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Simple Easter Mantel Decor

I have to admit that I think I just might like Easter decor even more then Christmas decor.

I know. I know. Eek!

Don’t get me wrong…

I love Christmas! The whole Christmas season. But the traditional colours of Easter just speak to me. You know? They get me in my gut…

All the minty aqua blues and greens and pops of pink and even yellow and purple. Soft and airy and bright and fresh. My favourite kind of colour scheme.

And the best part is, that these colours are perfect all spring long. Even once Easter has passed, I keep most of my decor the same; I just take out the eggs {but not right away because they are so darn cute!}.

Yesterday I shared my easy DIY Speckled Easter Egg Garland; and today I’m sharing more about my simple Easter Mantel

You may have gotten an overall glimpse of our Easter Mantel a couple of weeks ago when I shared our Spring Living Room Tour

I shared a couple of overall shots, but I wanted to share some more details with you today as I’ve had some reader questions about some of the items on our mantel.

I kept things pretty simple…

I picked these washed wood candle stick holders at Walmart (I know, right?!?! such a find!). The green glass mason jars are from a local hardware store; and I have them filled with the most-realistic-looking-eva faux tulips that I bought at Dollarama a couple of years back.

Now, I know I’ve been talking a LOT about purging and organizing lately. But sometimes it pays to be a hoarder. Or at least to hang onto things that you know you love and believe to be beautiful.

Take these vintage rustic green spindles for example. I paid a couple of bucks for them at a second hand shop a few years back, and even though they seem somewhat without purpose, I just couldn’t bring myself to get rid of them. They bring me joy! And they are perfect for using on our mantel…

The larger speckled eggs that I made to use as Easter Place Card Holders are cute to use on display as well. I took the thin wire pic out of the top, and staggered them across the front of the mantel…

Another example of great-hoarding-skills coming in handy is this old paddle.

There is quite a story behind this paddle. When we first moved to the lake we bought ourself a little boat. Nothing fancy, just a simple 17′ motor boat that was great for tooting the kids around the lake on the tube. Well, boats need to carry an emergency paddle in case the motor fails and you need to get yourself back to shore. This paddle, at the time, was in one piece; and it was the “emergency” paddle that came with the boat. Except that when our son picked it up out of the boat  it immediately split into two pieces. Let’s just say I’m glad I wasn’t destitute out in the middle of the lake with this paddle.

But the colour! The colour it had been painted was so fabulous that I had to keep it. In fact, I had it colour matched at the paint store (yes, I did truly walk into the paint store, paddle in hand); and I painted our front door and our living room coffee table in the matching shade!

The DIY Speckled Easter Egg Garland ties all the greens and blues of the mantel together perfectly… plus I  have a major crush on it. I wonder if I can keep it up until June, or if that might seem a little odd???

Don’t forget!

If you want to make that garland yourself, you can read my easy tutorial here:


I have some great free printables available that are perfect for both Easter and all spring season long… especially if you love peonies as much as I do.

Hop over to download these FREE PRINTABLES

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  1. Everything is so pretty! I so love the tile on the fireplace and all the blues and teals are gorgeous! Sharing on FB & Pinned.Thank you for sharing on Merry Monday! Have a great week!

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