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Small Reach-in Closet Organization Ideas

I am sharing the best small reach-in closet organizational ideas that will make your closet life much easier!

They say size doesn’t matter but when it comes to closets I think that I can argue differently. Many of us are not blessed with giant closets in our homes and so we have to make our limited storage space the most functional and efficient it can be.

Do you have small closets in your house? Even if you are lucky enough to have a small walk-in in your master bedroom, do the closets in the other rooms leave something to be desired? Or perhaps they are an okay size but totally non-functional?

Often the closets in kid’s rooms can be a waste of space since they don’t generally have a large amount of clothing that requires hanging. In fact, we even turned out boys’ shared closet into a desk area instead of a closet area since they had so few things to hang.

Organized And Functional Closets

But now that we’ve moved them into their own bedrooms, I’d like to take back their closets and turn them into the most functional and organized area of their bedrooms. I’d really like their bedrooms to be fun, organized, and cheerful little spaces that represent them but that aren’t overcrowded so they have lots of space for things like reading,  playing lego,  doing puzzles,  tech-decking, and playing mini soccer or basketball. Putting their closet to work and using their bedroom space for life. Sounds about right, doesn’t it?

So as we work on figuring out the best solution for organizing our boys (small reach-in) closets, I’ve gathered together some great ideas for closet organization system that include drawers, shelving, bins, baskets, and DIY elements…

Fabulously organized reach-in small closets graphic.


Small Closet Organization

My youngest son’s closet is quite narrow at only about 45″ wide, and his room is on the smaller side as well so I definitely want to fit as much storage as I can in his closet so he needs less bulky furniture in his bedroom. I’d love to incorporate some kind of built-in drawer system in his closet so that we can minimize the number of storage dressers he needs in his bedroom space.

Built in Small Closet Systems with Drawers…

This built in looking closet organization system with drawers looks, Via Real Simple,  just about perfect for a very small reach-in closet…

A small closet with drawers and shelving on one side and the other side are clothes hanging up.

I’m totally swooning over the entire closet makeover  Via Organizing Home Life  . The double towers of drawers? And all that shelving and hanging space. Plus, those bins, for out of season or waiting to grow into clothes? Brilliant!

A blue room with a small closet and drawers.

How crisp and organized does this beautiful Closetmaid closet Via Just a Girl look? Super functional!

An organized closet with pops of pink baskets.

What a great DIY Custom Kid’s closet with drawers featured at   Ana White

Pink hangers are in this small closet.

Organizing Small Closets with Shelving & Bins…

Even adults can fit their belongings in a small closet with the proper level of organization – take a tour of how Caroline organized her whole wardrobe in a small space closet and dresser Via Unfancy

There is a small with a shoe rack on the bottom.

Kid’s closet makeover featuring an ikea tower with double rods and labelled bins Via BHG

A blue and white striped child's room with a small reach-in closet.

The wire bin system used in this tween closet makeover Via The Organised Housewife would be relatively inexpensive to implement, and I like the added option of drawers in the closet

A pink inspired small closet.

How to build an easy clothes closet from a $50 kit  Via Funky Junk Interiors

A small closet with a shelf down the middle and baskets filled with items.

A great tutorial for using an Ikea Billy Bookcase to make your own super affordable closet organization system  Via House of Hepworths.

Shelves and baskets for organizing in this small closet.

Small closet shelf dividers to keep upper shelves organized with folded clothes Via The Organizing Junkie

Top shelf dividers in the closet.

Or use the back of the door on any small closet for extra bins and storage Via The Avid Appetite 

There are wire shelves on the inside of this closet door.

Put a dresser in the closet…

Hang your rod up high so a dresser (and even jewelry or accessory storage) can fit below it Via Urban Acreage

A small white dresser is in the closet with shoes underneath.

Or mix a dresser with shelving and a rod like this colourful but organized closet Via BHG

A peach inspired small dressing closet.

Great organizing Tips for Small Closets…

If you are looking for a step-by-step for fitting everything into your small closet (with a good purge, first, or course), check out my friend Abby’s tips for how to organize a small closet Via Just a Girl and Her Blog

A mix of shelves and hanging clothes.

Organizing kid’s closets – double rod and shelving Via a Bowl Full of Lemons

Multi coloured boxes filled with items are in the closet with children's clothes.

And if you are trying to actually fit your wardrobe in a tiny closet, then this post is worth the read Via Who What Wear

Hats are hanging on the inside of the closet.

If you are interested in small walk-in closets, then I shared all the details on how we completely organized our own master bedroom walk-in closet using and Ikea PAX system…

A walk in closet with a sunburst mirror.

And as I was searching for ideas and organizational solutions before we tackled the renovation of our own small walk-in, I gathered together all kinds of inspiring and incredible small walk-in closet ideas and makeovers…

20 Incredible Small Walk In close Ideas And Makeovers poster.

I hope you found some inspiration to tackle your own small closet organization project!

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  1. I really enjoyed your reach in closet ideas, since that is what all my house has. Right now my office room is the one i would like to start with and was wondering if you had any ideas for that. Right now it is a multi task closet with shoes, purses an work shirts hanging and storage of pics. So a lot of things.

    1. Hi Lisa,
      It sounds like you would benefit from some shelving within your closet. Perhaps dedicate one half to hanging with a shelf above and some shoe shelves below it. Then convert the second half to shelving to store all the other items you need to put in there.

  2. I really enjoyed your post.
    We are retired empty nesters and I find our extra bedroom closets have become storage units.
    I might try some of the options in your post to get rid of the Rubbermaid containers and make it look nicer. Probably remove the actual hanging rods and put an IKEA Billy bookcase in and a dresser to store stuff. Try and make it pretty and functional. Thanks for the ideas.

  3. Thank you for all the wonderful closet ideas! They were so helpful.
    We had redone our Master bedroom upstairs, but due to our disability we can no longer walk up the steps and our first floor only has tiny closets. We put a stackable laundry in one closet, and area under steps is a small pantry area and there is a tiny linen closet. This leaves us with tiny closet and it has to be done yet. Thank you for all your ideas! Pat

  4. I wish I’d had access to all this when children were youngsters. Now both now 40 plus but we wont go there. I certainly think BHG with the storage, plus if there is enough space with a door, shelves on the interior. I can see my two loving that idea if only I had known of ot 40yrs. ago.

  5. You couldn’t have timed this post any better. I have a wide closet but it’s not deep. It has one wire rack in it for hanging clothes. I’ve been so overwhelmed with it and not knowing what to do. As much as I would love the Ikea Pax system, that’s just in the budget right now. We have more pressing reno items on the our list to tackle first. However, in the meantime, I think will add on to what’s there with the inexpensive wire bin system that via the organized housewife did with her closet. I think that will save my sanity unit we can do what I really want.

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