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30 Stunning DIY Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

I have put together a list of the best and most stunning DIY Easter egg decorating ideas!


March 1st!

I can hardly believe that it’s already March and that Easter will be here at the end of the month!

Every year my youngest gets so excited about Easter. He loves to decorate Easter eggs, and so far we have tried a few different methods of dyeing them, and last year we even tried speckling. This year he is already asking what we are going to make, so I’ve been looking for some new creative ideas to try out. I love that he is into doing crafts with Mom, so I want find something that is both beautiful and fun and easy for him to be involved in.

I’ve found a few favourite ideas that I can’t wait to try and today I’ve gathered together over 30 stunning Easter Egg decorating ideas that I think you’ll love!

30 Stunning DIY Easter Egg Ideas poster.

It’s always good to start with the basics: how to best dye your eggs! So the first two DIY tutorials are a great place to begin…

Simple food colouring dyed Easter eggs via Tidbits-Cami:

Easter eggs on a towel dyed muted pastel shades such as pink, green and blue.

How to dye Easter Eggs naturally via Practically Functional:

More dyed Easter eggs but in brighter colours.

After you’ve got the basics down, there are so many different ways you can go with dyeing eggs, and all kinds of other ideas for decorating eggs if you don’t want to dye them. I know you’ll find some beautiful ideas here to inspire your next spring craft session!

Lovely textured DIY lace Easter Eggs via Martha Stewart:

Dyed eggs in a bowl with patterns on them.

Custom floral watercolour Easter Eggs via Craftberry Bush:

Watercolour flowers on the eggs in purples and yellows.

Stunning DIY Metallic Easter Eggs via Maison de Pax:

Metallic colored eggs in golds and coppers.

DIY Nail Polish Marbled Easter Eggs via Place of My Taste:

A carton of marbled eggs in bright colours.

Easy DIY Tissue Paper Easter Eggs via It’s Always Autumn:

Purple, pink and blue marbled eggs.

Sweet DIY decoupage Easter Eggs via Craft & Creativity:

Delicate painted flowers on the Easter eggs.

DIY Glitter Easter Eggs via The Girl Inspired:

Glittered eggs.

Pretty chalk painted DIY Easter Eggs via Finding Silver Pennies:

Easter eggs in purples and silver with a slight metallic sheen.

DIY dyed robin eggs (with edible gold fleck) via Honestly Yum:

Robin's egg blue in a nest of eggs.

Sharpie tie dyed easter eggs via Happy Hooligans:

Bright pinks and greens tie dyed eggs.

DIY paper napkin decoupage Easter Eggs via Martha Stewart:

Little baskets full of eggs with chocolates beside them.

Galaxy Easter Eggs via A Crafted Passion:

A single blue dyed Easter egg.

DIY chalkboard Easter Eggs via Houzz

Eggs painted black and then white chalk with drawings.

DIY Vintage Happy Easter Eggs via So Much Better with Age:

A nest filled with Eggs spelling out Happy Easter.


Confetti Easter Eggs via Love the Day:

Putting small pieces of paper on the eggs.

DIY gold leaf Easter Eggs via A Pumpkin & a Princess:

Gold leaf on the eggs.

Paint Pen Easter Eggs via BHG:

Bright blue and gold painted eggs.

Moss covered Easter Eggs via Cherished Bliss:

A moss covered Easter egg.

DIY vintage decoupage Easter eggs via Sew for Soul:

Eggs that are decopaged.

5 Minute painted Easter Eggs via Country Chic Cottage:

Pretty eggs in orange, green blue and pink with white designs.

Stamp Easter Eggs via Casa e Trend:

An Easter egg covered in stamps.

Sharpie doodle art Easter eggs via Alisa Burke:

Sharpie doodled eggs.

DIY marbled indigo Easter Eggs via Alice and Lois:

Marbled indigo Easter eggs.

DIY gold speckled Easter eggs via Craftberry Bush

Robins egg blue and brown spackles.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve shared a few different variations on Easter egg decorating myself. I shared these super quick & easy DIY speckled Easter Eggs…made with ingredients you probably have in your kitchen right now!

A collection of eggs on the table.

I used a similar technique last year to create this DIY speckled Easter Egg garland…

An Easter egg garland is strung up around the fireplace.

And always a classic, I also shared these pretty and textural DIY yarn wrapped Easter Eggs

Yarn covered eggs on a bed of shredded pink paper.

Well, what style do you think you’ll try this year?

I really want to try the gold leaf ones, but I love the indigo dyed eggs as well as the moss covered eggs. Hmmm.. I might have to try a few of them!

Just note: eggs that have been decorated and/treated as a craft are likely not food safe, as are eggs that have been boiled but left out to display.


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  1. Hello Krista,
    I’m one of your subscribers, and I just love every time I open an email from you.
    Because I love your little blue floral print you use at the end of your emails! Is it a print that is downloadable, because I would love to frame it for my bedroom or dining room.
    Thank you.

  2. Hello Krista,
    I’m one of your subscribers, and I just love every time I open an email from you.
    Because I love your little blue floral print you use at the end of your emails! Is it a print that is downloadable, because I would love to frame it for my bedroom or dining room.
    Thank you.
    Susie Patterson
    P.S. Thank you for all of your emails!

    1. Hi Susie,
      I have been using that graphic a lot lately on my printables. The free calendar for subscribers it! Did you get yours? I also just made a spring printable that you may like and I’ll be sharing it soon. I like your idea, though. Perhaps I’ll do a series of floral printables for spring and use those graphics! I will let you know once I share those!

  3. Many cool ideas BUT please be aware that eggs are porous and anything you put on it will be absorbed past the shell. Keep this in mind if you plant to eat the eggs [especially feeding to kids whose bodies and organs are still maturing] – paint, nail polish, permanent markers, certain dyes [even food coloring!!], and glues are toxic.

    1. Hi Dodie – definitely. Good point. I actually often use fake eggs for my easter eggs, that way they will never break or spoil. If you are keeping eggs out of the fridge after they have been boiled in order to display them they also won’t be suitable to eat. I would imagine each of these tutorials shares their own tips about that, but I could add it in as a warning:)

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