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Coastal Cottage Style Spring Kitchen Tour

Come take a tour of my cottage style spring kitchen with pops of blue and turquoise.

Good morning, friends!

I’m super excited today to be joining up with my friend Carrie from Lovely Etc. and 23 other talented blogging friends to share our spring-ified kitchen tour as part of the hello spring tour series!

If you are new here, and have hopped over from one of the other talented ladies sharing their spring tours this week, then welcome! You can read more about me here; or take my non-seasonal (ish) house tour right here.
Hello Spring Home Tour poster.

I have to tell you something right off the bat.

I’m a colour girl. I love colour. Mostly blue. Green. Mint. Aqua. Turquoise. But also pops of pink. Even yellow, now and then. I see so many super talented bloggers who have totally nailed neutral and white decor; and I absolutely love and appreciate it. Admire it, even. But, honestly, I can’t do it. I gravitate to that beautiful colour piece. Every. Single. Time. Even when I think I’m doing a neutral scheme, I look back afterwards and it’s full of colour! It’s just not in me. So!! I embrace it. We’ve stripped our house back to white walls in the main living room, dining room, and kitchen, and it’s the perfect canvas for all kinds of colourful art, pillows, and accessories. Check out my spring living room and spring dining room and entry hall after this, for an idea of what I’m talking about.

Coastal Kitchen

I have to say, that as I sit here writing this post, it is the perfect early spring evening. My boys are at soccer practice; the house is clean, and I’m sitting at my dining room table alternating my view between the evening light reflecting off the lake through out dining room doors; and the cheery and fresh view that is our cottage style kitchen right now. Adding in a few pops of pink and yellow to accent plethora of aqua-minty blue in our kitchen makes it feel like we live in a giant Easter egg. Which might seem horrendous to some; but is absolutely perfect to me.

Coastal Cottage Style Kitchen Tour graphic.

Okay, enough chit chat, am I right?

Let’s get on with this springy kitchen tour, shall we! I’m calling it my coastal cottage style kitchen tour; since we live on a lake and it’s all about the blues and greens….

White kitchen cabinets with a soft blue island and spring flowers on the counters.

We completely renovated our kitchen a few years back; including reframing and adding all new windows across the front of it. You can see the details about the makeover and the kitchen reveal post here. 

Large windows are in the kitchen just above the sink.

Really, all you need for spring are some pretty spring flowers. I truly believe they should be soft pink for the most springy feel; but if you can’t do pink maybe try some yellow instead.

Then add in a lemon meringue pie. Because everyone knows that spring and lemon meringue pie go together like bees to honey.

A light blue cake stand plus a plate full of cookies is on the counter.

There is a baked pie on the cake stand.

These mint dishes are so pretty! I wish I could provide you with an amazing source for them, but the truth is that they are imported Mexican pottery that I picked up second hand. Such a great score!! $15 for a set of 8 dinner plates, small plates, and bowls. I picked up the cake stand a couple years back and the little birdie plate last weekend; both are from HomeSense {the Canadian version of HomeGoods}.

Mint coloured dishes in the kitchen.

A blue, pink and floral/bird patterned plate with cookies on it.

A slice of lemon meringue pie on a plate.

Oh tulips. How I love thee. And how you break my heart. You leave me far too soon.

There is a bundle of carrots beside the sink in the spring kitchen.

A turquoise cloth hangs from the apron sink in the kitchen.

A pitcher filled with pink flowers.

Carrots… bunnies… all things springy

We do actually have wild bunnies that live in our neighbourhood. I’ll catch them out there eating the leaves right off my hostas before you know it.

There are more pink flowers by the kitchen sink.

I can’t get over this new little platter and soap dispenser that I picked up the other day; they pretty much make the kitchen for me.

A clear slight blue glass soap dispenser.

And I’ve been ALL. OVER. this Sapadilla brand soap that I found at our local lake grocer. It smells unbelievably amazing. I bought the hand soap, dish soap, and even the countertop spray! Lavender anything is perfect in my books.

Lavender soap products on a wooden stand by the sink in the kitchen.

A white and blue tea pot and mugs.

The stove which is stainless steel and tea towels hanging from it.

The other day I shared a post all about our countertop appliances and kitchen accessories; this little teapot is a HomeSense find as is the rustic wood tray and the oil bottles and spice jars. The sign was brought home from an interior decor shop that I visited while in Switzerland last summer. And my big rustic bottle basket was from a small local interior decor shop that is inside one of our grocery stores; I even managed to “buy” it using my store points, so it was basically free. Score!

