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DIY: A Little More Chalk-Paint-Love- Our Laundry Room Door Revamp

I updated my laundry room door with a fresh coat of chalk paint.

So yesterday was the big confession. About my love. For chalk paint. You might call me obsessed. But if you do, you may want to stop reading now… because I can promise you that this is not the last time I will be obsessing talking about it:)

Laundry room 2 with a child by the door.


Remember the laundry room before the ongoing revamp? It is now well on it’s way to being completed, and today I am here to show you my little door ‘brighten-up’ project. It was so dull and blah in there before… remember? Basic boring white.


Back door before shot.


This is not the look we wanted (except for the adorable two year old, of course). We wanted some life and energy to cheer us up on our way out the door in the morning… and to add equal cheer on the way back in at the end of our day. So the door needed to be addressed. It was a big white boring blob.


One coat chalk paint on metal door.


Now enter a little ‘Aegean Teal’ homemade chalk paint. But with a metal door, PRIME PRIME PRIME first (just in case… so you don’t end up with an epic fail/catastrophe like I did with my melamine Pantry Doors).

See my Cabinet Door post for a better tutorial, but these are some quick pictures I snapped along the way.

And, after two coats, here we go. A much more cheery updated feel, don’t you think?

back door after

I am thrilled with the results – it is really fun and cheerful and I LOVE this colour. The chalkboard is fun too; I can even write myself little reminders on the door about things that I NEED to remember in the morning (I am notoriously forgetful on my way out the door…). I will be back tomorrow with a little tutorial about the frame wreath on the door, too.

Please feel free to say hello if you drop by – I love comments and will reply to each one:)   And remember, my housie friends, HOME wasn’t built in a day. Enjoy the journey!



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  1. how do you make DIY Chalk Board Paint? I love door color, but I can’t decide from your post/questions/answers if you did something to the paint after you bought it or not? If I want that paint color, but don’t care about the chalkboard aspect of it, I can just use your paint colors listed? Also, while we’re on the topic, why do you love chalkboard paint so much? Because you love writing notes on your door/kids being able to draw on things? Or does it cover or paint better than regular paint? Thanks!!!

    1. Hi Cat! I usually prefer KILZ brand primer when I need to use it – I only primed my chalk paint projects when it was on a melamine surface… not on bare or finished wood (or even on the faux wood I painted). Hope that helps!!

  2. I love your blog. We have similar decorating styles. I have to admit, your typo still makes me giggle. So childish of me! Sorry. 🙂

    “like I did with my melamine Panty Doors).”

    1. Hi Sherry!
      Thank you! The back door (and the cabinets) in the laundry room are DIY Chalk Paint that I made from Benjamin Moore’s Ash Blue (leftover from our ensuite). The front door is called Aegean Teal, also by Benjamin Moore, and it is the same colour that I used on our coffee table in our living room. One shade down on that paint chip is Colorado Gray, which is the colour we used in our hallway above the board and batten – the Aegean Teal was inspired by the broken vintage oar that hangs on our wall in the living room!

      1. Hi Sherry! Glad you found all the info… I will definitely be posting more about the bathrooms and the boys rooms are in the works…starting to collect ideas and things for them already:)

  3. How fun is this door!! I love it! Thanks so much for sharing at Thursday’s Temptation! I am going to be featuring this at tonights link party!

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