Master Bedroom & Walk-in Closet Makeover: Which Rug?!?

It’s here. Week 3 already.

And things look EXACTLY the same in our bedroom and closet.

I’ve made a few more decisions. And I’m single handedly taxing Canada Posts resources with the amount of things I have in the mail…

So progress is being made. But nothing physical yet.

Except for the fact I have some furniture in boxes piled up in my craft room that I need to deal to build.

If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about, then I’ll catch you up.

Have you heard of the One Room Challenge before? It is a blogger challenge hosted twice a year by Linda from Calling it Home; in which bloggers try to makeover a room in their home over six short weeks!

And really, it’s four weeks, because the first week is where we share our plan and the last week is our reveal.


Maybe you saw my posts the last couple of weeks where I shared…

Today’s big decision is which rug?!?!

Help me out here!! Which one do you prefer??

The Palms in White is the wallpaper for the feature wall in the closet! Pretty, right?!

Blue Rug?


Or Green Rug?


So far, I have finalized the details on:

Tasks done for the Master Bedroom:

  • headboard (ordered)
  • nightstands (ordered)
  • gallery wall prints (ordering the art today)
  • fabrics and pillows (ordered)
  • floor length mirror makeover project (paint is ordered)
  • Frames and mats for the new gallery wall (ordered)

Need to still finalize and do:

  • Select and order a large area rug
  • DIY Project: build a small upholstered bench
  • DIY Project: full length mirror makeover with matte metallic paint
  • Add the new lighting
  • Sell our old headboard and rug
  • Put together the headboard and nightstands
  • Put up the new gallery wall

Tasks done for Walk-in Closet:

  • confirmed the delivery date for our PAX units
  • decided on the feature wall (wallpaper ordered

Need to still finalize and do:

  • select and order a small area rug
  • Prep, paint the walls, put up the wallpaper
  • Install the PAX units
  • Put up the new lighting
  • Organize and accessorize the close

Sounds like a lot, right?

Honestly, it is.

This weekend I hope to get the lighting installed, build the headboard (arriving Friday) and nightstands (the boxes are already here). I also would like to move out the pieces we aren’t going to be using in the space, and tackle the fun DIY mirror makeover project that I have planned. Oh, and maybe build a little DIY upholstered bench?

My husband has been away at training all week and then works all weekend, so it may not all get done! But I know for sure that I will tackle the mirror DIY and then the boys and I might do a little bit of building together over at Grandpa’s workshop to whip up a couple of simple upholstered stools. Finger’s crossed!

Wish me luck! I might have to change the name of this one to the three week challenge.

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  1. I love the blue rug, but then i’m a blue gal as you’d know if you come to visit me at home LOL – you are invited!!!


  2. Blue for sure! Your closet and bedroom are going to be so dreamy! I can’t wait to see the final outcome~I’m sure it’ll make another room in your home happy, happy, happy!!

  3. I am definitely leaning towards the blue. I find that blue just seems to pull everything together, and is not jarring to look at. I do like the green rug, but for me, I just feel more comfortable around the blue.

  4. The blue one gets my vote!! Love, love, love the wallpaper! I am sure this will be a beautiful and calming bedroom when you are done!

  5. Hi Krista:

    I love what your going to do with this room. Even though I love them both….my vote is for the blue rug. I find that it creates more calm!

    1. I know, Sue! I love that one too… but it turned out to be a LOT more expensive then I had anticipated! Eek. Totally out of my budget. So sad…

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