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20 Incredible Small Walk-in Closet Ideas & Makeovers

A walk-in closet can be quite a luxury.

Who doesn’t drool over those beautiful closets you see with miles of shelving and hanging space and even an island in the middle full of storage drawers?!

But just because you have a closet that you can “walk” into, doesn’t mean that you have a huge closet.

In fact, some “walk-in” closets can be quite small. One sided. Or even more of a step-in then really a “walk” in.

And if you have a smaller walk-in closet, it can be even more complicated to organize then a large  wall closet.

Our closet is an okay size, but not huge by any means. And it has seemed, for the past five years, like a pretty big waste of space. It hasn’t been well used; and it ends up as a dumping ground.

If you’ve been following along with my recent posts about the One Room Challenge then you know that one of my big projects right now is to update our master bedroom and upgrade our walk-in closet.

So I took to the internet to find some inspiration for our closet update, and today I’m sharing these 20 incredible small walk-in closet ideas and makeovers with you as well as what it is I love about each of them.

I hope you find some inspiration, as well!


Let’s get started!


 One of my all-time favourite small walk-in closet makeovers is the colourful, girly glam closet by Kelly from Via View Along the Way – I still swoon over that wallpaper every time I see it! This closet is about the size of ours, too, so I find the way she organized it really inspiring as well.


 Another beautiful DIY small walk-in closet makeover is this one by Via Julie Blanner – I love the mirror and chandelier.


 How pretty is this small walk-in closet makeover Via The Inspired Hive? I love that feature wall, and the colours?!? So soft and pretty! I could definitely get dressed in there! I could hang out in there…


I love how organized everything seems in this fab small walk-in closet makeover Via Graceful Order – and the pouf/stool seems to be a must. I need to add one of those to my closet plans!


This super narrow small walk-in closet Via Shelterness shows how much you can get in a tiny space with some good organization and the right storage units. Plus, isn’t that special hanger for outfit planning awesome? I want that!


This small walk-in closet makeover Via Frazzled Joy shows how far you can come with a little DIY – Denise did this project for a previous One Room Challenge and it came out beautifully! I love the little stool and cabinet hardware!


My friend Christy did an amazing job of building her own closet organizers in her small walk-in closet over at Confessions of a Serial DIYer – and she shares all her plans and tutorials if you want to take on this type of makeover yourself!


This closet Via House of Philia has the same type of Pax units that we have ordered for our small walk-in closet – I can’t wait to get them into place!


This pretty little small walk-in closet / dressing room Via Minna Kalliokulju shows how you can repurpose furniture to suit your needs – like this Ikea Expedit unit turned clothing organizer!


And wallpaper!! I’m loving this fun addition to a small walk-in closet Via Houzz


Things are super organized now with this great small walk-in closet makeover Via The House on Chambers


Gold dots?! Fur stool? And Ikea PAX units. Loving this really small walk-in closet I found Via Pinterest
(if you know the original source, let me know!)


Super pretty accents in this small walk-in closet makeover Via Simply Chic by Jeanette


Okay, I love the storage units in this beautifully organized small walk-in closet Via Small Roomy


Shoes and purses galore! I don’t have that many shoes. Or purses. An I actually store all my shoes in the garage. But if I had shoes and purses, then this would be the perfect solution in a small walk-in closet like this one Via Shelterness


This small walk-in closet features MALM dressers from Ikea rather then a fancy storage unit and it seems to work really well! Found Via Pinterest (if you know the original source, let me know!)


Although not as small as the other closets that I found on my search for the perfect small walk-in closet, this gorgeous closet makeover Via Polished Habitat has me drooling every time I look at it! She completed this project for the One Room Challenge as well, and you have to check out the full reveal!


Gina at Shabby Creek Cottage did a beautiful job upgrading her small walk-in closet with cedar planking. What a warm and rustic way to outfit your closet, and it’s supposed to be perfect for keeping your clothes in great condition as well.


Another slightly larger footprint, but I couldn’t help being stopped in my tracks by this walk-in closet makeover Via Kevin and Amanda – a lot of the ideas and organizers that they used could be adapted to a small walk-in closet as well.


And look at this pretty bank of drawers! I love the way they used the narrow space in this small walk-in closet found Via Small Roomy

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  1. I like all of these examples. However, the closets shown seem large for small walk-in closets. My walk-in is 3.5 feet deep and 7.5 feet long (26.25 sq. ft.) with 8 ft. ceiling. Not as roomy looking as the beautiful ones shown here.

    1. Hi Romi,

      I know they aren’t tiny tiny walk-ins, as there aren’t many closets featured online that are that size – but we had a walk in just like that in our previous home. I would say take a look at my closet makeover (link below), and consider using a closet organizing system along the one long wall and reserving the other wall for a mirror, hooks, and hanging jewelry/scarf storage etc. I think a PAX could work beautifully along one wall of a closet this size (here’s our closet makeover). Also, your closet is almost like a reach-in closet that is placed in a room. I shared ideas for well organized reach-in closets here. Good luck with your project!

    2. Hi! Can I see a picture of your 3.5ftx7ft walk in? Google says 4ft is the minimum depth for a walk in closet but I would like to know if 3.5ft works, even if it might not be ideal.

  2. Krista, Thanks for the great ideas and I included a few in my article about closet ideas. My background is running a handyman business, so I liked that your ideas balanced out my tips on adding/moving walls.

  3. Don’t people have dressers in their rooms anymore? It seems all their clothes etc are now in the closet. These are very cute ideas for a small walkin closet. Maybe I should think about putting more in my closet and have a smaller dresser in the bedroom. I have a pretty big bedroom with pretty big dressers. Maybe downsize dressers and put in a cute reading chair corner. Hum!

  4. OMG, I’m so sorry to hear about your hand. This type of [brain distracted/busy schedule] accident is far easier to have happen than most of us want to think. Plus, it is crazy painful. I’m certainly glad your fingers are intact.

    Thank you for all of the design inspiration; we too have a small walk-in closet. On the other hand, I was thrilled to learn we have a walk-in closet. It came as a complete and wonderful surprise.

    Take good care of that hand. Cheers, Ardith

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