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Spray Paint without Fear! The Best DIY Spray Paint Tool


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Spray Paint without fear may seem like a bit of an overstatement to you.

But honestly. It’s not.

Spray painting has a bad rap around here. Like, a really ,really bad rap.

Every time I mention the word spray paint around my husband he stares at me with a look of absolute fear and horror.

It may stem from the fact that there was a little bit of an incident a few years back where I inadvertently caused his shiny, black, truck to be covered with a thin coat of white overspray from my latest spray painting foray.


So given that “Spray Paint” became a bit of a curse word in our house, I found my projects have been limited to clear, completely wind-free days where I can hike my little spray painting table up the road to an open area in order to avoid all possible overspray issues.


With my new favourite favourite DIY tool, my love affair with spray paint has been rekindled! Yay!

I have my sights on several items that need a little bit of spraying… but my first job was to tackle that light fixture that I’ve been chatting about on Instagram for the last few weeks, for our One Room Challenge bedroom makeover.

My original plans for this room were to use our old dining room chandelier in place of our current basic light in the bedroom…. but when we attempted to hang the chandelier it became clear very quickly that my husband was going to smash his face into it on a daily basis.

It hung way way too low.

So I pulled out this light fixture that I’ve been hoarding in my garage for a year or so – I bought it at one point for somewhere-that-I-can’t-remember (it’s the smaller version of our living room fixture). But it was feeling way to dark and heavy for the look we are going for…


Which calls for a little spray paint, right? Perfect reason to try out the new Homeright Small Spray Shelter  that I ordered for just such an occasion. It comes in a tidy and portable little carrying case – it’s held together with a black elastic strap. You simply remove the strap….


and voila! It pops right up and into position! No setup at all – which I love…


Even though I’m confident it’s an amazing protector I figured it wasn’t best to spray paint right in the kitchen, so I took it outside and set it up on my little project table. I could also use it in the garage but to be honest it’s ridiculously full of stuff right now so there was no space.


I put a towel down in the bottom just so I wouldn’t get my spray paint everywhere inside the tent – and the shelter worked even better then I had hoped! It kept all the overspray contained and was really easy to work in. Yay!


To get the bottom of the fixture, I held it up by the wires and painted it from underneath… and then took it indoors to our garage workshop area and hung it up to let it dry and cure. Now I can’t wait to get this installed in the room!!


I’m super exciting to have this project done -and I’m already thinking of all kinds of holiday projects and crafts that I can tackle this year now that I have a way to spray paint during the cold months…

And the best part? The spray shelter wraps up easily for storage and I know it will pop out again in a moment’s notice. Truly – love it!

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Disclosure:  Thanks to HomeRight for the opportunity to collaborate on this post. I only share products that I truly love – and I love this! All words and opinions are 100% my own.

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    1. Hi Stacie!! It definitely took me a few tries- but it was a lot like folding up a baby swimming toy that we used to own so I didn’t manage to figure it out:) Though getting it back in the bag was another story – I just put a big elastic tie around mine to hold it together instead. I figure the carry bag isn’t all that important!

  1. What a great post! That fixture took on a whole new life once painted and I’m sure it’ll look amazing once hung inside the house.
    That shelter is amazing! I’ve already added it to my amazon cart so I can show my husband our new diy saving grace 🙂 Thanks for posting!

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