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Pink & Gold Chalk Painted Mason Jars {and a May Flowers Blog Hop}

At the first signs of spring I start to think about all the DIY projects I want to do! These pink & gold chalk painted mason jars are the perfect spring inspiration pieces.

Does that ever happen to you? You have an idea in your head of how your project is going to turn out and then you get to some crucial stage and all of a sudden that baby takes a major sudden nose-dive….

Your palms start sweating so much that you can hardly hold the paintbrush? Okay, maybe that part is a little over-dramatic… but it seriously sucks when you think your beautiful vision-of-a-project is about to fail.

Thankfully I managed to rescue this one.

After a big to-do, these pink and gold chalk painted Mason Jars are what I have to show for my attempt. Detes on the alm0st-fail coming up.

Pink Chalk Painted Mason Jars with Gold Wax.

To make these I used:

Mason jars, gold spray paint, Country Chic Chalk Paint in Cherry Blossom, Sandpaper, Gold Wax

A can of pink paint, Krylon, a brush and mason jars.

My vision was that I would spray paint the jars, then chalk paint them in pink, and lightly distress so that the gold spray paint was showing through. That would have been beautiful, right??

So, I started by giving my Mason Jars a few coats of spray paint on the outside of them.

(In retrospect I could have painted the insides, I wonder if the gold would have shined through the glass nicely. What do you think??)

The jars spray painted gold.

Once the gold spray paint was dry I gave them a couple of coats of the Cherry Blossom Chalk Paint.

Painting pink paint over the gold.

Pink cherry blossom paint on the jars.

I let the jars dry overnight and then TRIED to lightly distress them with some sandpaper.

This is where the almost fail comes in.

The cherry paint was NOT the only paint that came off. In my vision-of-a-project, the Cherry Blossom Paint distressed nicely revealing the beautiful gold underneath.

In my reality-of-a-project, the gold came off (mostly) with the ‘distressing’ as well.

In some spots I was able to distress and keep the gold intact… ah well. They can’t all go as expected I guess.

Rubbing some of the pink paint off to expose the gold underneath.

I wanted to add a little bit of extra golden sheen so I used some of the Country Chic Gold Wax.

Adding some wax to the look of the painted jar.

Can you see the difference between the pre-wax and post-wax jars?

The antique looking mason jar.

I love how the gold wax gave the jars a coral sheen.

Distressed looking mason jar.

I decided the leave the wax on for a few days to dry out so I could keep as much of it on the jars as possible- it has such a pretty look. After a few days I gently buffed off the excess with a dry cloth.


Pink peonies are in the pink mason jars.

Three painted jars.

So what does one do with three coral/pink/gold chalk painted mason jars? Use them for spring flowers of course!

And on Friday I will be back to share how I used these on our latest Mantelscape. I am loving the pastel and gold together!

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How to make your own easy and super pretty chalk painted Mason Jars in any color you wish - these ones are pink and gold with gold wax - tutorial at The Happy Housie


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 So have you ever had a craft fail? Did you turn it around??
Any tips for painting glass that you want to share with me??
 Thanks for reading. And remember my housie friends, HOME isn’t built in a day. Enjoy the journey!


Disclosure: I am a member of the Country Chic Blog Squad for 2014. I receive free products in exchange for sharing tutorials for using them. All opinions are 100% mine of course!


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  1. These jars are adorable!!! I have never used that brand of chalk paint but I love that color! Of course the coral is gorgeous with the gold, nice job girl! XO

  2. These are beautiful!! I love the color of paint your used. Thank you for sharing it with us! I pinned it to the party board. I also added your Wednesday blog party to my growing list of parties. Have a great weekend! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Marti! I would be thrilled to have you hop by and share your projects at Work it Wednesday as well:)

    1. Thank you! I am swooning over pink these days too…adding it to our house in a few places!! Thanks so much for the visit!

    1. Thanks Alexis- I love the pretty sheen it adds. I wondered if you might be able to get the same effect by watering down gold craft paint… hmmm. I will have to try that! Thanks for coming by!

    1. Thanks Selene!! I love the pastels for spring:) And the gold sheen does add to it – more grown up feeling? Thanks for coming by!!

  3. Hi Krista,
    I love your final product! Those colours are so unique and your choice of flowers for them are perfect.
    I have had near-fails (and major fails) happen in the kitchen more times than I care to admit. You envision how it’s going to go and then suddenly it’s not coming together the way your mind had projected it. It’s nice when you can make it work anyway and often it’s even better – like these! Gorgeous!

    1. Thank you Robyn!! It is great when you can ‘turn around’ those fails- and I always learn something in the process!!

    1. Thanks Amy – adding the gold wax did really change the color. They went from hot pink to almost a coral colour…luckily I like the ‘after’ color better:)

  4. Hi Krista, Beautiful rescue!;)
    Just wondering if you have also used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and how you find the comparison. Country Chic appears to offer a wider range of colors! And…. Duncan is close to Victoria so I could make the trip 🙂 I notice the price is comparable.
    Thanks! Carol

    1. Hi Carol! I can’t, unfortunately, give you a good answer because I haven’t tried Annie Sloan yet – but I like Country Chic. The colors are beautiful, and I think they have some new limited edition ones coming out soon. They do ship their products as well, and may even have a retailer in Victoria! I think the pricing is very similar:) Wish I could be of more help!!

    1. Thanks Cassie! I got my wax through Country Chic Paint – it seems to take a while to dry so I left it on a few days before I buffed it off a little. But it looks fantastic:)

    1. Thanks so much Linda! These brainwaves often come after the fact… right? Great timing. I was thrilled with the gold wax because it helped me rescue them…

    1. Hi Amanda! They certainly don’t all work out quite as planned, do they?! Oh well, glad they were not a total write off. Thanks for your kind comments!!

  5. I love them! Next time try using a bit of Vaseline on the parts you want to show through, paint with chalk paint and buff off the Vaseline. Should let the gold show thru! Also you can sometimes distress chalk paint with a wet rag!

    1. Awesome tips Amber!! I totally know that Vaseline trick and have even used it before – I should have done that, but in my head the gold was really going to adhere well. Also, since I did two coats I thought I had missed the window for using a wet rag… does it work if you do a solid two coats and then use the wet rag only after the second coat??

  6. oh yes, I can definitely relate!! However, sometimes you end up with something even better and I just love love love your result!! Thanks for sharing the “don’t do this” tips!

    1. Thanks Jenna!! Sometimes it can be more informative to read the don’ts – just keepin’ it real!! Have a great weekend!!

    1. Thanks Mallory!! I wish it had worked out a little better – the vision in my head had a lot more gold showing… next time I will try the Vaseline trick! Thanks for coming by:)

    1. Haha, ‘pros’ like me run into bumps all the time… it is funny to hear me called a pro. I just jump in with both feet and try it and if it doesn’t work…. well, maybe next time?? Thanks so much for your kind comments and coming by Michelle!

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