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Easy DIY Speckled Easter Egg Garland


Spring break is officially over for another year in our neck o’the woods.

It was a ton of fun; we squeezed in a lovely family vacation as well as a trip to Great Wolf Lodge with just myself and the boys and another Mom friend and her kids. It was our first time there and the boys had an absolute blast!! I have to admit that I loved it as well; especially the water park. I’m a bit of a chicken when it comes to rides and slides; but it was a blast! And after a couple of days of climbing ten zillion stairs my calves were a little sore; in fact, I wish my fitbit was waterproof because I’m sure I would have beaten my previous record for steps in a day!

I always love the couple of weeks off in March to totally re-charge from our busy lives and spend some quality family fun time together. Now today is back to reality; but we only have a few weeks until another mini-break… Easter!

And what better way to decorate for Easter then with eggs, am I right?

After my Spring Home Tour of our Living Room a couple of weeks ago, I had several comments and emails about where I got or how I made the speckled Easter egg garland on our mantel. So today I’m sharing my quick and easy tutorial for it!

When I was decorating for spring this year I went pretty Easter-ish in my colour scheme. I also was super inspired by the fact that I finally got to decorate a real mantel this year {since the addition of our new fireplace} and I was determined to find or make some kind of springy garland. Originally I was thinking of pastel felted balls but I couldn’t source any that were readily available within my time frame; so I decided to make my own. This DIY speckled Easter Egg Garland is fun, fresh, colourful, and was really quite easy to make. I think it turned out amazingly well; what about you?

I started by painting a pile of small styrofoam eggs with Martha Stewart Craft Paints in an ombre assortment of colours: Pool, Diving Board, Wedding Cake, Summer Haze, Beach Glass, and Green Olive.

Then, I used the same technique as I shared with my DIY Speckled Easter Egg Place Card holders… and the secret ingredient? Popcorn!

I also used Martha Stewart paint in “Arrowhead” and coated the popcorn with it (you can add a touch of water if needed, but the “wetter” your paint, the larger in scale that your speckling will be).

I didn’t actually get any pics of covering the small eggs with speckling; here is an image from my place card holders… but you get the idea. You drop the popcorn onto the egg with a spoon and let it “speckle” the surface with the greyish brownish blackish paint. You may want to play around with a spare egg or two to get a feel for this technique.

Once I was done speckling the batch…

Once the eggs were dry, I took some twine and a large yarn needle and fed each egg from tip to end through the needle and onto the twine. I chose to arrange mine in an ombre pattern (light through to dark colours, then starting again at light), but you could do any colour pattern you like.


Don’t they look great?

I was skeptical mid-way through this project, but I’m glad I carried on with it, because I love how it turned out!

You could pack the eggs fairly tightly together, like I did, or space them out a little bit more.

Want to remember this?

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  1. Hi – could you please share what the size of the eggs you used are?? Also, what size was the needle you used to be able to get through the eggs. Thank you!

  2. This garland is adorable Krista! And I love those old spindles!! (I saw some really old worn ones at a garage sale last week and snatched them up only to be told they go with the table top they were sitting with! Lol I didn’t realize it!) Thanks for sharing at our party… featuring you tomorrow!

  3. Have never seen that way of speckling anything, how smart you are. Bloggers just never fail to amaze and educate me. Your eggs are eggcellent Krista. Love the blues We get blue eggs like that from one of our chickens, not as often. Think 2 yrs. ago must have been their peak laying, getting like 9 eggs a day. Had one more chicken then but she died. Wasn’t one of my favorite chickens but still felt terrible for her to die.
    Your egg garland is so pretty, love the speckles.
    So good to get away, we need to do that more often even if it’s only ride to another town for while. Sounds like you had wonderful time as family, that’s what counts.
    Last June we went to San Diego area where our oldest son lives. He bought house about mile away from where we lived before we moved to MT in May of 1992. Hadn’t been on any vacation since we moved here in August 2004. Was so good to see our oldest son and his two boys spending their usuall summer time with their Dad, they live in KY. Was one reason why we went when we did. Spent few days with them then we went to Tucson for just a day to see best friend , took ride out to see another good friend. We’re all getting older so who knows how many more times will get to do that. Then next day headed out for CO and home. Hd to have rental car back. I’ll be 77 in July, best friend will be 77 in Sept. and other good friend was 75 in Feb. She’s still a kid, lol.
    Hope you have wonderful week.

  4. I love this egg idea and hope to try it soon! I live in No. KY and when I saw you went to Great Wolf Lodge I thought we might be neighbors?? Where do you live? I love the water parks there also….and know exactly what you mean about the steps.
    Please email me!
    Margy in KY

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