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DIY Driftwood Wreath with Air Plants

Today I’m sharing how to build your own DIY driftwood wreath finished off with some decorative air plants.

Summer and driftwood go together like popsicles and watermelon.

Hamburgers and ketchup.

Summer days and swimming.

There is a custom feel to anything you create using driftwood. It’s like each piece has it’s own story to tell. A history; a unique character.

It’s worn and it’s weathered, yet it’s stunningly beautiful.

Driftwood pieces were once part of something much larger and they’ve been whittled away over time, as they survived through goodness knows how many seasons and storms.

Maybe that’s why I love using driftwood in my summer crafts and decor; the relaxed, rustic beachy feel it exudes.

DIY Driftwood Wreath With Air Plants.

To make this summer wreath I used some driftwood that I’ve had stored up for a while…ready and waiting just for such occasions.

Driftwood lying on the ground.

I played around with it until I came up with a wreath/frame like arrangement that I was happy with.

Forming a circle with the driftwood.

We used our nail gun (ahem… I mean, my Dad’s nail gun) to put it together. You could also use small finishing nails and a hammer, or some strong glue… but I have to tell you I’m really loving the nail gun. I definitely need to get my own!

Using a small nail gun to attach them together.

I added a few more small pieces of driftwood to the edges of the beachy wreath – I tried using hot glue and it worked, but preferred the effect of the nail gun as it was a secure hold and difficult to see (as opposed to blobs of dry hot glue).

The driftwood, a small plastic plant and a glue gun.

I finished it all off by hot gluing three faux air plants (aka Tillandsia) into the bottom corner of the wreath/frame.


The driftwood wreath hanging up with a small plant in it.

The small plant up close shot.

Up close shot of the driftwood.

The green spiky plant.

The wreath hanging by some twine.

If you’re looking for some of the supplies to make this yourself, then I’ve gathered some similar items together here for you…

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  1. Hi there. I love your creativity in this wreath! I wondered what type of nailer and size nails you used? I’ve tried nailing driftwood before; however, I haven’t had success. My wood splits or the nails are too short!

  2. I agree…driftwood and summer go hand in hand! Whenever we head to the island for our summer camping I always collect pieces…now I have an idea of what to make with them. I love your wreath Krista!

  3. Krista,
    What a great project! I have a whole bunch of driftwood I have collected over the years! I’ll have to give your idea a try!

    1. Thank you Janine – I was happier then I expected with how it came out! And it was easier then I thought, as well!

  4. You know how much I adore this wreath! it has me written all over it! I have an old round driftwood wreath that I bought years ago and I think I might take it apart and try something similar! Thanks for hosting such a fun series! XO

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