A wicker basket with Pellegrino bottles in it.

The kitchen sink with a wooden cake stand, carrots and flowers beside it.

There is a small rug in front of the sink.

We have just made a big change in our kitchen; we replaced our old narrow china cabinet with this beautiful etagere style shelf from Wayfair.ca – it’s called the Amberly 79″ Etagere Bookcase by August Grove.

I will be back tomorrow to share more details and pictures of this spot; but I am loving the rustic warmth and feel of this piece. I also think it’s super fun and unique to use a shelf in the kitchen instead of a traditional china cabinet to display our favourite dishes and kitchenware.

There is an open shelf full of dishes and baskets.

On the open shelf is tea cups, saucers, baskets and bread boards.

Three white stools are at the kitchen island.

A wooden bowl is on the table filled with decorated Easter eggs.

Ah… spring. So lovely to actually feel it again, am I right?!

Now, if you saw something you loved, I tried to collect some of my sources (or sources for similar items) right here:

Want to remember this?

Coastal Cottage Style Spring Kitchen Tour poster.

And don’t forget that I’m joining a group of 24 other talented bloggers who are also sharing their spring tours this week! Take a look and enjoy all the springy inspiration!

Hello Spring Home Tour graphic.


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    1. Hi Cheryl,
      They are a quartz composite material (common brands names are Caesarstone and Silestone but many other companies produce them as well). They are designed to resemble marble. Hope that helps!

  1. Love love love your pops of color! I NEED to know where you found the kitchen runner and the rug in the Master..oh please share!

  2. What color did you paint the back of the peninsula? I love it! I am working on my island and this is perfect ♡

    1. Hello! It is painted Benjamin Moore Wedgewood Gray- it is a really pretty colour in real life! Good luck with your project:)

  3. Love this Krista! I am so with you on the ‘colour’ thing. I just couldn’t live with an all-neutral scheme, even though I often see pictures of that style and love them. I adore all your little mint/aqua/turquoise touches – my favourite colour too and when it’s mixed with pink, you just can’t go wrong! Happy Easter to you and your family xx

  4. That’s a very lovely kitchen you have there. The floor, the furniture, and the wall matched perfectly.

  5. Lovely house!! I stumbled across your blog through the Spring Home Tour and am so happy I did! Love house/diy blogs and since I live in Victoria I’m excited to follow yours as you are so near by.

  6. I love your style so much and I also gravitate toward the teals and mints. This is a beautiful space and will definitely be my inspiration if I ever get around to updating my old kitchen!

  7. Your kitchen looks amazing! I love all the windows. And, I like the darker color on the lower part of the island in contrast with all the white. Everything looks fresh and lovely.

    1. Hi Dianne, I purchased it at HomeSense Canada (HomeGoods if you are in the US!). Hope that helps:)

  8. I absolutely adore your home! I’m with you about color. Give me all the greens and blues! I’m currently trying to work more color into our farmhouse 🙂

  9. Your arm should be sore from patting yourself on the back, this kitchen is gorgeous!! You scored the deal of the century on the dishes and this color combo is perfect. These pictures are perfect and the styling is off the charts!

  10. Love your aqua touches. Even the pink is such a beautiful addition of spring color. I like the open shelving, which
    Adds dimension. Where did you get your eggs? Or did you make them. So so cute. Love your kitchen because it is so airy.

  11. Your kitchen, Krista is too pretty! I could stay in that kitchen all day baking with that window and gorgeous view. I just love all the bright and happy colors you choose. Beautiful tour, friend!

  12. I love it! I have to have color too. although I love neutrals, I get antsy to get some color in my décor ! Your kitchen is absolutely perfect !

  13. Your colours are absolutely beautiful. I too am a colour girl. Have many shades of blues in my home. My husband always says if it’s pink or blue I will buy it. Lovely.

  14. I’m pretty sure I just smiled the entire time admiring your kitchen! Those huge open windows let in so much natural light and the colors are there but not overwhelming – absolutely gorgeous!!!!

  15. Krista~
    I absolutely adore this kitchen. Those carrots are such a beautiful touch…i love it! You always have the best turquoise decor and your kitchen always stops me dead in my tracks.

    Much love,

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