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Pretty Pantry Labels – Kickin it Old School

I love keeping my pantry organized so I am sharing my pretty pantry labels with you!

Pretty pantry labels kickin it old school on containers.

As a teacher I am pretty used to chefing up cute labels for my classroom but at home I have been somewhat limited to creating labels using my label maker- and we all know that the fonts on those (or at least on my frugal model) leave much to be desired. But part of creating a well organized (and pretty!) pantry is to craft up some cute labels. I see all kinds of labels in blog-land that have been created using peoples’ silhouettes but since I don’t (currently) own such a machine, I had to go the old school route.

Martha Stewart Labels

Luckily, I had Martha Stewart on my side. It is always nice when Martha has your back. After buying my pantry storage solutions I headed over to  my local STAPLES store and picked up some “Martha Stewart for Avery” labels. ON CLEARANCE! Woot woot! So excited, I got three different styles for 0.98$ each! YES, I did say MARTHA LABELS FOR 0.98$ each pack! (I have to yell this because I tried to get my husband to share in my excitement and he gave me a somewhat lacking response).

The cool thing about these Martha Labels is that you can go online (directions are on the back of the package) and use the Avery website to design your own personalized labels. You can use their images or import your own. So I googled some appropriate images, imported them to the Avery site and TAH DAH… custom cute labels that I could print right out at home.

They looked  cute and simple and classic on my glass jars. BUT once I put them on the red storage bins they looked a little small and sad and lonely. I couldn’t leave them feeling so pathetic! They needed a serious lift! And I would never abandon my labels in their time of need. So:

Making pantry labels that are red and blue.

If you have some scrapbooking tools, then use them to cut out some cute circles and straight strips. Then turn the straight strips into “ribbons” by cutting little corners out using your scissors. I measured first to determine how long they needed to be to fit onto the bins. I used a little glue runner to layer the pieces together, and then attached my customized MARTHA labels to the rounds. I used double sided tape to attach them to my bins. I think they will hold up just fine because I don’t plan to haul the bins in and out of my cupboards very often. You could probably also use clear contact paper to protect them further before attaching them to your bins. I (hopefully) won’t require that step:)

You could probably use these labels all over the house; in fact I have plans for some bins downstairs using the same process. Happy (old school) labeling!

And remember, my housie friends, HOME wasn’t built in a day. Enjoy the journey!



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  1. Wow! these are terrific! i love the pop of red on your pantry and the labels look store-bought even! great job Krista! Glad I discovered your site. Thank you for visiting mine too!

    1. The labels were fun to make, if a little finicky. I love using the computer for things like that… gives such a clean professional look. Thanks for your comments Vel!

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