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Some Serious Closet Organization – and a $325 Home Goods and Lallitara Tote Giveaway

Hello everyone! I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was amazing… well if you consider cleaning out your closet amazing. I must admit it is a job I put off but once I finally got going on it on Saturday I managed to shed a quick 50 pounds of clothing in only a few hours. My purge resulted in a wardrobe reduction of about 50% – I went from two full dressers and two closet rows full of clothing down to one dresser and one closet row! What a satisfying few hours. I wish there was a diet plan out there that could provide the same speedy results.
 Now that the clothing has been purged it is time to come up with some new organizing solutions… so I thought I would share some inspiring closet organizing ideas with you today.
I must give Christy at Confessions of a Serial DIY-er some credit for motivating me to get going on our closet- after seeing the amazing closet that she BUILT I decided I better get my act in gear.


Aniko at Place of My Taste recently shared an amazing collection of closet organizing ideas… so many great ideas but I think my favourite might be the pretty jewelry organizing ideas.
I love these storage baskets by Cristina at Remodelano de Casa – I think we could use something like this on the upper shelves in our closet.

striped painted baskets with tags3

I have a lot (I mean a LOT) of scarves and found some ideas for keeping them tidy and organized by reading Barb’s collection at Second Chance to Dream.

10 Scarf Organization Ideas

And once I have all my organizing solutions in place… wouldn’t it be great to make it all pretty? Like this stunning closet makeover by Tonya at Love of Family and Home

master bedroom closet makeover collage

This closet cleaning has me to purge and organize my boys’ bedroom next- I love these adorable labels shared the other day by Ashley at The Handmade Home… Somehow it is more fun to make the labels then to actually keep kid’s drawers organized though (my 3 year old whips out the entire contents of his dresser on a daily basis)…


 Have you done any purging yet this year?
I am pretty inspired by Jenn’s Household Organization Diet at Clean and Scentsible. Right now we are on the Home Organization 30 Day Detox. If you need some organizing inspiration and advice Jenn is a fabulous resource…


Oh, and before you go…

Today I have joined up with a wonderful group of bloggers to offer a fabulous giveaway for a $325 Home Goods gift card AND a beautiful Lallitara Tote.

I would be thrilled to win this – I think it would be better then winning a general cash prize because you HAVE to spend it at Home Goods (or Home Sense for my Canadian friends) – so you don’t feel that pressure to do the ‘responsible’ thing and put it on paying down bills or something boring like that. You just get to buy pretty things for your house. Yay!

Fullscreen capture 182014 113904 AM.bmp

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!
 Thanks for reading. And remember my housie friends, HOME isn’t built in a day. Enjoy the journey.



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  1. Congrats on your closet job. Sounds like a lot of work. For some reason, I never can manage to keep my closet clean. I don’t know what happens in there when I close the door, but it’s like there’s a party going on and I have to do all the clean-up.

    1. LOL! I love it Tricia. I wish I had a secret party closet instead of just being a secret closet slob….your version is much more exciting. I am hoping that now I actually have everything put away neatly that I can make the effort to put things back where they belong instead of ‘dropping’ them… wish me luck!

  2. Thanks Krista for the opportunity! That closet is amazing, I need a organizing fairy to keep me on point. Smile……

    1. I hear you Diana- it is hard to keep on top of staying organized. Once I have a system in place I try to keep it going but then it usually starts to slide and gets a little more loosey goosey after a while – I need to revisit areas to keep them on track I guess:) Thanks for your visit!

  3. Great closet ideas!! I might use a few since I am in the middle of my closet makeover! Thanks Krista! And I totally get it with getting rid of clothes it feels so good!!

    1. Thanks Mindi- I saw the closet project you are taking on… amazing. I am not as capable of building, but I can certainly purge!! Wish I could build my way out of our builder-standard shelving though!!

    1. Lol! It took me months to finally get myself to ‘just do it’. It really is a huge job- took up most of day – everything has to become a disaster before you can put it all back together again. It is (almost) all back together now:)

    1. Your closet looks amazing Christy – it truly did help me kick my butt into gear. I have a few little projects on the go but it is almost all back together now. Thanks for the inspiration!! (too bad I’m not quite inspired enough to stencil the whole closet like Tonya did- I love the walls in hers!).

  4. awesome giveaway! thanks for the chance..I’d gift the tote to my Aunt & share the Homegoods card with her as well 🙂 I’d get a little bit of stuff for my own apartment lol

    Happy New Year!

    Joey J.

    1. Hi Tara- good luck with the giveaway! I would love the extra cash that I ‘had’ to spend at Home Sense. The closet is only area #1 that needs some serious attention around here. But just think of how much less you will have to move if you purge first!!

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