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Creepy Crawly & Pretty Halloween Wreath

I have put together a fun tutorial for you, a creepy crawly but very pretty Halloween wreath!

It’s almost here!


We’ve got a couple of weeks left… which is great, because I’ve only just started a bit of fun Halloween crafting and decorating.

This fall has been so busy that I almost didn’t get the chance to do anything Halloween’y.

But I figure if you’re going to do any sort of Halloween craft; a spooky wreath is a great place to start! Nothing says Halloween quite like a decorated front porch!

And this simple creepy crawly and pretty Halloween wreath adds a fun and festive touch to our front door.

A burlap wrapped wreath with black plastic spiders and yellow flowers.

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This month for my Make it Fun Foam team project we were challenged to recreate a project from the Make it Fun Crafts Halloween Idea book – in our own style.

I took inspiration from the “Day of the Dead” wreath project shared in this book… but wanted to give it a more rustic/farmhouse feel to suit the rest of our fall porch decor.

What a fun challenge, right?!

To make this you will need a Make it Fun® foam wreath form and some burlap ribbon (not wired).

A wreath and burlap ribbon.

I also used plastic spiders and bugs and faux flowers from my local dollar store, along with some black and white checked ribbon.  I pulled out a black crow I have from previous year’s Halloween decor but decided to leave it out of the wreath in the end.

Yellow flowers, a black crow, black spiders and scissors the table.

Start by wrapping your foam wreath form in burlap – I love using a Make it Fun® foam wreath form because I don’t have to use glue when I wrap my wreath – you can hold it in place at the back with pins.

Wrapping burlap around a Styrofoam wreath.

Next, place your spiders along your wreath, playing around with the arrangement. Don’t glue until you get everything in place and like the arrangement.

Putting black spiders along the burlap wrapped wreath.

I cut the ends off of the yellow faux flowers and stripped off the plastic to reveal the wire. That way it was really easy just to push the wire into the foam and it held perfectly!

Attaching yellow flowers to the wreath.

I glued a few black spiders on the flowers, and then glued the rest of the spiders in place…

Putting the black spiders onto the yellow flowers on the wreath.

Some black and white checked ribbon to hang it by… and it’s done! I love how this Halloween wreath looks on my front door.

The burlap wreath with the flowers, spiders hanging outside.

Up close look at the big and small black spiders.

A simple Halloween wreath.

The black spiders on the burlap wreath.

A ribbon attached to the wreath to hang it.

Want to try your own?

Need some supplies?


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