both chewable and soft gels; these vitamins are like the powerhouse of the cold-fighting world. They contain Echinacea, Ginger, extra Vitamin C and Zinc – four proven cold fighters that boost your immune system and  kick that virus to the curb.

Because what busy, working Mom has time to deal with a nagging cold?

So, all in all, I feel much more prepared to handle cold and flu season this year. I’m really excited about the new lifestyle changes I’m working on making in order to better support my own health and wellness. Here are some more ideas for how to take optimal care of yourself! Because if you don’t take care of yourself first, then who is going to take care of everyone else?

Want to remember these tips?


18 things you can do to avoid a cold this season poster.


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