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Choosing a Light Coloured Sofa {even with kids!}

If you love a neutral coloured sofa but are afraid of buying one because of kids, then this article is for you!

Choosing a Light Sofa Even with Kids graphic.

I still remember the sofas of my childhood with a crispness and clarity that is surprising.

Especially considering that some days I forget just about everything else.

I forget to buy dish soap when I’m grocery shopping.

To water my indoor plants.

And to check behind my car when I’m backing up.


But those old worn sofas of my youth…

I remember them.

A light coloured sofa that is tufted in the living room with art pictures above it.

There are two pillows on the couch one blue and one is white.  There is a small potted plant beside the sofa in the corner of the room.

How cozy they were.

How comfortable.

If they felt scratchy or were soft.

The colour.

The pattern.

A close up view of the texture of the couch.

Sofas are kind of like a mini version of your home.

We spend more time on couches than almost any other piece of furniture in our home {aside from our beds, of course}.

A large couch in the living room with three pillows on the couch.

So they should be very comfortable.

Number one.

And hard-wearing.

Definitely able to stand up to the rigours of busy families.

Side view of the couch with a window in the living room and blue and white striped curtains hanging in the window.

But that doesn’t mean that you need to default to brown leather.

Or dark grey microfibre.

Those are both wonderful choices, if that is what you love.

I’m not faulting anyone’s design style.

But don’t chose that if the only reason you aren’t buying a light sofa is because you are afraid.

A coffee table is in front of the couch with white flowers in a vase on it.

If you love light and bright, then don’t be afraid of it!

Your sofa is the largest most inviting piece in your room.

It really does create a “feel” for the space.

The coffee table in a light blue/grey with a tray in the middle holding a vase and books.

Sometimes we are working with former design choices, and that’s one thing.

But I have so many readers say things like “I can’t have a light {or white} sofa because of my husband and kids}.

If you are looking for a new sofa, don’t shy away from what you really love because you have a family.

Just take care of it.

Truth? I make my boys wash their feet or change their clothes if they’ve been playing outside all afternoon and are filthy dirty and want to lay on the light coloured couch. I also wouldn’t let them lay on their clean sheets if they were filthy dirty.

But even if it takes a little more work. Keeping it clean. Washing slipcovers. Go with what you love when you are making such an important purchase as a sofa.

You definitely don’t want to regret it later if you don’t get what you really love.

There is a small white lamp on a side table beside the couch.


Our new  Josephine Upholstered Sofa from Wayfair Canada (or if you are in the US) was our first time going with a custom sofa. We chose Trixie Linen and it is a soft warm greige.

I can’t believe how incredible this sofa is.

It’s so comfortable. Definitely up to any length of Netflix marathon.

And it’s totally hard-wearing. I’ve already spot removed spaghetti sauce and coffee without a trace!

The amazing quality is absolutely evident in every detail of this sofa.

A striped blue and white pillow is on the couch.


We all love this new neutral sofa.

It’s so comfortable. So cozy. And it’s light, bright and airy at the same time.

It feels like it’s the perfect sofa to chill out and just “be home” on. And it’s a beautiful piece for building memories around.

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Disclosure: I collaborated with Wayfair Canada on this post. All opinions and words are 100% my own.

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    1. On this sofa, I generally just used a little bit of dish soap on a damp cloth and spot treated it by dabbing (not rubbing it in too much or that would damage the sofa fibres).

  1. Hello,

    I was just wondering how your sofa is holding up?
    Do the cushions look wrinkly or messy after sitting? You mentioned piling on the seat, has this happened more?
    Appreciate your time! Curious what end chairs did you buy to go with this sofa?
    Would you order this all over again?

  2. Hi, I was wondering how the Trixie Linen fabric has held up over the years? I am thinking of getting this fabric on another wayfair sofa but have read some poor reviews about other fabrics from them pilling!

    1. Hi Sarah,
      I do love the fabric, but it has pilled a little bit on the areas where my boys sit. I might consider a different fabric if I were to order this sofa again – which I would, because I do still absolutely love the comfort and style of the sofa!

  3. Hi Krista,
    I’m new to Wayfair and wondering how the delivery of your sofa went and also wondering about shipping charges. I’m a fellow Canadian eho just came across your beautiful blog today which I’ll be bookmarking for future viewing.

    1. Hi Sheila,
      I ordered the sofa as well as two club chairs and love all of them! The chairs shipped very quickly but the sofa was custom made so it takes 2-3 weeks until it actually ships out. The shipping times vary based on your location; we are fairly distant and remote so it took a couple of weeks to arrive. But the good thing is that the shipping fee is included in the price for large pieces! Happy shopping:)

  4. I saw and loved this sofa on wayfair but it had brass nailheads. Did you change them to silver? I hadnt purchased the couch because it has silver nailheads.

    1. Hi Nicole! Our sofa has silver nailheads – but kind of an aged, darker silver colour (not really bright and shiny and new silver). I wonder if they change the colour of the nailhead with the colour of the upholstery? I’m not sure… the fabric we ordered ours in is called Trixie Linen. Hope that helps!

  5. Beautiful sofa! I love the fabric and tufted design! I also have light coloured furniture and was initially worried about keeping it clean with two boys and two large doggies, but agree you should get what you love! At this point, I’m pretty good at spot removal! 😉

  6. This is basically the sofa of my dreams. I love my white slipcovered sofa. It is extra work like you mentioned, having to wash it but it’s worth it when it’s what you love!

  7. You make such good points, and a good argument for going with a light-colored sofa! I think I will go light on my next sofa purchase. This sofa is so pretty, I love the way it looks in your living room! 🙂

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