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Friday’s Finds: Upholstered Headboards Under $250


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22 Upholstered Headboards under $250. Seriously?! Is that even possible??!

I’ve been a fan of upholstered headboards for many years now.

In fact, we had our own DIY upholstered headboard in our bedroom for the past 7 or 8 years…

But with my recent love of tufted everything, I was really feeling the need for a change in our master bedroom. I guess I could have torn apart my old upholstered headboard and figured out how to create my own tufted look…

But frankly, I just don’t have time for that these days. Between work and school and soccer and hockey and general life… reupholstering and tufting my headboard when there are so many beautiful and affordable options available was out of the question.


I found this gorgeous beauty on Wayfair and decided to just order it this time…

I mean, at that price, why not?? By the time I bought the new fabric, buttons, materials for tufting… I wouldn’t have come out very far ahead!

And honestly, I am ecstatic as the quality of it given the amazing price!

Palantine Upholstered Headboard Under $250

Palatine Headboard at Wayfair

Before ordering, I read all the reviews, and I realized that there are a couple of things to consider when choosing an upholstered headboard:

  1. Height – check the dimensions and see if it comes up high enough. I like mine nice and high so that you can still see a lot of headboard above the pillows on a nicely made bed.
  2. Size – if you are ordering a full/queen and have a full or double bed, you want to read the reviews to see if the headboard sticks out the sides beyond the bed frame (that won’t look so good…).

So, definitely do you due diligence, and if you do, you can find a super affordable upholstered headboard that will be a beautiful feature to your bedroom!



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