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Painting Hale Navy in No-Time Flat {ORC Week 4}

My bathroom just had a makeover and I painted it with the colour Hale Navy and it looks stunning!

You guys!

Today I can’t wait to share another major project from my main bathroom makeover.

If you have been following for a while, then you know that I am currently taking part in the One Room Challenge through Linda’s blog Calling it Home. The idea of this challenge is to completely make-over one room in your home within a six week timeline.

And I am so excited about this week’s progress!

I have been itching to do this remodel for such a long time… and I think it looks incredible.


Hale Navy Main Bathroom poster.

I tried a new method of painting this week and I can’t believe how easy and fast it was. Seriously.

Easy, fast, and it totally transformed the look of the whole bathroom!

Do you remember what this bathroom looked like before?

The main bathroom with a purple and white colour scheme.

Up close of the purple lilac colour in the bathroom.

The mirror in the bathroom with a light fixture above it.

The colour was called Glace Bay by Benjamin Moore, and while it is a pretty colour I was tired of it.

I’ve been loving the crisp look of navy and white and settled on Hale Navy {also from Benjamin Moore}.

The Hale Navy paint can with a brush beside it.

This was my first shot at using a  HomeRight Paint Stick EZ Twist .  I’ve read several other reviews and was super excited to give it a try – but also skeptical.

Could it really be that much easier or better then just painting the old fashioned way?

I mean, I have done my fair share of painting. Actually, more then my fair share. Maybe a ridiculous amount even. But that’s another story.

I wish I had tried this paint stick earlier. For realz. It. Works. So. Well.

Eazy paint stick with a roller on it and a can of paint beside it.

It works according to a suction system – you use the special piece that comes with it to suck it up into the handle. Then you push the handle back in, releasing the paint into the roller. It takes about one handle-ful to saturate the roller, but once you have done that it uses only what you need. I actually painted the walls with TWO full coats on only one handle-ful of paint.

Dipping into the can of paint.


Rolling the colour onto the lilac wall.

In between coats I didn’t want to waste the fact that the roller was already saturated, so I just wrapped it up in a plastic bag and taped off the top to keep it sealed and damp. It was completely fine between coats and that way I didn’t have to wash it up until the end.

Clean up is the worst part of painting, am I right?!

The paint stick with a plastic bag on the roller leaning against the bathroom wall.

And after the shortest amount of time painting {EVER}, I was done! I mean, it wasn’t a huge space to cover, but with not having to dip my roller again and again (and drip and spray paint everywhere as I am notorious for doing) it went unbelievably fast.

In fact, I can’t wait for my next paint job now that I have discovered the HomeRight EZ Twist Paint Stick.

Painting the Main Bathroom Hale Navy using a HomeRight Paint Stick.

The white bathroom with the Hale Navy on the top third of the bathroom wall.

Ooooohhh!!! I love it and I absolutely can’t wait to “dress” it up now with my new bathroom accessories! I have a fun little DIY project in the works too that I will share with you all next week.

Clean up was easy too – because it works on a suction system, I just filled the garage sink with warm soap water and flushed it through the handle several times. I soaked the roller and roller stick in warm soapy water like I always do (code for: I procrastinate cleaning up from painting as long as possible). But afterwards it was simple to rinse out. Good as new and ready to go for next time!

Think you might want one?


This is awesome! Pin it to remember it!


Homeright paint stick EZ twist graphic.

You can visit HomeRight for all kinds of amazing painting tools including this EZ Twist Paint Stick!

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Disclosure: Thanks to HomeRight for the opportunity to collaborate on this post about the HomeRight EZ Twist Paint Stick. All words and opinions are 100% my own.

This post contains affiliate links. That just means that if you click and purchase I will receive a very small portion of the sale but you won’t pay a cent more then you would have anyhow. So you are just helping to contribute a tiny bit to my housie plans budget. Cheers!

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  1. Ooooh, I love that paint colour! I love HomeRight paint sticks. I used them for painting my dining room and they were a breeze to use.
    Hugs, Jamie

  2. I sure wish I knew about that stick before painting all the larger rooms in my house. Looks like a huge time saver.

    The Hale Navy looks great! Funny how a fresh coat of paint can be a game changer.

    1. I know! I wish I had tried it earlier- could have saved me tons of time with all the painting I have done!! It is amazing the difference that paint makes, isn’t it! Thanks for coming by!

    1. Hi Julia! No -it was very easy to control the paint, and if it was heavy then I just rolled it out over a larger section of wall (kind of like after you first “dip” your roller in a paint tray – there is more on it at the beginning of each section and you just roll it out). It wasn’t awkward at all!

    1. Thanks Jenna! I love the contrast of it against the white paneling. Can’t wait to pull the room together soon!

  3. Love the Hale Navy….I have always loved the crispness of navy and white. Can’t wait to see the room completed

  4. Wow Krista, Hale Navy looks amazing in your bathroom. Navy and white are my favorite colors in combination! I can’t wait to try the PaintStick on our new house – it looks like it makes the job so much easier!

    1. They look so gorgeous together Chelsea! I think I might be a full convert if my whole house wasn’t already aqua:) It made such a difference – you are going to love it!

    1. Hi Marie! I am looking forward to the reveal, too. And I definitely recommend adding a paint stick to the toolkit!

    1. Yes! It was fabulous to use- a must try!! I actually can’t wait to use it again. Good luck with your painting project.

  5. I love your new color.So crisp next to the beadboard. I’ll have to give that Paint stick a try! The older versions of this kind of roller/paint contraptions weren’t that great.

    1. It worked really well Leslie! I was so pleasantly surprised after being really skeptical. I can’t wait to give it a second go.

  6. I love hale navy! It’s such a great color and looks awesome with all the white in your bathroom! Yeah for fast painting too! Excited to see what you do in here!

    1. Haha, Julie! Maybe not a master, but I do find that a good quality angled brush makes a huge difference. I love the colour too!

    1. I bet Heidi! I am having major regret that we didn’t use it when painting our rental property this summer! Ahhh it would have saved me so much time!! Oh well, from now on forward, right?

    1. Hi Shelley! Thanks for asking – I should have included more about that in my post. It was easy! Honestly – the paint just washed right out. Because it operates on a suction system, you can suck the warm soapy water up into the twist-arm and then sloosh it out. I always like to “soak” my rollers in the sink for a while to make them easier to clean (that is code for I try to procrastinate it as long as possible), but it was not any more difficult then the usual clean up- just use lots of running water to flush everything through.

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