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DIY Fine Art Gallery Walls

I am sharing how I created a gallery wall of fine art!


Other than pillows, art is my other favourite way to add colour, character, and life to a space. I love artwork and we have tons of it in our house. Like tons. My husband looked over my shoulder while I was writing this post and said “do we actually have all those pieces”?!

Uh, yes we do. Doesn’t he live here too? Wink wink.

I’ve had many comments and questions over the past several months about our artwork; the pieces on our living room gallery wall; in our bedroom; and even the art above our TV in our family room. I figured the time was ripe to share a post with you, in case you are looking for some new artwork to add a little life and colour to your space!

Gallery Wall

Today I’m sharing the names of the prints in each of our gallery wall spaces {I know, it’s about time!!}, so just check out the links below each image for the specific links to those pieces.

If you recently looked at our spring living room tour, then you probably noticed that I switched up our gallery wall again. I do this often; such as when I took down the Christmas and winter decor; I knew I was really missing the large painting that we got from my brother-in-law. And the colours were so perfect for spring, so I decided to do an asymmetrical gallery wall design again with the art in our living room. {links to specific art pieces are below each image}.

Our current Living Room gallery wall…

The gallery wall above the couch in the living room.

From left to right:

Peony Bottle / Pink Brush Strokes Via Etsy / Puddle / Globes from Sky to Earth

Last spring when I first did the makeover of our living room as part of the One Room Challenge, I did a beautiful large grouping of Minted artwork as the feature above our sofa. I still love this design, with it’s lively patterns and might go back to it for the summer! I ordered the prints from Minted, and then bought all of these frames from Michael’s during a sale and framed the prints myself.

Our Living Room when we first did the makeover last spring…

A neutral couch with throw pillows on it and the gallery wall behind it.

From left to right, top to bottom:

 Peony Bottle / Puddle / Cancun / Sea and SkyGlobes from Sky to Earth

Cannon Beach  / Under Water /  Ombre Waves / Flutter


We also have a great Minted gallery wall in our bedroom…

When we did our bedroom makeover last Fall, I purchased these frames from Ikea – 16×20 Ribba, these extra wide mats from Amazon, and then framed 8×10 prints from Minted as the art (find the links to each print below).

I just might LOVE this look more then any other gallery wall in our house and it was really pretty thrifty to create given that I only order the 8×10 prints. I did go ahead and order two pre-matted and framed prints for above our nightstand though, because I loved the look of the square frames so much!

Above Our Dresser:

A gallery wall above a white dresser with a TV on it.

left to right, top to bottom

Splendid Spring II / Blue Leaves / Ethereal Dandelions / Dash / Rough Seas / Morning Mist

Beside the glass door:

There is a stool in the corner of the room.

left (top to bottom)

Layer Study / Ocean Tie Dye

And the other side of the doors… 
A silver night table is beside the bed.

right (top to bottom)


Above our nightstands:

A blue and white picture is on the wall behind the night stand.

Tide Pools I / Tide Pools II


When I did the family room makeover last spring as part of the FrogTape Paintover Challenge, I added some colorful  pieces from Minted above the TV to tie in the colour scheme in the room.

And in our family room in the basement:

A picture gallery wall in the TV room.

  my own printable / Vivid Horizon / Sunset Study  / Playa Seven / Gesture Wall Prints

There we have it! All the gallery walls in our house these days; and in days past. I hope this has helped and answers your questions. Now time to find some art, am I right?!

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  1. Altho my taste in art differs dramatically from yours, you do know your style and it goes with your design tastes perfectly. Many people don’t understand how art collections should be put together. I admire your ability to do this great “art”.

    1. Hi Carol! I use a combination of both depending on the piece. I’ve had some luck with command strips, but also a few experiences where they came off with a bit of wall attached (eek!)… sometimes I even use push pins to hang things that are really light-weight.

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