Teaching Kids to be Clean & Organized with a Free Printable Chore Checklist

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Green Works for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Did you have chores as a kid?

Chores in our house were always fairly random. They mainly consisted of my Mom needling us to help her out once our house {and our bedrooms!} had reached epic proportions of disorganized disaster. My personality is an odd combination of someone who both loves routine and fun change; and the routine part of me loves structure. Lists. Chore charts.

Like these {free printable} Daily Chore checklists that I just created to help teach my boys to stay focused and tackle specific jobs each day…

Honestly, I think to-do lists and chore lists help everyone. Instead of spinning your wheels and looking around wondering what to do with the mess around you; they focus your time and energy and allow you to complete the most critical jobs first.

So now that we have managed to get our home completely purged and organized over the last few months with the ten week organizing challenge; the goal is keeping it up. We have a weekly major deep clean that the boys aren’t around for; but there are definitely lots of things to maintain during the week…

So I’ve given the boys specific tasks each morning and after school; as well as a few little hot spots in our house that they can help keep up with during the week.

Their bathroom also doubles as our main bathroom for guests, and as you can imagine with two young boys frequenting it, it’s quite a challenge keeping it in decent shape. There is constantly toothpaste on the counter and in the sink; and the in and around toilet is a whole other story.

So in addition to their before and after school jobs and helping with a few other household chores; I’ve given them one cleaning chore of keeping up their own bathroom.

In the past I’ve worried about having them clean with some of the products I have used. They seemed too harsh for their skin, and I worried about sprays and toilet cleaners splashing on them. But Greenworks is 97% or more naturally derived and made with plant and mineral based ingredients.

The wipes are 99% naturally derived and compostable, so you don’t feel bad about using them daily and throwing them away.

Safe to use, they also don’t leave behind harsh chemical fumes or residue and leave a fresh clean scent.

Perfect for a bathroom this size that is primarily used by two boys.

The all purpose cleaner is 98% naturally derived and has no harsh chemical residue so it’s safe for the boys to use. Plus it safely removes grime, dirt, and grease from all kinds of surfaces in your home.

Clorox Greenworks products are available at Target and right now you can save 20% at Target at Target using Cartwheel. You can also check out Green Work’s website for more information!

So if you want to get your kids involved with helping keep up with some small chores and daily jobs around the house; today I’m sharing these free printable chore charts at the bottom of this post.

You can download the printables yourself by clicking here or the button below to subscribe.



You could print one out and use it for the whole week (add a sticker or checkmark for each day), or you could print this out and laminate it so you could easily check it off each day and then wipe it off!


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