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The Two Week Organizing Tweak!

Is your house feeling more cluttered and messy than you would like it? Is it suffering from a bit of neglect over the past few busy months? Are things looking a little frayed around the edges? Drawers, cupboards, and closets messy and bursting at the seams. Paperwork and filing in need of being dealt with? Then you’ve come to the right place!

I’m back today with another organizing series, and I’m really excited about this one! 2018 is going to be a great year around here and I want to start it off right by getting things back into the amazing organizational shape they were in last spring and summer after I tackled my Ten Week Organizing Challenge.

And while the ten week organizing challenge is a fantastic place to start if you are feeling overwhelmed by the level of clutter and disorganization in your home, it’s a bit more then you need to do Every. Single. Year. This Two Week Organizing Tweak is designed to help you get things back in order once you’ve got your organizational systems setup and functioning well (like we developed during the ten week challenge) .

Because even when you spend the time to get your home into initial organizational shape, it doesn’t just stay that way without effort. Life happens. We get busy. Things get cluttered and messy again.

So, if that is where you are at these days, despair not! The Two WEEK {or Two WEEKEND} Organizing Tweak is here!

The key to this tweak is to do a QUICK PURGE and RE-ORDER of all the key spaces in your home that have started to fray a little around the edges from daily life.

I’ve set it up so that you can do one space every day for 14 days, or you can tackle a few spaces a day over two weekends. And, if your weekends are busy, you could always just space it out to do ONE full day worth of purging and re-organizing each weekend for four weeks, instead.

I’m pretty excited about going through each of the main spaces in our home over the next two weeks – I find the weekdays get a bit busy so I think I’ll tackle the TWEAK over two weekends instead. I’m starting this weekend and finishing things up the weekend after. If there are some jobs I can’t get to, I’ll likely move them to a week day when I have a bit of extra time. The key to tackling this home re-order in such a short period of time is focused determination with a modicum of flexibility. I mean, it’s real life, right?

I’m planning to do a QUICK PURGE & REORGANIZATION of each of the following areas over the next two weeks:

Paper clutter & the Command Center
Pantry / Fridge/ Freezer
Kitchen drawers & cabinets
Master bedroom closet, dresser, and nightstands
Kid’s bedrooms  closet, dresser, and storage
Bathroom vanity / medicine cabinet
Mudroom / Family Entry: coats, shoes, gear
Linen closet
Laundry room / cleaning closet
Playroom /Family room / toys
Home office / Craft room
Digital / Email

As I mentioned this is a quick purge and reorder. I call it that because the initial systems are in place from doing a deeper purge and re-organization last January. I’m going to go through each space, purge all things that are no longer needed, used, or damaged and then put them back in an organized fashion.

I’ve shared my step-by-step in a FREE PRINTABLE CHECKLIST that you have access to if you are a weekly email subscriber! If you want to print the free checklists to follow along with this Two Week Tweak, you can download the printables yourself by clicking HERE or the button below to subscribe.


If you feel that your home needs more then a quick go-through, then I would suggest starting with the Ten Week Organizing Challenge. You won’t be sorry!! Also, you maybe have different areas that you wish to sub in, or some areas that don’t need the extra attention. By all means, switch things around to suit your needs!

First up on the list?

Tackling paperwork and the command closet, followed by the kitchen!

I’ll be back after the weekend to share my first week’s progress with you…

Until then, happy organizing!

Best of luck!












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  1. Hi Krista
    When I try to use the password given to me on e-mail it does not work ? I really want the lists for a two week challenge but I can’t get them.

  2. Krista, you must have been reading my mind because I am doing a major purge this weekend of the garage. Thank you for reminding me to stop and continue on a different day; that I can always return to it.

    By the way, congratulations on the book.

    1. Thank you so much, Marie. Hope things are going well! The garage seems to be the area that we have to return to again and again to purge! Ugh…

  3. It has been years since I did a total declutter of my whole home. Since we are retired and grandparents, it is not possible to get this house done in the 10 Week Challenge. I saved all of the emails in a special folder so I could get to them when I have time. I am left with two bedrooms that are packed with lots of goodies in all the many drawers and the enormous closets. My laundry room is also a storage room and the holding room for my sewing supplies. Then there is a family room that is not all that bad. Being retired, my husband has taken over the attic, basement, deep double car garage, and large storage shed. He is still moving the things from one place to another but managing to get rid of some “wonderful items. I am interested in doing a quick reorganize in the earlier rooms where needed while I am finishing the undone rooms and also spring cleaning those same four rooms.. A 15 min redo would help when I start next year. Thanks for this magnificent article. It gave me direction.

  4. I cannot figure out how to get to the 2 week challenge checklists. I just subscribed but didn’t see the link in the initial email. Please help.

  5. I wish I could do the quick version, but most of my areas need some serious purging since I haven’t gone through them in awhile. I definitely have to take a look at the 10 week challenge to keep me on track. Thank you for linking up with us at the #HomeMattersParty linky.

  6. When I try to use the passwords given to me they do not work!! What is the problem? I really want the lists but I can’t get them!

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